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 Rowan Archer - Werewolf

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PostSubject: Rowan Archer - Werewolf   Rowan Archer - Werewolf Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 6:10 pm

Name: Rowan Archer

Nickname: Archer

Age: 1,025 | 35

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Librarian

Appearance: Rowan isn't very tall, standing at the normal height of 5"3. Being small many underestimate her, though she is not one to be underestimated. Her legs are strong, toned and muscled from running. Small scars are sprinkled around her calves and some on her thighs. Being very athletic her stomach is toned, thought it didn't come easy. Training gave her scars, cuts and bruises. A long, three clawed scar starts at her right shoulder, trailing down to her left hip. The scar is ragged and a light pink color, making Rowan self conscious of the scar. Years of training gave her the muscled arms. Some would say she was raised like a warrior, others would say she was raised like a monster. Her hands are rough and scarred, the inside of her wrists formed to fit daggers. One thing that sticks out about her are her dark brown eyes with a golden ring around the outside. Her lips are always pursed, making her look like she is always deep in thought. One thing that Rowan absolutely adores is her long brown hair, which trails all the way down to her rump.  Rowan has a lot of scars, both physically and mentally.

Her primal form definitely doesn't match to her human form. Her human form is petite and toned. Her werewolf form is almost double the size, making her feel stronger. Her teeth are large and her canines poke out from from her lips a bit. One thing everyone notices are her large ears. They are very sensitive to far away noises. Her ears are pointed at the top with a bit of white fur at the end. Her scar is thankfully covered by her dark brown fur, though the middle of the scar, right in the center of her chest is able to be seen in the sun.  She never uses her daggers when she is in primal form as her claws are like her mini daggers.

Human Photo:

Rowan Archer - Werewolf 146-56

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Warrior

Specialization: Shifting into a beast

Primal Form Photo:

Rowan Archer - Werewolf 603687-bigthumbnail

Height: 5'3" | 10'1"

Weight: 120 lbs | Unknown

Eye Color: dark brown with a gold ring around the outside

Hair Color: brown | brown

Identifying Marks: None except her scars| the small amount of white tufts on her ears.

Face Claim: Keira Knightley

Personality: Rowan is very silent and when she is talking her voice is low. She gets scared of dominate men very easily and does what everyone else says without question. She sometimes is treated like a servant but is too nervous to say anything. For Rowan she has to mask her emotions or else she feels she is weak or feels she is a bother to others. Sadness is something she always covers up with happiness and giggles. She uses sarcasm in her daily life just for the fun of it. Rowan has learned to build up a emotional wall to hide all her emotions from the world. Once in every decade she would tell someone of her problems but she has to really trust them. In situations where she is nervous or scared she will bite her nails or her cheek, something she has done since she was a small child. Rowan sometimes get's really nervous about things which causes her to not socialize as much. many will notice if they have known her for a long time when she is sad or unhappy when she doesn't talk as much and begins to bite her lip or cheek. If someone talks of her parents or past she gets very angry. She has learned to start controlling it better but hasn't got full control. When around everyone she is very polite, trying not to be a bother. Once she gets to know someone enough she is okay, which is one of her weaknesses, trusting people to easily. Thought her past has kept her from revealing her emotions she trusts others way to easily. Rowan hates anything involving drugs. Sometimes she will drink a glass of wine but that's about it.

*Playing the guitar
*meeting new people
*Having fun
*Her primal form
*Some types of wine

*Mean People
*people who disrespect higher ranks
*Disrespectful people
*Dominate Men (Scared of them actually)

Emotions are the most troubling things. Of course since Rowan doesn't do any type of drugs she has to find any other way to busy herself when she is not with her pack or training. Of course she enjoys red wine, drinking it on a daily basis. One thing Rowan does a lot is run her fingers through her hair. Its a really good stress reliever  for her. When doing so she often twirls her hair around her finger. In past events she had got very nervous and will braid her hair, focusing on nothing but her hair. Her hair is one of her favorite things and also causes many habits. Whens she isn't twirling her hair or braiding it she is rubbing the scar on her right shoulder. Her lips are almost always pursed and if they aren't she is chewing on them. Ever since she has been a child she has been chewing on her lip and if not her lip, her nails. Most of the time her nails are cut down and never painted, not long because its uncomfortable to hold a dagger that way. Though she doesn't drink or do any drugs she does find ways to distract herself.

As a child, Rowan was never known to be loud or rambunctious as a child, she was taught to not be. Her mother was her favorite out of the two. She was the softer one, always willing to listen to her daughter whens she needed someone to talk to. Her siblings were not noticed as they were weak and wouldn't survive very long. They had been born prematurely, ending up being frail.  When they died, both at age 5 it was no surprise to anyone. Her father had told her not to get close to them and she didn't. Their death didn't hurt anyone and everyone moved on with their lives. At age 6 she told her father she was scared of something under her bed and he gave her a small dagger to put under her pillow. Rowan wasn't surprised and simply kept the dagger under her pillow like she was told.

As a child she was treated like a princess from her mother. Her and her mother went shopping together and did many things together which made their bond strong. On the other hand her father was harsh and strict, making her train when she wasn't with her mother. Though her mother disagreed with his harsh training she didn't dare intervene. At age seven her father began home schooling her, telling her she needed to know as much as she could. Knowledge was power.

