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 Scott Owen O'Dolan - Shifter

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Bellator Scott
Bellator Scott

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PostSubject: Scott Owen O'Dolan - Shifter   Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:47 am

Name: Scott Owen O'Dolan

Nickname: Scotty, Scott, Owen, Wen, Dolly, ASSHOLE. (Like, really, that's what people call him)

Age: 60 | 26

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: Beer/Wine Tester - Owns a vineyard (HE GETS PAID TO DRINK, How cool is that?)

Appearance: Scott stands at about 5'11" when he's not drunk. He has blue eyes mixed with a silver grey, green specks around his iris. He has auburn hair that hangs and curls all around his head. He has a broad build, shoulders wide and strong. He has somewhat pale skin due to the lack of being in the sunlight since he spends his time awake usually at night. He stands tall and strong, while he may be broad in his build he is very thin compared to some. He has a strong jaw, high cheek bones and facial hair that usually can be seen as scruffy. He has long slender fingers, thin and athletic hands. He has long legs and a high arche when walking.

Primal form: He stands at 4'0" to the shoulder. He weighs roughly 400 pounds. He has a strong build and broad shoulders that make it easy to push past things. He has long and sharp antlers coming from his head. His fur is a mixture of some simple colors. Browns and whites cover his body, with black here and there. He has long, strongly muscled legs that connect to strong hooves.

Human Photo:

Race:  Shifter (But will be Shifter x Werewolf hybrid when the right timing comes.)

Rank Requested: Bellator

Specialization: Shifts into a Reindeer. (I'm Eden's Sven.)

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5'11"| 4'0"

Weight: 140 lbs. | 400 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue-ish Grey

Hair Color: Red | Mixture of colors

Identifying Marks: N/A | N/A

Face Claim: Michael Fassbender

Personality: Some describe Scott as a drunk, or a complete asshole. He's very charming and has his way with many things. He's very demanding about things, always wanting to be right and never wrong. He has quite a temper, an anger that flares at the wrong times. He's considerably understanding about different things and often will be the listener instead of the talker. He finds many things in the wrong and he has the habit to correct others on even the smallest of mistakes. He's dangerous, and finds trouble the most entertaining thing around him. He's very stubborn about things, but always truthful. He's honest, even when he doesn't want to be. He's very blunt and speaks his opinion more often then never. While he has his bad side, he also has a very rare soft side. This side of him is caring and fairly calm, gentle and speaks very wise words. This side of him is known as his 'drunk' side. He's only ever like this when he is severely drunk and can't think straight. He's not very reasonable otherwise, a complete jackass with no heart.

Hot Tubs.
Beer, and more beer.

Bad Beer.
Bad Wine.
Anything cheap.

Habits: Be warned if this man gets close to you, when he's annoyed he will randomly flick other's ears to get their attention. He always carries a large shoulder bag with beer cans in it and if he feels like living dangerous, then a wine bottle or two within his bag. He carries only the best beers, usually homemade or a brand he really likes. He's almost always a night person and hates to be awake during the day. He runs his hand over his face and through his hair when he's lost in thought. He sings songs from way back in the early 2000's. He also has a heavy Irish accent that will become slurred more and more as he drinks. Even as he does drink often, he almost never gets fully drunk. His habits are strange and ones to be considered, especially when he talks in his charming matter, something he only does when he really wants something. He has the habit to stutter over his words at times, not being able to form some words correctly. He doesn't often get nervous but when he does, he wrings his hands and intertwines his fingers. He also seems to look anywhere but the person's face as he feels like they will be judging him.

Deep in the northern lands of ol Ireland, lay a small family of four. Two parents and two children. The mother and wife was pregnant with their third child, Scott Owen O'Dolan. They were an old fashioned family, preferring to have their children at home instead of someplace safer. Scott's older siblings, Donna, the oldest and Ricky the second oldest, helped her prepare for the difficult birth that she was going to go through. Scott's father was away on business, taking care of something important, something that would remain a secret until the young lad had grown up a bit more. During the birthing, Scott's mother died and he could only be cared by his sister and brother. His sister left them together in the small house to find help, only to return with their father who couldn't care less if their mother had died. Donna was fifteen years old when Scott was born, she could handle her own and take care of her younger brothers fairly well. She took on a job while their father left them with enough money to take care of the bills for a few months. Donna cared for Scott and taught their brother how to care for him and teach him while she was away at work. His brother was like a mother, always worrying and giving him orders, even when he was a baby reindeer.

