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 Celine - Vampire

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PostSubject: Celine - Vampire    Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:03 pm

Name: Celine Katharine Jolicoeur

Nickname: Celine, but if there’s a nickname anyone could come up with that’s fine too.

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: Florist

Appearance: Unlike others who would start with the head, Celine is described starting from her toes. They are small, nimble, and typically painted the color that reflects her mood. Her pale flesh is pulled taut to reveal the bones in her feet; there is a dimple in the knuckle of her largest toe. The arches in her feet are higher than most naturally, leading up to the fine bones in her ankles. Like most women her ankles are small and her calves curve in a toned movement to connect with her knee. An indent can be seen between her bone and her calf muscle when she walks, an obvious sign of hard work and dedication. Her knees are normal and simply a joint leading to her thighs. They are toned like her legs but they touch above her pelvic area, leaving only the tiniest triangle-sized gap before her womanhood can be reached. Her hips are widely spaced and a simple glimpse of them can be seen through her skin in their lovely arched curve. Celine’s bellybutton is an inny, centered between and just above both hip bones in the smallest of craters. Her sides indent here to give her the deep and feminine curves that are rue to her body type. The fine bones of her ribs cannot be seen; she is not so thin. The skin slides over them and stops at her breasts, which are circular and of average size for her body. Her complicated construction leaves her collar bones to be glimpsed and her shoulders to never be seen. These lead to her arms, long but elegantly curved to lead to her dainty hands. Look back up and her neck is seen, the bones only evident when she is to turn her head this was or that. It is curved and smooth like a swan’s, just without the length. Her jaw structure is fine and leaves her with slightly chubby cheeks and a chin that is curved to the tiniest point. Celine’s nose is small and cute, a button between her eyes and curved daintily. Her eyes, particularly her irises, are like a forrest preparing for the darkest thunderstorm; they are vibrant and reflecting against the light. Skin leads up to touch her eyebrows, finely shaped and natural. Her forehead isn’t bulging and is simply smooth to lead to the inky tresses of her hair. This is her most noticeable feature, for the wavy locks sway down to slightly past her hips.

Human Photo:




Rank Requested: Since Celine will be fairly new to her vampirism, she will have to be an Agrestis.

Specialization: Celine has the ability to have futuristic premonitions.

Height: 5 feet tall

Weight: 102 lbs

Eye Color: Green/Gray

Hair Color: Black

Identifying Marks: A tattoo of a bare tree on the inside of her left wrist. She has a small beauty mark in the right dimple of her lower back. Her extremely long hair reaches to her thighs and could be counted as an identifying mark.  

Face Claim: Rachel Dashae

Personality: Celine is a person with no exact personality for it simply changes with her mood. Often times she is the calmest person, a person willing to do really anything she finds interesting. It takes more than it should for her smile to be genuine though it is often done out of impulse. Laughing is not an actual matter with her, she isn’t easily amused. She contains a personality that constantly needs to be impressed; for most it is described as running a metaphorical marathon. Though she seems pretty cold, Celine does contain a softer side. This side of her is warm and caring towards others, overall she genuinely cares about others though she may not appear so. Her heart is large and will take anyone in in confidence that she won’t be wronged. She is trusting and will easily give her heart to others. What probably is most important to know about Celine is that she is incredibly smart. Her mind is a weaving world of complexities where she sees the world in a different light. She is always calculating and watching even when she appears not to be; it is a scary quality most find in her. Choice is her freedom above all, for as long as no one is harmed she believes people should do as they like. Anger breeds revenge in her mind, but only enough for the lesson to be taught. It isn’t often that she is genuinely angry; she is more calm until she is officially ready to blow up. It is specifically when an injustice is done that her mind flips its switch. She is a fairly peaceful person until the peace is disturbed.


-Pure idiocy

Habits: Unfortunately, Celine is extremely easy to read. When anger is present her face is flushed like a tomato and her fists are curled at her sides. She’d never dare to hurt anyone, but the feel of her nails sinking into her skin is relieving. A whirlwind of emotions can be seen all at one time; she frequently betrays herself this way. When she is around someone she cares for dearly, the girl becomes all smiles and niceties. Celine will often keep herself isolated when she is around people she doesn’t really prefer. Everyone has someone they don’t like and she is not different. Most of the time Celine will smile and offer a small comment here and there, but her eyes will be blank. This is an obvious sign of her waiting to be impressed. It is very hard to keep her exact interest but, when her focus is on you, you will feel like you’re the most important person in the world. Her hair is another way to understand her moods. Often it is loose and free, but when it is ties into a braid she is all business. Many times she tends to clean out of pure boredom, her body doing this out of habit as her hips will sway to a song in her head. When she takes to a task it will be done completely and fully. Really she does this so no one will bother her trains of thought. She often thinks in the rain, finding a downpour and opportune time to go for a walk.

