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 Rina Drayga - Werewolf

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Healer Rina
Healer Rina

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PostSubject: Rina Drayga - Werewolf   Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:02 am

Name:  Rina Drayga

Nickname: Rina or Dr. Drayga

Age: 120 | Looks 21

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Doctor

Human: Rina is tall. Her build is athletic. Her hair goes to mid back. Her skin is olive toned. Muscles are evenly built.
Werewolf: Short for a werewolf. All muscles are evenly toned. Build is very athletic. Fur is slightly shorter than a basic wolfs' fur but thicker. Her eyes are olive shaped. Her face is the shape of a gray wolf head. Her claws are always finely sharpened, and her fur ALWAYS clean.

Human Photo:


Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested:  Healer

Specialization:  Shifts into a White Beast

Primal Form Photo:

Height:  5'8" | 12' 7"

Weight: 132 lbs. | 180lbs.[/color]

Eye Color: Light Blue | Pale Blue

Hair Color:  Blonde with brown highlights | N/A

Identifying Marks:  N/A | Brand on her arm

Face Claim:  Laura Vandervoort

Personality:  At first Rina is fairly quiet. She doesn't exactly know how to just strike up a conversation so will often times just stand there awkwardly or ignore everyone in the area and do what she has to do. She is very knowledgeable about healing and will often times speak to herself in Italian discussing the best medicine to give to someone. Once she gets to know someone she will not hesitate to scold anyone who abuses her healing abilities or pushes themselves way to hard. She can be very protective and motherly of the people within the pack. She is not overly fond of fighting but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to take care of herself. When she gets really comfortable around someone she likes to joke. Being so young she doesn't completely have control over her emotions. She usually can control her emotions however on occasion, if something very traumatizing happens for example is she loses a patiet she becomes very heavily depressed and angry at herself. She tends to like to wander in her spare time. She also likes to experiment with herbs and has a knack for creating different kinds of poisons, each with its own unique style of killing a person from the inside out. She also likes her privacy and her poison making is her most prized secret.

1~ Experimenting with Herbs
2~ Helping Others
3~ Her Privacy
4~ Mothering her Patients
5~ Singing and Dancing

1~ Vampires!!
2~ Abuse of her Knowledge
3~ Disrespect of her or the Pack
4~ Fighting
5~ Being Unmated

Habits: Rina has a very bad habit of mothering. She often oversteps her boundaries with the pack mates due to her motherly instinct. She has a habit of flicking her eyes to the left when she is lying. She often will bounce her knee or twist her fingers when she is nervous. She often twists her hair if she is shy. She refuses to make eye contact with those more dominant than her. She has a habit of sometimes being dominant but not overly dominant. She likes to daydream when she is bored. Her attention span can be short if she is not working. She has a habit of working to much as well. When she is stressed she will go to a club and either sing or dance. Something others will often notice if that she will run her fingers over the brands (markings) on her arms and legs. These brands are in fact a representation of when she lived with the Drayga pack and they mark her as a high ranked member. When she is thinking of them is when she will often touch the marks.

History: . Rina Voltier was born in Ravenna Italy exactly 120 years ago. Marrok and Nova met at a quaint little coffee shop in Ravenna about 2 years before Rina was born. As they spoke to each other they noticed they spoke very often about the future and a year after there meeting Marrok proposed to Nova. At the wedding her fathers brother Dominique Voltier came, but Dominique had never had anything to do with the family before so it seemed strange. As her father and mother danced Dominique jumped onto the stage and belted out 'Your end is near, you have been warned.' before crazily jumping off the stage and exploding in a black cloud never to be seen again. Everyone had been frightened but her father and mother quickly forgot about his warning as the news of a new baby quickly swept through the family.

When Rina was born her mother said there was a ring around her ankle, a sign that great tragedy would happen in her life time. At a few months old Rina was walking, and talking, but instead of playing like most small shildren Rina had a knack for mixing plants and helping small animals. At 4 years old her fainting spells started. After visiting a close witch doctor friend her parents discovered that she had a rare disorder. So rare in fact it did not have a name. This rare disorder caused Rina to age much slower than other people making her body very fragile. Therefore Rina's mother and father were careful about taking her out much. However, dark times were falling in Ravenna. An outbreak occurred when she was 9 years old. Some new virus that turned people into these evil creatures, along the lines of a walking dead and a blood sucking leech. Rina's father and Mother called them Vampires. Day after Day bodies were found ripped open and completely drained in the streets. First it was one here and there, then the real killings began until you couldn't go outside just due to fear.

