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 Buying The Deed

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Lieutenant Wesley

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PostSubject: Buying The Deed   Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:52 pm

Name of Character: Lieutenant Wesley
Name of Item: Small Home
Denari Amount: 100 Denari
Details: PMd to Demetri

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The Dark Passenger

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PostSubject: Re: Buying The Deed   Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:01 pm

"So.. you wish to buy the first house on the lane... Wise of you boy. I hope you did not use your whole life's savings for this purchase..." she says as she rolls out the deed for him to sign. Once he signs, she takes it back and looks to him. "No go run along home, boy.." she whispers as she disappears into the shadows.
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Buying The Deed
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