History: Her life started out small. A tiny town that no one knew as curious and loving eyes hovered over her small wooden crib. It was one that rocked from side to side as she slept, the slow paddle of ceiling fans acting as her mobile when she woke. The faces she saw day by day had grown familiar within a mere three months of life. Little Celine reached her pudgy baby hand up towards the sky and squeaked in that way babies often do. When no one answered she made a fuss of it, kicking and crying until her mother came in and lifted her into warm arms. The soft beat of her mother’s heart resonated into her ears as her head rested upon a warm chest. The house was small and silent as it usually was. An occasional crash would come from the other room that would cause the baby to raise her head and look around. Stormy green eyes would connect with hues deeper than the soil underground. A bright smile full of pearly teeth met one that had no yet grown anything but pink and fleshy gums. Celine made a baby coo and kicked her legs until her mother set her down, trying to scoot her way towards the small girl in the doorway. From a small age Celine adored her sister Lina. A two year old toddler sitting before a baby to play the game of hands, wrapping her pudgy fingers around Lina’s. Her sister would giggle and laugh as Celine would follow suit, both girls smiling and filing the house with sounds of joy.

They grew up this way, their giggles and laughs changing as they matured and grew together. Lina’s brunette locks grew longer as she aged two years more than her sibling every year, Celine’s inky tresses only becoming soft curls that waited to grow. They held hands and Lina taught Celine songs, both girls singing them in angelic tunes as they put on a show in the living room. The two were truly inseparable; they loved each other dearly. Occasionally there would be a fight over a toy or a hair-tie, but it always ended in the sisters hugging and sniffling into each other’s shirts. Celine enjoyed her life in their little house; to her there would only be an eternity of fun with Lina. Time flew by while they played games, and suddenly Celine was witnessing her eyes grow brighter and her hair get longer, a shade darker than Lina’s but enough to be black. As a four-year-old, school was just around the corner. She’d follow in Lina’s footsteps and go to the same pre-school her sister had attended only two years before. Celine jogged up the steps on her shorter legs, her rainbow backpack swinging on her shoulders, and entered the classroom for the first time. As if the parents weren’t enough of their first daughter, Celine’s progress in school had become a praising light of her life. She was having play-dates every weekend, all smiles and bubbly personality. The little girl loved her life and followed in Lina’s ways to be liked and smart. School came first, friends came immediately after. They both were happy, and as time grew on they took on beauty as well. Celine blossomed at the beginning of high school, no longer the scrawny little girl that mirrored the more beautiful Jolicoeur daughter. No, people started noticing her too. She gathered her own group of friends and lived her own life, but the shadow of Lina hovered over her.

Teachers expected too much of Celine. She made the grades, but it wasn’t outstanding like Lina. She had a bright future, but it wasn’t as bright as Lina’s. Over time she grew somewhat bitter. Both were on the soccer team, Lina was the captain. After a year Celine gave that up and tried two things she knew her sister didn’t like; dirt and hockey. The field hockey team was right up her alley; one more year and she’d be captain. Horticulture came next, and Celine found a love for gardening. It was something about the plants, how beautiful they were. Celine loved them and even had a few people buy bouquets from her, starting a tiny business out of a beloved. She was a sophomore when Lina graduated and left to study abroad. There were tears and heartache, but Celine felt a weight leave her chest. She was no longer ‘Junior Joli’, but was acknowledged as Celine in her own right. She felt respected and liked until the summer came. With a book full of plans she was a social idol in the town, the girl who got things done and still had time for fun. There were string bikinis and hidden, icy beers in a cooler beside a game of beach volleyball. Parties were her thing, it was simply one after another but she simply went to dance. She had boyfriends and girlfriends, none very special in particular, and had given her virginity to a boy who she thought she loved. He broke her heart, but her mother came home with a gallon of ice-cream and a movie. She smiled and laughed at the comedy until the tears left her eyes and she fell asleep in the circle of her mother’s arms. It was on her free day of lazing around in the pool, letting her fingers drift lazily over the water when the phone rang. At first she didn’t answer, she really didn’t think to answer. Her mind was dozing into a sleep under the hot sun and some tan lotion. Celine didn’t become concerned until the fourth time in a row the phone rang, then she left her little piece of bliss to answer.

