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 Jenna - Mora

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Coincierge Jenna
Coincierge Jenna

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PostSubject: Jenna - Mora   Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:10 pm

Name: Jenna Wayne

Nickname: Jenna, Jenny, Jen or sometimes JenJen

Age: 102 years old | 27 years old

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but Bi-Curious

Occupation: Cross Country Runner

Appearance: Stunning red hair hangs from the top of her head, just to the bottom of her shoulders. She is a natural red head, though sometimes she does add some brighter red color to it to really make it stand out. One of the coolest things about Jenna would be her eyes. She has heterochromia. It means that one eye is a different color than the other. Her right eye is a golden brown color while her left is a gentle hazel/blue color. Her skin is like that of porcelain, smooth and creamy white. She has soft freckles on her cheeks, her arms, her shoulders, and a couple other areas on her body. She is an average height for a female, standing at five feet and five inches. She is slender in form, not too skinny, but not fat either.

Her primal form is a Siberian Husky. Her coat is a double-coat style. The first layer has the protection against the cold of winter or snow, while it also keeps her cool during the summertime. The outer layer is mostly white with red along her back, the mask of her face, and on her ears. Her tail is very fluffy and it curls over her spine. She stands at twenty-two inches paws to shoulder. She weighs around forty-five pounds. The color of her eyes in her human shell originate from the coloration of her eyes from the husky.

Human Photo:

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Coincierge

Specialization: Shifts into a Siberian Husky

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5 feet 5 inches | 22 inches

Weight: 135 pounds | 45 pounds

Eye Color: Left eye: blue/green | Right eye: golden brown

Hair Color: Red | Red/White

Identifying Marks: None | None

Face Claim: Rose Leslie

Personality: Happy go-lucky could not express what she was in a nutshell. She loves to meet anyone who is new and expresses her joy openly. She has often been called the "life of the party". When she enters the room, it's hard for anyone to have a frown. If someone is having a bogus day, then she will try her best to make it better. Jenna rarely gets mad, but when she does, she can get kind of destructive. If she gets bored, she will simply find something to occupy her mind. She does not cuss or smoke or even drink. She likes to keep a wholesome life for her wholesome attitude. She has been known to be very flirty, as she finds it to be a fun game of cat and mouse. She is a great listener and will try and help anyway she can. When she has a bad day, she normally goes to a place where she can be alone or able to run out in the open. It's hard for anyone to hate Jenna, when she loves everyone so much!


  • Balls & Squeaky Toys
  • Running
  • Playing Games
  • Pulling Sleds
  • Teamwork
  • Children
  • Friends
  • Meeting New People


  • Dog Catchers
  • Lazy People
  • Liars
  • Mean People
  • Small Dogs

Habits: Running. It's not only a passion but a very strong habit. When she feels depressed or low, she will go for a run. If she is happy, she will run. There's not really anything that would cause her not to run. It's more of a silly little quirk she has, but every time she goes to lay down in her primal form, she walks in about in a small circle. She also loves to curl her tail over her nose. Talking too much is also something she tries to keep to a minimum. When it's a topic she loves, she can start talking about it non-stop. When she eats, she normally chews with her mouth closed, but sometimes if it's something she really loves, she can be seen chewing openly. She loves to dye her hair brighter colors of red to make it really pop. She does it herself, not needing any professional help or anything of the sort. When a song comes on that she loves, she will always get up and dance, even if she is the only one dancing.

History: Born to the lovely couple, Sebastian and Elisa, Jenna was the second child born. Their first child was Bentley, five years older than twins Jenna and Sasha. Jenna and Sasha were identical twins, only the heterochromia was reversed in their eyes. While Jenna's right eye was golden, Sasha's left eye was golden. The girls were happy with each other, the best of friends. They were born in the upper north, living in the snow all year long. They were from a tiny town, where the only modes of transportation were train and sled dogs pulling sleighs. At a young age, the girls trained with their older brother, pulling him around with whatever heavy items they could find to stack on the sleigh. It had always been a dream of theirs to be on the official Iditarod. Every day they worked to make it to this goal. But even in their training, it was obvious that Jenna was better.

