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 Ozzy "Osborne" Iverson - Shifter

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Baron Ozzy
Baron Ozzy

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PostSubject: Ozzy "Osborne" Iverson - Shifter   Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:26 pm

Name: Ozzy "Osborne" Iverson

Nickname: Ozzy is good.. Only my mother can call me Osborne.

Age: 265 years | 26 years

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Unable to be employed

Appearance: Living a life on the run, his features tend to change periodically. His hair is naturally brunette, but he has been known to change it to a dramatic blonde or a bold black. Most times his hair is a decent length, but he has been known to grow it out long or even buzz cut it all off. His eyes never change, only differentiating between green and brown from the hazel shimmer. They change slightly with the clothes he wears, but mostly with the emotions he feels. If he is pissed, they can change to a dull grey. Along with his handsome face and features, he also has a body to match. His figure is a little taller than average height for a male, standing at six feet and two inches. He has well defined muscles, easily seen through tight clothing. He works out to keep his body in the tip top shape it needs to be. Along his chiseled body, he has many tattoos. Some are from a hundred years ago, but others are from more recent trips to prison. He has tattoos on his chest, his arms, his back and his ribs. He plans on getting more with time and money. He wears a lot of clothes he can move around easily in. He is to always be ready to run at the drop of a hat. If anyone would characterize his attire, they may call it criminal. He wears a lot of black and other dark colors.

In his primal form, he is a force to be reckoned with. Weighing in at two thousand and four hundred pounds, he's a large killing machine. Being a Saltwater Crocodile has its moments of awesome, as well as disadvantages. Instead of fur or feathers, his body is covered in a shield of scales. They are tough as knives, sharp and rugged, able to withstand a whole lot of pressure. The scales on his back as grey almost a black color, while his underbelly scales are a pastel yellow tint. His length maxes out at twenty feet long, one of the longest recorded in the world. Due to his old age, his body did not stop growing at the average male's size. To the front of his body, he has large jaws fitted with interlocking teeth. These teeth are present outside of his maw and scattered, giving off the look of a trap. Equipped with these powerful jaws are his hazel eyes, though when diving into deeper waters, his eyes become shielded by a protective layer. His four legs are short, but powerful when in water, allowing him to swim at top speeds. His feet are webbed for maximum swimming power and long claws to help move him at the bottom of the body of water.

Human Photo:

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator

Specialization: Shifts into a Saltwater Crocodile

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 6' 3" | 20' long

Weight: 175 lbs | 2,400 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown | No Hair, but scales are dark grey/black

Identifying Marks: Tatoos on arms, legs, chest, and back... He also has three scars from bullet woulda on his chest | Scarred scales on left breast

Face Claim: Micah Truitt

Personality: When first meeting the crocodile, be aware of how you speak to him. Some words are triggers for aggression, and can often lead to misinterpretation with a large amount of anger. Ozzy was not always this way, but more a creature of his environment. He was bent and shaped this way as a defense mechanism, and falls back on it often. If he feels threatened, he will never flee. He stands his own ground, even if it means getting a few punches his way in doing so. It is because of this, he gets into many fights, which would seem he enjoys it. If he does not know you, he can be considered rude. He is brash and often called an asshole. Truth be told, he is alright with that and likes it. It's better to push everyone out than to let anyone in. If he does, ever find a friend, they will be eternally grateful of the protector they have watching their back. But cross Ozzy and you will have an enemy for life.


  • Fitness/Lifting
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Challenges
  • Fishing
  • Eating
  • Smoking
  • Tattoos
  • Women
  • Breaking The Law


  • Authority
  • Annoying People
  • Condoms
  • Goody Two Shoe Types/Brown Nosers
  • Airplanes
  • Security Devices
  • Handcuffs - unless used for naughty things
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Guns
  • Following Rules