She identified the body, the police had been pressed to know whether or not if it was who it was. Celine had nodded and acknowledged that it was Lina, she’d recognize her sister anywhere. The pictures were gruesome and she didn’t really listen to what the cops were saying; her ears were too busy buzzing in shock. Lina was going to come home after a couple years and Celine was finally going to start deciding what turn she wanted to take with her life. They were going to go to an official college together, and despite the bitter taste that had grown it faded when she spoke to her sister. To her, Lina made things better more than she made things worse. But now she couldn’t do either. It took a week for her body to be sent to them and for the funeral to begin, the entire town dressed in black under the blisteringly hot sun. They all wept and said something nice, even the people who didn’t know her sister. Celine stood in the back and stared as the cherry wood casket was placed in the ground. Lina’s was gone, her memory remaining throughout everyone. She almost felt that the town died with her, their smiles drained and flat when she glimpsed them. Her sister was a ghost that just never left, but haunted everyone. Celine was almost angry for her to just die and bring the place they grew into shades of black and white. Lina would’ve loved the attention, this much she knew. Celine left with everyone else when night presided and slept with a tear-stained pillow.

Deeper than anything she could heal, Lina’s death left a scar to constantly bleed out life. Celine watched her mother, a once vibrant and beautiful woman, grow frail. Her face had been perfect porcelain, her daughters lovely photocopies of what she had once been. Celine watched wrinkles dig deep grooves in her mother’s face until she’d aged twenty years within the span of a month. The weight shedded itself from her mother’s body until there was only a skeleton walking. Food made no difference, loss took everything she once was. Slowly her mother began retiring to her room earlier every day until she just never came out. Her father looked the same if not worse, remaining in his study for hours and even days. Slowly vitality and happiness left the house until it felt like a cold and isolating cave every time she stepped into it. She was lucky her father even spoke two words to her, for whenever she looked into her parents’ eyes she knew they no longer saw her. They didn’t see their daughter who had gotten college scholarships and soared through life with flying colors. No, they saw their dead daughter and the daughter they had now was a traveling ghost. They didn’t seen green eyes and midnight hair, they saw the brunette whose eyes were dark and her future even darker. This fact was what cut her deep into her core until she was bleeding too, the life in her draining like the rest of them. It wasn’t that Celine didn’t feel the loss, it was that she was the only one trying to keep her family together. She lost pound upon pound each night the stress left her retching into the toilet. It went on like this for a year and a half, Celine leaving for days on end to avoid what she knew she would come home to. Human zombies were not what she needed, she needed her parents. She needed the people who had held her when she cried and fed her soup when she was sick. What infuriated her deep down was that they refused to move on. She felt the loss deeply but knew Lina would want her to continue life, not just give up on it. So she did slowly, going out with her friends and enjoying herself until her stress was just a distant memory.

The few times she came home, her parents had only gotten worse. Broken glass would be left throughout the house from vases her parents had knocked over. They seemed to be blind to the stack of notices on the counter, claiming every inch of their house was going to be shut down. Every day some resource was gone from them, but they didn’t notice. Celine tried to remove her mother from her bed, but she’d get an angry slap and then sent on her way. Her father threw beer bottles against the door when she knocked, Celine crying as she listened to them shatter across the small space. She came home less and less, finally calling and hiring a housemaid to care for them and clean up. Celine worked a job and paid the woman out of her pocket, saving the rust and living with her friend until she could afford a lawyer. Once enough was collected she went to court to be emancipated until she was eighteen, her parents not even showing. Celine got what she wished, and she lived in a small, rundown apartment on the edge of town. She visited her parents only to witness no change in them at all. Lina was still dearly missed on her part, but she had began a healing process through her garden. It was indoors, but she’d turned her apartment into a little greenhouse where she sold her beautiful flowers as a side job. They lightened her life and caused her to smile, mending the wound that had hurt her only two and a half years ago. Her life went on through her senior year, getting the grades and the friends until graduation came. She graduated with honors and she smiled, but her eyes never left the empty chairs she’d wished she’d have seen filled.