His younger life wasn't very interesting, his older siblings struggled to maintain jobs and provide their very best for him. His sister gave herself away to men and women in order to help keep a roof over their heads. His brother worked at nights as a waiter to a family run all night restaurant. Scott stayed home and played, slept and enjoyed himself. The only odd thing about the young Irish lad was the fact he refused to speak whatsoever. He was like this for years and his siblings simply decided that maybe he couldn't talk. They were okay with that, since he couldn't speak, it meant he couldn't complain. They were wrong, he'd stomp his foot and point and look at them with his blue-grey eyes and practically beg for whatever it was. He only did it to amuse his siblings, otherwise he would have stayed in his room quietly and lived away from them. He was stubborn but he liked to see his siblings smile and cheer up. He was young, aging from 1 year to 10, it felt as if his days just flew by. He was growing and changing, he could shift into a human all too soon and it confused him. His siblings tried to teach him but they confused him more.

When he reached the age of 15 years, he got himself a job, working for his aunt and pulling a lot of weight. He was paid pretty well and it took a lot of stress off of his older siblings. About the same time he got his new job and moved in with his aunt to work for the summer, his father came to them at their aunt's and killed his older brother and disappeared with his sister. He cried that night, knowing he couldn't do anything, it angered him. He finally started speaking, but not much and mainly about seeking revenge. His aunt tried to teach him patience and forgiveness but he refused it all and slaved his body into doing work quite often. He tried to set his mind on his tasks but he failed and usually ended up letting his anger control him. His attitude changed and he was no longer sweet or calm. He was strong and trained himself secretly so his aunt would never find out.

When he trained himself beyond his actual point on a very uneventful day at his aunts, he wore himself so tired that his aunt had to leave him in the barn to rest and recover his strength. In the morning, when his aunt came to get him, he was gone. He had been taken by his father, kidnapped if you would. His father left him in a room of steel so no matter what Scott did, he couldn't get out. Not in his reindeer form and not in his human form. He would pound against the door with his fists and cry out in anger. He would pound until his hands were covered in blood and scratches, but it did no good. The only time the door would open was at midnight and then a tray of food and a glass of water would be placed down and the door closed and locked. Days flew by and he grew plenty skinny, scarred and terrified of what was going to happen to him. His worry faded as within days a female was pushed into the room and he was taken out. He could see her clearly and he struggled against the guards that held him in order to get to her, his sister.

He was dragged and even though he put up one hell of a fight, they still managed to get him strapped into a chair. That was their first mistake, the second mistake was it was a wooden chair, the third mistake was the regular wooden door. He shifted as they left the room, the chair busted and tore away from his body. He charged at the door and tore it apart with his antlers. He morphed into his human form and ran, his heart pounding as he made his way past the guards and to the room he last saw his sister. He managed to pull it open and he stepped in... but alas' his sister was nowhere in the room. He turned and he knew the guards would catch him, so he ran for the next door. It was an office and sitting in a fancy seat was his father. He shut the door and walked forward, anger settling in his blue eyes. "You son of a bitch, where is my sister?" He cried out and stormed forward, his hand against his father's neck. He looked down upon his father only to see a sly smile and shake of the head. "Why would I tell you, Scott... my boy." He grasped tighter and slammed his elbow against his father's chest.

He growled with his throat and dared his father to make even one move, one wrong move. "Tell me, or you will die!" For a man for little words, he spoke more now then he ever did. He wanted his sister and he would do anything. "You'll just have to kill me then." He glared at his father and reached back with one hand until he was able to grasp something heavy. He swung it around and cracked open his father's skull. A glint of danger within his eyes. He turned and heard the footsteps racing to the office room. His heart raced and he looked at his frail hands that were covered in blood. He turned to the window and walked over to it, he was two stories up and he had to escape. He pried open the window, running on no strength and pure adrenaline. He crawled out the window and jumped into the bushes below the large building.