Habits: Working out is not only a habit, but a lifestyle choice. Every morning, he wakes up and uses the gym. He joins on free memberships, changing his features around fashion a bit. He has a routine for lifting, arms and shoulders, as well as for leg day. He does not like cardio because it eats away at his muscles, but he is a great sprinter. He also keeps himself to a strict meat only diet. The proteins help with his bulking and curve his predatory appetite. When he is bored, he often shifts to his primal form to mess with people, especially at the zoo. He will shift and come out into the walk ways, scaring the humans and other races out of their pants. When he is tired, he can literally fall sleep anywhere, but he is a light sleeper. Any sudden noise will stir him awake. He spends a lot of time to himself, as he is used to it. It's almost like a comfort thing for him. He gets nervous around the sounds of police sirens, which can lead to dangerous actions. He is inclined to danger and loves it. In a jam, he will always fight back. Though nothing really scares him, the only thing which does frighten him, are guns. When faced with a gun, it would be the only time he will think of actually running away. That is, if he can't get the gun away from the wielder.

History: Growing up in the wilds is never easy. Especially not for crocodiles. Ozzy was in a clutch of roughly fifty eggs. Fifty brothers and sisters would not come from all of them, however. In the incubation period, some of the eggs were stolen and eaten by other predatory animals. When they hatched, all the little babies rushed for the water with mother not too far behind them. She swam around them, keeping as many safe as she could. But of course, young crocodiles wish to explore and learn their surroundings. Many were hunted and eaten by the larger crocodiles in the river. Ozzy kept himself around his mother as much as possible. Since Shifters could not shift until they were five years old, mother would wait until they were this age to take them from the water. They would have to learn both skills for fighting in primal form and human shell form. As they grew, they tried to stay away from their mother, like real crocodiles. They had no clue they were not just wild creatures, not until one night their mother told them. It was hard for Ozzy to take in, knowing full well this was not normal. To prove it to them, his mother shifted into a human. The young reptiles feared her until she changed back, confused and lost by the tale, some fled to live lives on their own. Osborne, did not. His mother held a special place for him in her heart. Ozzy would stay close to his mother for years to come, and at the time of his first shift, he convinced her and two other siblings to leave the water and live a life among the humans. It would be better for them, perhaps even safer. His mother knew the dangers of both worlds, but Ozzy had a lot of pull towards what he wanted.

They left their home and headed for a small town in the middle of what appeared to be nowhere. Luckily their mother had lived as a human for many years, but the want to have young again forced her to the waters. They lived in a wood cabin, separated from the humans where the children could grow and learn, though their bodies were that of adults, their minds were very much like a child's. Their mother had to teach them things, cleaning, cooking, acting as humans, and above all, respect. One who did not take these lessons so well, was Ozzy. He wanted to do what he wanted, when he wanted and where he wanted. He would always wander off, finding trouble and encouraging bad behavior. A few years passed, and the three boys had finally become adjusted into human life. Osborne, as his mother called him, worked at a music store. He was lazy, he did barely anything, and anytime he got the chance, he would steal from his place of work. He was headed down a dark path. His brother, Oscar, was the intelligent one and chose to go to college. He forged his documents and joined a college close to his mother's home. Oswald had decided to stay close to mother. He took care of her for the most part, doing things around the house and chopping up firewood. None of his family knew Ozzy had a side of danger, and suspense. He stole for the thrill of it, the rush he got and the adrenaline was enough to make him do it time after time. He had no desire to really do anything with his life, but making shit money was not what he wanted at all. One night, he decided to go to a large city, one with public transportation and casinos. There had been rumors of prostitution being legal in some of the places and even the law enforcement was in on it. It was a city of sin, and it called to the young Shifter. He walked down the streets, smelling the sweet scent of strange meats being cooked on their carts, and ladies perfume. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and made himself look as tough as possible. He kept his eyes low to the ground and stared at nobody. But it didn't matter. A shady character with a bad reputation pulled his attention to a dark alley. He was a sweet talker and he spoke of untold fortunes that young Shifter could have if he tried his product. In a small baggie was a collection of a white powder. He showed the young Shifter exactly how to get the high he would need. On a flat board, the shady character spread a small portion out. With the help of a credit card, he straightened it into a small line. With a rolled up piece of paper, he placed one end of the paper to the powder and the other end inside his nose. With a snort, he moved the paper over the powder and collected it all within his body. He lifted his head and rubbed his nose, all with a bright smile on his face. He made a line for Ozzy and handed him the paper roll.