Rina's father planned an escape. So one night they quietly snuck out of their home . Running down the street screams could be heard echoing across the night sky, fear permeated the air, cars smoked, while fires erupted in buildings and people could occasionally be seen... running as they were. Rina though weak tried her best to keep up with her mother and father but had fallen at one point badly injuring her already fragile frame, opening deep gashes on her arms and knees. And unknowingly calling the vampires attention to them. Her father caught sight of a vampire at one point and made them run  but Rina had again fallen due to her weakened state. The vampire pounced. Its face was stretched and smelled of decay, its fangs protruding as it shrieked with triumph. Rina remembers those terrifying black eyes bottomless, filled with darkness. This was evil. She was defenseless and frozen with fear. Her mother was brave trying to protect her child, and physically attacked it. The vampire quickly and effortlessly overpowered her. Her father trying to protect his wife also tried to attack after shoving Rina into a sewer drain. Rina was powerless as she watched, listening to her mother and fathers screams of agony, while the vampire tore them to shreds. They were slowly and violently killed. She learned later this was known as the Ravenna Massacre.

A short while later Rina made her way deep into the sewer coming across a small group of people they called themselves the Drayga Pack. Rina doesn't remember much of that time due to her memory being blank for some reason during that time. However she does remember being trained as a Healer. She later discovered that due to medicinal treatments she had been recieving for her disease she had been made to drink werewolf blood to allow her immune system a chance to fight back against the disease. She remembers the intense pain that she went through during her transformation and hopes that she never has to encounter that again. When she was 14 years old it was discovered that Rina's body had completely healed itself thanks to her new regenerative cells, however it had not helped with her slow age progression. The Drayga pack left shortly there after and went to America. And Rina joined them. As time passed Rina's knack for herbs became more defined and molded her into a very talented healer with a side ability with also mixing poisons. The Drayga pack eventually split up deciding to go their spereate ways but not before officially changing Rina's name from Rina Voltier to Rina Drayga at age 18.

Rina has not been back to Ravenna, knowing and remembering the horrors that now occupy its streets. Her adopted father Cassius taught her everyday one thing that set him apart from every werewolf Rina has met in hundreds of years 'Never use revenge as your weapon Rina you will only hurt yourself in the end.' Rina has since taught herself to be very secluded and to concentrate not on life but on her work. She learns something new everyday but hopes to one day put her knowledge to good use.

Father:  Marrok | Status: Dead

Mother:  Nova | Status: Dead

Siblings:  None | Status: None

Spouse/Mate:  None | Status: None

Offspring: None | Status: None

Pets:  None

Other Important People:  Adopted Father Cassius | Status: Dead

Joining Keys: - Eden has eaten away all these keys from future joining members. ^_^

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Apprentice Striker, Age of the Wolves
What Would You Like To Be Called?  I actually prefer to be called Rina
What Other Sites Do You Play On?  Gaiaonline, AGE
What Characters Do You Play?  Omega Faola and Faola Nightcore
How Long Have You Been RPing?  In general 10 years and 36 days however thats only on Gaiaonline that I have been RPing
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?  N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? ALREADY REFERRED TO 13 people

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Alpha Lucian
Alpha Lucian

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PostSubject: Re: Rina Drayga - Werewolf   Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:08 am

Okay, before you can be accepted, just a few things:

- Werewolves do not wear clothes or bands in primal form. Human shell is fine, but nothing in primal.
- Your Habits section needs to be 12 sentences long.

Fix these things and another Admin will check it out.

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just… do things." - The Joker
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Healer Rina
Healer Rina

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PostSubject: Re: Rina Drayga - Werewolf   Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:51 pm

Edited It
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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Rina Drayga - Werewolf   Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:34 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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PostSubject: Re: Rina Drayga - Werewolf   

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Rina Drayga - Werewolf
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