He rolled from the bushes with a groan and shifted into his regular form, his reindeer self. His hooves smashed against the ground and towards the gate that held him there. He was weak and he wouldn't get far, but he had to try. His body made it to the gate, the doors closed and there was only one way out. He jumped, right over the fence and rolled as he hit the ground on the other side. He stood up and ran, his hooves pounding against the earth as he took cover in the woods. He couldn't keep running, but he wasn't being chased down anymore. He tumbled to the ground and lay there in silence, his sides raising and falling heavily. His snorts came out in ragged breaths and he felt the world around him disappear into blackness. His aunt and team of shifters had come to his rescue, picking him and taking him home and tending to his wounds while he was unconscious. When he awoke, he was in his human form and had bandages all across his chest and arms. His aunt was sitting on the edge of his bed and she had a very sad look upon her face. "Aunt Rebecca?" He let the words fall from his mouth in his deep Irish accent, raspy and upset. "It's nothing my dear lad, just was thinking that you look a lot like my sister, your mother." He frowned and nodded, it had been something his sister once said to him when he was younger.

When his wounds had healed, he took it easy and decided to leave his aunt and get a job he would enjoy doing. He contacted a few friends and discovered that he couldn't really get drunk all that well. He also learned the tastes of good wine and beer and within a few months he had his job of tasting fine wines and beer that would be sold. He was given a card that basically told any bartender that he could have free beer whenever he wanted. He also conducted inspections for certain high- over the top bars and made sure they weren't breaking any rules. With his first paycheck, he sent it to his aunt in order to help her pay the bills and survive herself since he did care about her.

Within a year of him being kidnapped, he became very well known within the lands of Ireland as the one who really knew his drinks and became fairly rich that way. He learned how to make wine perfectly the way others would enjoy it, as well as his own taste buds. With his growth in Ireland, he decided to travel and make himself well known worldwide. As he traveled, he lost contact with his aunt and yet he was still pleased to make his way across many lands. He had it all, the women, the men, an amazing job that could support him plenty. But he wasn't pleased with it at all, he wanted his family back. Even though it wasn't possible, he still felt that deep within his heart, that his sister may have still been alive. With those thoughts in his mind and heart, he continued being the asshole that he had become.

After a few years he settled down in France for quite a long while. He started a vineyard there and watched his business grow. He learned to speak French and English very well so he no longer carried too heavy an Irish accent. He learned a few more things about wine and beers, what went best with them and he learned a lot about himself. He had rivals in his business and they sabotaged his vineyards by lighting them on fire. The costs left Scott broke and without money he had to sell his new home and move back to Ireland. When he was back in his hometown, he discovered that his aunt had disappeared and left her home completely un-cared for. He decided to clean the place up and start a small business of crafting things for his hometown. During the winter, he'd drag in loads of woods for the town and pull the 'Christmas sleigh'.

He worked hard and regained some money, also regaining his job as beer-wine tester. With the money and new-old job, he plans on traveling to a place where he knows Shifters exist in a fairly decent pack. Though he has never been in a pack before, he plans on doing his best to restart his life and turn it all around.  
Father: Jereay Henry O'Dolan | Status: Dead

Mother: Marie Felince O'Dolan | Status: Dead

Siblings: Donna O'Dolan | Status: Unknown
Ricky Revan O'Dolan | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: Aunt Rebecca | Status: Unknown

Joining Keys: Keys have been removed by ze white tigress~

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt?Well, when I first joined LA, Jags referred me...
What Would You Like To Be Called? Sappy
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Haven's Grove, Age of The Wolves, Incadescence.
What Characters Do You Play? Haven's Grove: Warrior Rose, Warrior Thunder.
Age of The Wolves: Warrior Rose, Caretaker Noble, Healer Heaven, Lead Warrior Raymond.
Incadescence: Caregiver Caralyna, Gamma Blaze, Apprentice Aura
How Long Have You Been RPing? Since May of 2014, and I've really grown and learned a lot.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Scout Valentine, Maston Sapphire.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? YES!

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Scott Owen O'Dolan - Shifter
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