Ozzy had a moment to think about this choice. If he snorted it, he could get himself into a lot of money. He looked to the line of cocain and then to the streets where he came from. He looked to the shady character and took the paper from his hand. He positioned himself just as the man before him had. He placed the paper in his nose and closed his open nostil with his finger. He snorted up the substance and immediately threw his body straight back. He rubbed his nose, feeling the sting and surprise as the drug spread through his head. He felt a rush of energy and this feeling that he could do anything. It was the best feeling he had ever had. For his very first try at a hard drug, he was ready to take on the world. "Well, this is some amazing shit. I will, yes, I will sell this for you. You just tell me when and where." The dealer smiled and held out his hand, "name's Ricardo, but you can call me Rico. What's yours?" Ozzy took his hand in his own, shaking it tight and strong. "Name's Osborne, but you can call me Ozzy." Rico smiled and lead the way to a secret location where the others were. Ozzy discovered this place had been a whole huge operation for the city. Everyone of them were in the drug trade.

There were all kinds of different races in this organized team of crime and villainy. Humans seemed to be the leaders. Vampires cut the product. Werewolves established where the products would go. Mora counted the money. But the Shifters, though it only looked like a handful, were responsible for pushing the product out. Not a single member stopped their work to check out the new recruit and he couldn't care less. He was still feeling the high of his first real drug. The cocaine pumped through his system, making it hard to pay attention to just one thing. He wanted to do it all. On this night, he was granted a hefty amount of product, with the responsibility of selling it by the week's end. In the next few weeks, Ozzy started to sell and sell. He was raking in the dough and gained a high spending reputation. His family was concerned, but never voiced their opinions, only watched as he lived a life of fast cars and fast women. Little did they know, their Osborne had been partaking in more than just cocaine. Others in the group had introduced him to Acid, Ecstasy, and Heroine. But his all time favorite was cocaine. With the White Horse in his system, he could work out for a good while, with his muscles to their prime. Just a few lines before lifting heavy weights and he was ready to go. Everything in his life was coming together.

That is, until his addiction consumed him. Addicted to the white powder, he craved and longed for it. He thought of the drug all day long, and going through withdrawals were hard. It was the worst of his times. Slowly but surely, he started to consume more and more of the product he was supposed to sell. Having barely any left to make money from, he owed thousands of Denari. And he didn't have any money to pay for it. Having spent all his money on new clothes, prostitutes, and a fast car; he had nothing left over. Getting his dick sucked was more important than paying out some drug dealers. The worst part of it all, after feeling like complete shit, he could not ask for help from his family. They barely had enough to pay for the things they needed. So instead of running to them, he ran away. He lived in the city of sin, hiding among the sewers and the shadows, and hoped that none would find him. For a while he was able to hide, but it was not long until he was found. Unlucky for him, it was not Rico who discovered him. Two of the groups' thugs came and discovered him sleeping in a card board box within the sewers. The beat him up pretty bad, assaulting him before he could even make a move to defend himself. The drugs had messed with his inability to shift for some time and caused his human shell to pay for it. Right before they left, a large black male held up a pistol to his chest and fired three rounds into him. This time, luck was on his side. None of the bullets hit anything major. He started to bleed, and he knew if nobody found him, he would bleed out and die. Once the thugs had left him there, sure he would be dead within minutes, they left. But when the shots had been fired, Rico was walking by the entrance to the sewer and heard them go off. He entered the dreary place and walked along the path. The smell of blood was fresh, as well as gun smoke. He discovered Ozzy and immediately took him to get aid.