At age 8 she was taught how to stab correctly. Her father told her that if she didn't do it right each time a meal was taken away from her. Being a small child she messed up a lot and didn't eat for days. She eventually learned to be perfect at stabbing, training on venison, chicken and anything else her mother would let her get her hands on. Her father didn't stop there. He trained her even harder. At the young age of ten she was outside, thrown out because she had not thrown the knife correctly. She had been carving into a tree with her pocket knife when she heard something. Shrugging she walked toward it. There was a small tavern, sitting next to some trees. She wondered why a tavern would be so far from the other stores. The girl shrugged and walked in. Inside a man owned a tavern, his eyes were a strange yellow color. Sitting down she began a conversation with a man. She became great friends with him and learned to trust the man. Every time she got locked out of her house or was kicked out because she didn't train right she went to the man with her problems.

Her training continued, being pushed harder and harder. At age 15 she had been outside, practicing her punches. Taking a break she heard screams and realized it was her mothers. Running to the house she saw something she still remembers to this day. Her father, pinning her mother down. He had a large knife in her hand. She ran at him but he struck the blade down, slashing the blade into her neck. Rowan cried in anguish and pinned her father, hitting him repeatedly.  He ended up using his knife to make a scar across her chest, looking like a scar from a werewolf, three deep long cuts on her chest. She grabbed the knife from him, throwing it away and continuing to strike her fist into his face. In the end both her father and her mother were dead and she was the cause of one death. Sobbing she crawled over to her mother, blood staining her hands.

Her mother was dead. Rowan removed the knife and held her mother in her arms as her body got cold. Setting her mother down she grabbed a shovel and went outside. Beginning to dig a grave for her mother she continued to sob. Finally able to dig a deep enough grave she laid her mother in, placing a rose in her hand. Searching through the house she ground two things which she still has with her now. A small necklace that has a moon on it, her and her mothers name engraved on the back. The second thing is a ring, inside the ring is filled with rowan mountain ash. Leaving with tears in her eyes she packed up her stuff and moved on with her life.

One day, at the happy age of 500 she met a man. He was tall, standing at exactly 6 ft. He had dark brown hair, looking almost black. Somehow he had fallen for her, though she thought it was a prank. Little did she know, he was a dominant sexist pig. On their first date he was a kind gentlemen, paying for their very expensive dinner and bringing her home. When she went to go open her door he got mad at her, saying she shouldn't be opening the door. She shook it off, thinking he had just been joking.

On their next date he had came over to her house, a small apartment. At first glance he shook his head. "No beautiful girl like you should live in a place like this" and walked over to were she had made two plates of dinner. After their dinner she asked him if he wanted to watch a movie, leaving the dishes on the table. He made a face of disgust. "Aren't you gonna clean up the dishes women?" without a second to think she spit out the first words she could think. "First of all my name isn't women, its Rowan. I will clean the dishes soon and when was it your job to order me around" and before she knew it the male had smacked her in the face. Rowan shoved him out of her apartment and cried, holding her red cheek.

200 years later she had been in a shop, looking around for food when he showed up out of no where and pinned her to a wall by her shoulders. "You cant get rid of me that easily" he said and tried to kiss her. Rowan screamed for help and when no one came she took matters into her own hands. Remembering all the lessons from her father she raised her knee up, kneeing him in the groin. Aiming a punch to his stomach he felt his hands go around her neck. He began to squeeze and she coughed, gasping for breath. Kicking at his stomach he let go as a man ran over, shoving the abusive male away. Quickly Rowan fled, tears down her face with red hand marks around her throat.

At 700 she went back to the tavern from so many years ago. The man was there, soothing her and helping her out. Bringing out a drink for her he smiled. "Here drink this. It will make you feel better" he said, a soft smile still plastered on his face. She didn't even look at the drink before chugging the drink down. She shook her head. It was disgusting. A week later, the night of the full moon she felt horrible pains all through her body. She couldn't understand what was happening. Her size increased greatly, next came her face. Her nose and mouth bulged out, soon becoming a snout. Her teeth lengthened and sharpened, her canines even poking through her lips. Fur sprouted from every pore in her body and soon she was covered in dark brown fur. Her nails turned into claws and her ears moved to the top of her head, larger than ever. Opening her maw she let out a howl, leaping through the large open window and running free. She ran for hours, her new found ability making her howl in delight. As the moon began to go down she ran back inside, afraid of someone seeing her in the daylight.

Changing into new clothes after shifting back she realized that it was the drink the man at the tavern gave her. She felt betrayed and used. Though she had been given the gift of shifting into the beast she had still been used by the one she trusted the most. Rowan decided then she would never trust anyone again like she trusted him.

From that experience she avoided any place that she could possibly be cornered at. Rowan tried to remove the events from her memory and move on with her life but the past with the male stayed in her mind. She eventually developed a fear of dominant men.

She eventually forgot about her past life, living peacefully. In the past 3 years she learned to not trust anyone as they could easily turn on her just like her father did. She keeps her emotions to herself and tries her hardest not to make enemies. Now she looks for a pack, wanting the protection and security but also to be able to protect others of her kind.

Father: John  | Status: Dead

Mother: Mary | Status: Dead

Siblings:   Jordan | Status: Dead

Siblings:   Jamie | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: (None)

Offspring: (None)

Pets: (None)

Other Important People: (None)

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. -Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt?
Top 50 Wolf RPG's
What Would You Like To Be Called?
Rowan or Andrea (My name)
What Other Sites Do You Play On?
None at the moment, quit a few before.
What Characters Do You Play?
How Long Have You Been RPing?
1 year
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends?
Yes! I have some friends who do enjoy rping so yes!!!

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Rowan Archer - Werewolf Ueud

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

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Rowan Archer - Werewolf
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