Scholarship after scholarship piled up until she took one into the bright lights and the big city. The busy life took her mind of everything, and for once she was happier than she’d ever been. Her business in flowers was little, but her beauty and grace carried her to customers that loved her bouquets. College was an even greater success; she had field hockey on Wednesdays and Fridays then romantic dates on Thursdays and Mondays. Dating a frat boy didn’t appeal to her at first, she’d wanted to figure her life out first. But when she’d met Jamison, her heart was swept away in a romantic hurricane. He adored her Southern accent and smile, finally kissing her after a drunken game of spin the bottle on a late night. They were in love, or as in love as young love could be. Celine was happy with him and his pretty blonde locks. His blue eyes shone like the sky and she was his from the start. The sex was great, he was definitely not her first, and followed with a warm bath with wine glasses clinking together in the candlelight. It was a happy bliss where she met his family with rosy, chill frosted cheeks and a bright smile. Like the loss of Lina, he’d lost a brother that could never be replaced; the only difference was his family had made peace with it all. Jamison knew her past more than anyone else, but still he pressed to meet the people who raised her. He’d never grasped that they didn’t exist anymore, that they were just husks of their former selves. After pressing enough Celine finally gave in, saying they would visit her family for Christmas. Celine spent her days from then on distant from Jamison, giving him a snappy retort if her asked her a question. Her ‘beloved’ wasn’t being nice either, he more often yelled at her then spoke to her on a daily basis. His hands had turned to weapons against her flesh whenever she spoke back, bending Celine to his will until she was bruised and crying. She didn’t want to go back to being Lina.. She didn’t want to go back to being someone else, but when she’d hoped he’d understand he didn’t; he just beat her into silence. By the night they were supposed to leave, the bond between them was hanging by a very fragile thread. It was that night Jamison came into her room, yelled at her once more, and dragged her to a party she didn’t want to go to.

It was one of those parties where your ears could bleed simply from the pressure the beat pressed upon them. Celine swore she felt the house rattle as she stepped into a cloud of suspicious smoke and booze. She coughed and got a glare from Jamison as he dropped her hand and went to play a round of beer pong. Tonight he’d use her as his arm candy to kiss and support him in whatever drinking game he participated in. She didn’t want to, but she feared he’d slap her around later if she didn’t agree. Celine sat there bored, a beer in her hand and waiting to cheer for a guy she no longer even liked let alone loved. Her chin rested in her hand miserably, knowing she’d get on a plane that would destroy her life once more than it already had. Her inky hair fell down to her hips and hid the sadness seeping into her face, only for her natural curtain to be moved and a gentle tap to be placed upon her shoulder. Celine prepared a scowl, thinking it was Jamison, and froze as she looked to the hand upon her shoulder. Tan and muscular, it followed up to an arm that was similarly so as she eyes his bicep in appreciation. Finally she looked to his face and was struck somewhat speechless. He was the kind of good-looking that grabbed attention and held onto it without even really trying. By the way every girls’ eye watched him, she knew this much was true. Celine looked more as his eyes than anything else, girlish lashes against hues that said they’d known too much for his younger appearance. She knew how he may have felt, for she caught the same look in her own often enough. Taking his hand when he introduced himself and shaking it gently, she paired the handsome face with a name: Levi. Celine introduced herself as well, her accent smoothing her voice until it was a rich purr. She’d learned it from her mother, that little purr that could make a guy’s head spin around and pay attention. Celine hadn’t meant to do so, but he seemed nice and right then nice was so inviting. Blushing faintly, she stood and walked with him to another room. She leaned against the wall and spoke with him, getting swept in a conversation much more engaging than any words she’d shared before. He’d enchanted her almost as if her knew her from inside to out. It was absurd; she’d never met this man in her life. Yet, she found her mouth wouldn’t shut.

As to why she spoke to him, she had no clue. She felt drawn to do so, sipping her beer and laughing at all his jokes as she enjoyed herself when she otherwise wouldn’t have. Hours had passed when she finally moved her eyes from him, only to meet Jamison’s from across the room. Suddenly she didn’t want to be where she was because she knew he’d put a fist in her hair and beat her to the ground in front of everyone. Her eyes grew wide and she excused herself from Levi quickly, walking away before he could have another word. Celine took her coat from where all the others lay and lost herself in the fray knowing Jamison couldn’t find her now. When she was sure she was safe, she slipped out the back door and into the chilly night. Her hands had grasped her arms as she shivered, tugging her beanie over her ears for some sort of heat source. She felt like her hands would turn blue soon, but the gut feeling she had made everything colder. Celine felt the hairs at the nape of her neck rise, and she walked faster. Her spine stiffened, and yet she walked faster. Eventually she broke out into a frantic sprint, hoping it wasn’t the man who would beat her later. She turned down an alley, only to feel something smash into her skull a cause a loud ring in her ears. Crashing to her knees, she looked around and found she couldn’t see in the blackness. Someone’s hand dug into her neck and hauled her up as she felt a wall hit hard against her back. Celine whimpered, a kittenish sound as she shook in terror. The voice that spoke and the lips that touched her ear weren’t Jamison’s, but they were definitely someone else’s. “Pretty little bitch..” the man crooned, she was sure he was a man now. “You’re his pretty little bitch, aren’t you? Well you’re going to sing, little bird.. Oh you’re going to sing. We’ll see how he likes you when your song is all gone.” At this, Celine started crying. He was going to kill her; she knew he was going to kill her now.