It would be months before Ozzy was up on his feet and walking again. Not only did he recover from the wounds, but he recovered from the drugs. They no longer had a hold on him. Within the next year, Ozzy started to make his own connections with Rico and some others who hated the drug traders. Why was there a monopoly one the products? Anyone could do their job and make the prices much more affordable. So Ozzy and Rico banded together and formed a gang. Only this time, there would be no humans or other races to join them. Shifters only. But they needed a name, one that would strike fear in the hearts of their enemies and one the cops would be searching for. With Rico's Hispanic heritage, he wanted them to be called Diablos De Lobos, otherwise known as Devil Wolves. But Ozzy did not think that was a good enough name. Instead, they came up with the Killer Klaw Klan. The name took a bit from the old activists in the early ages of the United States, when the humans segregated themselves based solely on the color of their skin. The group focused on causing a scene, disturbing the peace and spreading their products through the lands. The original drug traders did not take long to discover their competition. It was even worse when they found Rico and Ozzy running the Klan. A war raged between the two forces and many lives were lost. Eventually, the Killer Klaw Klan destroyed the opposition and conquered the lands of Sin City. With the danger gone, and the money coming in again, Ozzy returned to his family. It had been almost two years since he had left and found that his mother was happy with a Human male. He discovered this when he came to their cabin home and found them having intercourse on the front couch. Immediately his mother covered herself, while the male only covered his crotch and smiled to Ozzy. It was a bastard from the drug dealers. He had been the forerunner to the organization and now was fucking his mother. Rage and anger spread through his body. Unable to control it, he shifted to his primal form, a form the Human had never seen before. They always knew he had been a shifter, but never cared to see what kind. Ozzy attacked the human and killed him. As the dead body laid in his jaws, he could hear the cries of his mother. She wept and soon started to hit the scales on his back. "You asshole! You're a horrible son, Osborne! How could you? I loved him!" Ozzy did not listen to her cries, now did he care for the hits to his back. She had a right to be angry, but he also had a right to protect his family. He took the body out to the yard and consumed him there, while Oswald held his mother so she would not see. There did not need to be any evidence that a murder had happened. His family did not need to know he was the leader of a gang. When he finished the meal, he shifted back to his human form and walked inside. His arms were exposed and had large tattoos that covered his shoulders and arms, leaving only the underside of his forearm clear. But on his wrist, he bore the symbol of the Klan. His brother recognized it from the graffiti he had seen around the city and could associate it with the wrong crowd. "You're in the KKK, aren't you?" Oswald snarled to his brother. Ozzy turned and looked to him, a blank expression on his face. "I didn't just join it. I started it." From that moment on, he was shunned from his family.

Years passed and the law started to crack down in the city of sin. Prostitutes were getting arrested, as well as dealers. Left and right their allies were getting locked up. It was only a matter of time before they caught the infamous leader of the KKK. When they did, they slammed his face against the car and handcuffed him as hard as possible. As they searched his body, they found knives as well as cocaine. Possession of a deadly weapon and possession of narcotics was not something you wanted to get arrested for. His trial was quick and soon the verdict would tell the young Shifter that he would be jailed for fifteen years. Enraged by the hearing, he attacked a guard and was sentenced an additional five years, making his total twenty years locked away at a maximum security prison. While there he was forced to a small cell with a cot and a toilet that doubled as a sink. He spent endless hours on his fitness, doing whatever exercises he could while in his cell. At meals, he kept to himself, and did not affiliate with any of the groups which were forming by race. With good behavior, his sentence dropped from maximum security to medium. He was now allowed to mingle with others and forced to work in the yard. He slaved away in these conditions until he was finally out on parole.

Father: Unreliable Piece Of Trash | Status: Unknown - He deserves to be dead

Mother: Eliza Iverson | Status: Alive

Oswald | Status: Alive
Oscar | Status: Alive
Other Hatchlings Were Lost - Unknown

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: Rico | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I am Alpha Lucian
What Would You Like To Be Called? Lucian or Ozzy is fine
What Other Sites Do You Play On? A couple others... Check Other profiles
What Characters Do You Play? A couple others... Check Other profiles
How Long Have You Been RPing? About a year or so
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Lucian and Roman
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure
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Ozzy "Osborne" Iverson - Shifter
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