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 Anivea Caverly - Shifter

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Bellator Anivea
Bellator Anivea

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PostSubject: Anivea Caverly - Shifter   Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:56 pm

Name: Anivea Caverly

Nickname: Anything you so desire

Age: 263 years | Looks around 22

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Bartender

Appearance: Anivea, as a human, has long, brunette hair that are in natural waves or curls. It is always parted from the side, causing half of it to cover her face most of the time unless she brushes it out of the way. She has tan skin that is smooth to the touch and void of any blemishes, besides a faint scar that is about 2 inches long on her right hip. Her eyes are a dark, chocolate brown that hold the aura of secrets being kept behind the orbs, often sparkling with a gleam of emotion. Her entire body is lean and muscular due to her runs, her legs slender but strong. They allow her to stand at 5’8” and she weighs about 117 lbs. In her primal form, she is a black Shire horse. Her entire body is still muscular and strong and she has thick legs. Almost her full body is the shadowy color, save for a white stripe down her face and some of her legs. Her front hooves have a large amount of white hair flowing around them. This is the same for her hind legs, except this pale color reaches up even higher and stops a little ways before it reaches the main part of her body. On her stomach, she has a few spots of white but it is barely noticeable. Her mane and tail are black as well. They are very long and kept groomed carefully. She only stands at 5’5” like most of her breed, but she weighs 2,263 lbs which is a perfect weight for shire horses. Her capability in this form is not limited much and she is, overall, very strong.

Human Photo:


Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator unless allowed other

Specialization: Ability to shift into a black shire horse

Primal Form Photo:


Height: 5’8” | 5’5”

Weight: 117 pounds | 2,263 pounds

Eye Color: Chocolate brown

Hair Color: Burnette | Black

Identifying Marks: Small scar on the back of her right (hind) thigh

Face Claim: Lars Toomre

Personality: Anivea is a very kind and thoughtful person. She hates seeing people she likes in pain, so she always tries to find the solution. However, she dislikes being in crowds; preferring solitude the most. She is okay with a few people surrounding her, but when there is more, it overwhelms her and she becomes antisocial. Whereas, if she is in a small group of people, she is outgoing and funny. This Shifter is someone who believes in second chances. It takes a while to earn her trust, and if someone does and then breaks it, it will take even longer to earn it back. However, depending on what it was to break it in the first place, she might not give the second chance. It often takes a lot for her to express her emotions and how she feels, even if the person she is telling it to is a close friend. She always tries to comfort others when they need it, though she does not push her company upon them if they do not want it. She is always cautious around others she does not know and attempts to never jump to conclusions, though she does occasionally. Overall, she is pretty cocky and is always ready to have a witty comeback if someone were to say anything to her. She refuses to give up on most things, which also helps strengthen her loyalty. She is not afraid to show her barbed tongue when in arguments.


    - rain- walks/running- solitude- reading- the beach- music- smell of freshly mowed grass- the woods or any natural place with beauty


    - zoos- poachers- her fear of anything- when she naturally cries over pointless things- smokers- alcoholics- people who lose concentration/zone out often

Habits: She is often found reciting all the ingredients to some cocktails or other mixed drinks, attempting to remember them even while she is not at work. Anivea is restless and constantly needs something to do with her hands or feet. Whether it be turning a page, twiddling her thumbs, tapping her foot, or moving her hands around as she mixes a drink, her limbs are always active. Music is also a large part of her life, so she is always making sure she has songs ready for her to listen and rearranging her playlist to fit what she likes at that moment. She recites lyrics of songs a lot, relating them to others’ lives and explaining the deeper meaning behind the words. Because she works night shifts, she has a habit of taking naps during the day. Her messed up sleeping schedule is to blame for much of her inability to stay still, as well. She often stomps her foot lightly when stressed, like a horse would do, though it is quite nonchalantly and almost never brings attention to the action. When she feels uncomfortable, you can notice her right hand moving to her thigh where her scar is, and she simply places it over the area, whether or not she has clothing blocking it. She has a deep hatred for zoos and refuses to enter one so her expression is an infinite scowl when she is near it. When she sleeps, she sometimes murmurs in her sleep, though it is usually a sentence strung together by mumbles of gibberish. Often when she has nothing to do, she will go to the bar and volunteer for more hours, earning more money in the process.