During the harsh winter of 2790, a severe and deadly cold hit their small village. The children and elderly were the only affected people. Their systems could not fight against the cold. But the storm had been so strong, the trains could not make it through the storm. They would have to send a single team to go retrieve the medicine and bring it to the village. In order to find the best suited for the job, they held try outs. There was a foot race between the Akitas, Malamutes, and Huskies. Jenna and Sasha appeared at the starting line, looking to one another with a delicate, yet dangerous smile. They each knew there were only seven slots available on the team. Both of them would not make it. All of the members in the race were Inus. She knew she would have a slight advantage over the larger dogs, as she was lighter on her toes than they were on theirs. As the gun was fired, the race had begun. Snow was kicked behind her body, leaving it to cover the faces of the slower Mora. She raced through the track, making her way for the finish line. Her ears pinned to the back of her head while her tail hung in the air like a banner. Her tongue lolled from his mouth and hung in the wind. She loved the rush and the powder kicking up behind her.

With the end of the race in sight, Jenna pushed her body harder. She passed two Mora racing side by side, but she did not think victory was in sight yet. Sasha came from the back, pushing to the front of the pack. Jenna barked and bit at her, but she missed. She did not want to harm her sister, but she wanted to be on the team. Jenna saw the red line and knew it was almost over, so using the power of her hind legs, she jumped over the competition. She was the fifth dog to cross the red line. She panted with glee as she turned and stopped, watching the rest of the dogs follow after her. One dog did not cross the line, and it was Sasha. During one of the turns, she was tripped and trampled over by a very large Akita. She ran to her sister, nuzzling her with her muzzle gently. "Get up Sasha, come on. We need to take you home." She whined and licked her cheek gently. Sasha lifted her head and smiled to her twin, "I shall be up in a moment, just enjoying the snow." Together, Sasha was pulled off the ground. They walked through the finish line together.

In the next few days, the dogs began to prepare for their journey. They would follow their noses to the larger town, and together they would bring back the cure. Jenna was positioned behind a larger male Husky named Balto. Some said he was part wolf, but there was no proof of it. Strapping the harness to herself, she was ready to go. As the lead got onto the sleigh, he picked up the reigns and called to his team, "mush!" The team was on their way, running for the main city. Jenna pulled with all her might, getting the help from the rest of the team as well. It was a rush, the greatest feeling she could ever dream of. In the harsh nights of the storm, the Mora would all crowd together and share their body heat. Jenna was the only female on the trip, but she knew she could trust all the males. They were just as reliable as her. In the morning, they traveled even longer than the previous day. They were making good time and eventually made it to the city. They gathered the goods, strapped them to the sleigh and got ready to head back home. The storm was far stronger than before, making it harder on them to make it. But finally they did. They were considered the champions of the town, saving the lives of the children and elderly.

In years to come, Jenna would be the one working with children the most, telling them of her courageous efforts to save lives. They always loved them more than any other stories. She stayed working with the children until it was time for her to move from the small town. she wanted more in her life. She wanted to know more about their kind. She set on her journey and went looking for a different Mora clan.

Father: Sebastian Wayne | Alive

Mother: Elisa Wayne | Alive

Bentley Wayne | Alive
Sasha Taylor | Alive

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: Balto | Alive

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys.. You know the rest... - Alpha Lucian

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Top 50 Wolf RPs
What Would You Like To Be Called? Jenna is fine
What Other Sites Do You Play On? A few others
What Characters Do You Play? Too many to name
How Long Have You Been RPing? A short while
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? No
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure, why not?
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PostSubject: Re: Jenna - Mora   Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:12 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Jenna - Mora
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