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 Story Time {Serenity}

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Scout Valentine

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PostSubject: Story Time {Serenity}   Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:26 pm

Valentine held a bag securely over his shoulder as he made his way from his home and into the mountains of what he considered death. The tree's grew taller and the steep climbs and drops should have scared him. Yet, they didn't. In fact, they fascinated him greatly. His book bag held many note books and pens, pencils, scratch paper and erasers. His hazel eyes scanned the area and he carefully made his way down a steep incline. He grasped the ground as he slid slightly, grumbling to himself about his hands being needed for the book he was about to write. He had been made a Scout at the border, but he still had one very important job to do. He had a story to write, but he needed more details on the Alpha's past and what others  thought of him so he could get a better description out there. "Well, this task should be simply enough. I'll start with the basics, write down the information I was given and then work with questions and answers. Easy." He spoke out loud towards himself, his gentle voice ringing out among the lonely. He stopped moving, making it into a smooth flat area of the mountains and inclines. He moved and sat against a rather large rock, leaning his small build against it. His bag set against the ground now, his head tilted back to look at the sky. He wasn't in his primal form, no he was human and he liked it for the moment. His ears perked as a breeze sharply raced through the lands. He smiled sadly as he was once more reminded of his dear love. He sighed and turned to his bag, fishing out one of the notebooks and grabbing a rich and smooth red ink pen. His hand flew across the page with every single word the alpha had said to him. He then turned the page and gave the basic information. The next page held deeper information into the subject, going into the details of what was explained to him. He put blank spots as to where he needed more information from the alpha himself. The next page he titled 'thoughts' and placed down his first impression of the large werewolf. He then put a line to draw out that the next thoughts would be from different people he asked.

When he finished the basics he set the work safely in his bag and then pulled it onto his shoulder so he may explore the small clearing. He moved away from the rock and towards a sturdy tree with a large hole in the center. He removed his bag and carefully put it in the abandoned hole. He turned and walked away, following the tree's for a little bit before turning back and walking to the center of his small clearing. He found it extremely peaceful and was able to clear his mind and relax. He lowered himself to the grassy patch and stretched his arms out as if he were making a snow angel. He sighed gently and brushed away the autumn leaves that pricked at his neck and snow that covered the grounds. The sun was high in the sky, but even so, the air and ground were awfully cold. He closed his hazel eyes and breathed in the scents calmly. He was tired, not much sleep from the night before. His eyes flashed open and he shivered as another sharp and cold breeze blew through the mountains. He crossed his arms against his chest, tugging at his sweater and regretting his choice to leave his jacket at home. He shrugged and stretched his hands out across the ground once more. His legs stayed straight and he smiled as warm and happy memories consumed his mind. The memories were of his beloved wife and mate, laying on the ground and pointing to clouds in the sky. It had been summer, and the sun was hot against their skins. Cold breezes interrupted his line of thought and he was brought back to the sad reality. He was alone, in a deadly place that was all too quiet and peaceful. He ran a hand through his hair and let his gaze search the sky and clouds.  

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Story Time {Serenity}
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