Adrenaline ran through her, fast and hot as she felt needles press into her neck. She cried out and clawed, biting and tearing as she felt the life being drained from her. Celine screamed at the top of her lungs and bit what felt like his cheek, digging her teeth in until the copper taste of blood flowed freely into her mouth. She gagged on, repulsed, and bit the same spot because he seemed to be trying to get her away from him. Finally her energy drained and she went limp, slumping against the wall as he released her. She was exhausted, her energy drained as the holes in her neck seeped slowly. They were expertly placed and nowhere near the artery. He’d meant to drain her and kill her slowly, fact her mind wouldn’t allow her to acknowledge at the moment. Celine sighed, warm breath on frosty air, and went lax. She’d fought and now she was done. He’d killed her, this much she assumed. Celine would die slowly and painfully, her pulse beating weakly in her ears.  His blood beaded on her upper lip and she heard him grunt irritatedly when he saw so. “You wanted to take my blood, little girl? Well that’s fine, I’ll let you sing another day. Oh, but what you’re in for would be much worse than what I would’ve done to you. I leave you now, little bird, enjoy your new life.” She wasn’t sure what he meant. In fact, as her lips crossed over her pale lips, she tried to ask. Her voice came out as a croak and a wave of tired came over her. Closing her eyes, Celine slept and waited for it to be over.

When she awoke, her mouth was dry and she was thirsty. It was a thirsty that left her stomach aching as if she didn’t have water for months. Everything was blurry as if she had lost her perfect eyesight in the mere hours of the night. Her nose hurt every time she breathed and was bombarded with too many scents and smells. As she tried to stand, Celine swayed but found she had balance. Of all her hangovers, this was the oddest she’d ever had. She braced herself against the wall and let her vision clear, only to see everything clearly when it would have been too dark for her to see at all. Celine grew frightened as she realized she could smell the garbage from across the street and feel every tender inch of the brick in her hand. She stared at the stone for a while and squeezed until it crumbled, a feat she could never achieve in all her years. Now under the impression she was drugged, she began her walk home. Her gums began to ache as well, this pain bringing tears to her eyes as she tried to make it back to her dorm. Celine gave up just a block away from her home, collapsing on the ground and writhing in hunger pains greater than she’d ever experienced before. It was then the man came along, whistling his way down the street. The minute he saw the fallen girl he ran to her. Celine thought he was probably a nice guy, but she didn’t pause to look at his face. Her eyes zeroed in on his neck, that little pulse tapping away. Suddenly she was very aware she could hear his heart pumping blood throughout his body; the ache in her stomach and gums increasing to an unbearable level. She leaned her face into his neck and smelled how fresh he was, and she found herself opening her jaws and peeling her lips back from her teeth. In one fluid motion she snapped down, sinking her teeth into his neck to bite and drink the delectable life nectar flowing from his veins.

Not able to get enough, she bit and tore until she could drink directly from the source she wanted. He struggled but she clamped down and crushed him like a python until he took his last breath, begging for her to stop. Celine wished she could stop, but there was an animal inside of her that begged to drink and drink and drink. Finally she released him, her own self warm and full, to stare in horror at what she’d done. She’d killed someone, she’d nearly torn his head off. In a state of shock she began working mechanically. The body had to go, she’d tossed it into one of those late-night garbage cans that were full of fire. Finding she wasn’t cold, she used her coat to mop up the spilled blood and tried to dab some from herself. It was no use, she had ruined every bit of clothing whilst tearing into the man like a savage. She was scared an confused, but she knew she had to turn herself in. She would’ve called, but her belongings had been taken when she had been sleeping. A murderer and a monster, she hid and walked along the alleyways and in the early morning dark.

Father: Aaron Jolicoeur | Status: Unknown

Mother:Louise Jolicoeur| Status: Unknown

Siblings: Angelina  Jolicoeur | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None at the moment

Other Important People: Knight Leviticus | Status: Alive.. Sort of

Joining Keys: ~These keys have been humbly eaten by the great white tigress shifter of Lunari. ^_^

How Did You Find Us? I'm Queen Willow
What Would You Like To Be Called?Any of my character's names or Leah is fine
What Other Sites Do You Play On? The Lost Ones V2, Age of The Wolves, and Haven's grove
What Characters Do You Play? The Lost Ones V2: Alphess Teimhnin, Apprentice Rayne, Doctor Evie.. Age of The Wolves: Healer Ember... Haven's Grove: Elite Ivy
How Long Have You Been RPing? Since 6th grade so.... 4 years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Queen Willow and Alchemist Haedyn
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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Celine - Vampire
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