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 Winds of Change

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PostSubject: Winds of Change   Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:23 pm

Few leaves fell off the trees as almost all of them had fallen already. A gust of wind went by, moving the leaves on the ground. Casting her gold ringed gaze around the border she wondered what she had to do to get their attention. Did she howl? She had never done something like this. Perking her white tufted ears the women flexed her claws, glancing around once more. She fell into a crouch, hoping something didn't come out in attack her. She had heard of werewolf packs but didn't think they were actually real. The only thing she knew was that there were others like her, and she was gonna find them. Pressing her back against a tree she let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. 'Are they gonna hurt me?' she asked herself worriedly. The scared female shook her head. 'They shouldn't hurt me right? I haven't hurt anyone' she said worriedly in her head, trying to calm herself down though her hands were still slightly shaking.

Whimpering a bit she stood up removing her back from the tree, her small tail in between her legs. The submissive women kept her head low, just in case someone were to come. 'Its time for a change' she said in the back of her mind. 'I don't want to live my life as a loner anymore' she added. Since she had consumed the blood she had begun to learn more and more about her abilities. Though it was hard to adjust to, she learned to love the gift that she had been given. Clearing her throat she let her frail voice call out softly "Hello? anyone there" she asked, stumbling over her words a bit from her nervousness. Clenching her slightly shaking hands into fists she closed her eyes for a moment, pressing her back against the tree once more. Opening her eyes she once again removed her back from the tree. "I need to calm down" she whispered to herself, clenching her fist. On instinct she rubbed the scar on her shoulder, knowing that no one could see the scar, only on her chest. Stretching her maw in a yawns she kept her eyes peeled, making sure nothing could attack her. The girl made sure to stay in her primal form, just in case something tried to attack her.
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PostSubject: Re: Winds of Change   Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:17 pm

Another day, another patrol. The trusted Beta made her way around the border, her dog accompanying her as usual and occasionally sniffing around ahead to act as a scout for its master. Her hands were buried inside the pockets of her jacket, not to protect them from the chilling gales but simply because it was just part of her body language, allowing others to read her as someone who meant business and not one to approach for mindless chatter or something of that kind. The werewolfess walked with purpose as the travelled the perimeter of her territory, her steps steady and silent as her dark brown eyes engulfed everything of her surroundings to sense if anything was out of the ordinary or anyone peculiar was about. Callista could see and hear the smallest movements of the autumn leaves and the swaying of the loftiest bare boughs but neither of them interested her in the slightest. It was creatures she was searching for, strangers and unwanted ones at that. As her canine companion decided to frolic in a pile of the fallen leaves the female started to growl to command her to stop crashing around so loudly but soon gave up and let the grumble sink back down her throat as she heard a call very close by. It wasn't the characteristic howling to get the pack's attention at the border, and amongst the vast wolf terrain the fragile voice seemed very lost, and weak. With a huff she turned to pursue the caller, Karma trotting dominantly out in front and growling slightly.

Drawing closer through the woodland, she struggled to first to see what it was that her dog was barking at, as it appeared to only be a tree. However she could smell the strong scent of one of her species and as she moved at an ideal distance through the forest in a wide circle around the tree she then saw the beastly figure crouched submissively against the trunk of the tall plant. She kept herself hidden from sight as she continued walking closer, shrugging her shoulders back a couple of times in a circular motion to loosen her joints before she underwent the transformation. Despite the intense pain she kept on moving nearer while her skin stretched and bones crunched. The cracking of her skeleton growing and reforming sounded like sticks being stepped upon and snapped, but she wouldn't do such a careless thing. "I am." The beta wolf called out with authority towards the other in reply to her question for if anyone was there. Only a minute or so had actually passed since she first heard the questioning call. Stepping out slowly in her towering figure on her hind legs, she fully presented herself to the lesser female. She took in all of the wolf's body, clearly seeing her nerves yet her hand was balled in a fist. Narrowing her dark eyes and staring challengingly, she growled out her next words. "Who are you, where have you come from, and what are you doing here, so close to my pack?" The light brown werewolfess kept just far enough away to not invade her personal space and did not move a muscle as she stared down at the other, her stance purely confident. The timidity of the other only made her more domineering, suspicious of why one should be afraid unless they had malicious intentions as she couldn't fathom nor tolerate shyness within her species, especially from one werewolf to another. Nonetheless her natural submission was good in this situation. Just behind her the canine continued barking in defence of its territory and master.

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Winds of Change
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