History: A foal was born in the woods by a black Shire Horse – Kahea Caverly, along with her father – Lathan Caverly – watching with pride. The newborn lied on the ground beside her mother, her black fur matted and damp. Her mother stood up, panting heavily, and leaned down, nuzzling her child. Slowly, the tiny horse lifted its small head and let herself be pushed by the one who gave birth to her. “What shall we name her?” her mother asked gently, glancing at her spouse. He was silent, staring at his daughter for a while before speaking up. “Anivea,” he replied softly, a smile on his muzzle. Anivea was his mother’s name, and it was too beautiful to not be used. The looked upon their child with happiness and knew it was the start of a beautiful family.

She grew up in the wild, learning the basics of what to eat and how to survive from predators. Her father taught her fighting moves – in case she had to resort to using them – while her mother taught her the history of Anivea’s family and what they were. It turned out that when some tigers had been able to shift into a human, they had done the same on many animals – including Kahea and Lathan’s parents. It gave Anivea’s parents the power to become a human and it was given to Anivea as well. Her father taught her how to shift from a human back to animal form and after a few weeks of training, she was able to do it without a second thought. Once she mastered the changing her form, her mother taught he how to be a human without drawing attention to herself. Soon, she was able to go into crowds of real humans and pass as a real one. Despite being ‘comfortable’ as a human, she enjoyed being a horse more and that was what she stayed as most of the time.

When Anivea had passed the age of 22 and it was obvious that she had stopped physically growing, she was allowed to leave her home more frequently and explore. When she was 24, she was looking for something that would interest her, her large head swinging around as she trotted through the forest. Suddenly, she heard yelling and froze, one hoof raised for another step. A human ran out of some undergrowth and pointed at her, screaming loudly. “Get this one!” Other humans raced around, yelling and throwing things. Startled, she turned and began to run but was blocked off by a wall of humans holding shiny metal objects that her father called guns. She realized these were what were called ‘poachers’. All the moves she had been taught by her father came rushing to her and instantly she reared back on her hind legs, her front two legs kicking madly. More shouting erupted and someone threw an object at her, hitting her back right leg and stabbing it. She let out a loud, angry neigh and turned to the poacher who had injured her. Ignoring the pain in her injured leg, she charged at the human, letting her hooves land on his body and crushed him with a sickening crunch. Rage consumed her vision and she spun around, knocking the people out of her way and stepping on a few of them without noticing. After a few minutes of this, she paused to look at the carnage she had left. Fear consumed her as she stared at the dead bodies. What had she done? Terrified, she fled the safety of the woods, shifting into a human to run away. Blood covered her but the only wound she had was on the back of her right leg; a small but deep cut that must’ve been only two inches long. During her escape, she never went to see a doctor or anything, causing her to have a scar there.

A few years later, she found herself working as a bartender in the place called Lunari Addunt. She had learned the skills of this job, soon becoming able to mix drinks without even looking. Her colleagues are quite impressed with how quickly she caught on and her ability to perform so swiftly. She only has the night shift and spends the daytime doing other necessities and a few wants of her own like spending the time to read a book. She got a small house in the middle of the woods, making sure it had a lot of room for her to roam as a horse and settled down. Soon, she heard about someone called Eden White and how she was a Regina of the Shifters – a tigress. At that moment, her life had taken a turn for what seemed like better.

Father: Lathan Caverly | Status: Unknown

Mother: Kahea Caverly | Status: Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed ~Willowww

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Existing user
What Would You Like To Be Called? Anivea or Loch or anything you can come up with
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Haven’s Grove, Incandescence, Lies in the Low
What Characters Do You Play? HG: Warrior Spirit, Warrior Daltair. Inc: Guardian Enelya, Guardian Roy, Rogue Fritjof, Apprentice Abaddon. Litl: Thrush-heart, Loonsong.

How Long Have You Been RPing? Some amount of years.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Sergeant Loch
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Why not, man.
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PostSubject: Re: Anivea Caverly - Shifter   Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:34 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Anivea Caverly - Shifter
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