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 For The Dancing and The Dreaming [Sapphire]

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Maston Finnlay

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PostSubject: For The Dancing and The Dreaming [Sapphire]   Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:30 pm

On a cold winter's day, the Wolfhound Inu found himself all ready to get out of his cottage and into the chilly air. It was early afternoon, but with the time of year the sunlight hours were shorter and so the light would fade in just a few more hours. Fully showered, clothed and fed, he walked out of his bedroom and down the stairs, his guitar case held in his grip. Sitting on the bottom step, he pulled a pair of sturdy brogue boots over his feet which were already tucked into three layers of socks, it was that cold. His cottage was maintained at a warm, cozy temperature, but even from just sitting by the window he had felt how cold it was outside. As he stood in his hallway he dumped his guitar on the floor and reached over for his coat and hat that hung on the wall peg, shrugging the coat on over the tshirt and bomber jacket he already wore. His hat fitted snuggly over his head to keep his ears warm. Last thing he needed was his key. He patted his hands over his body, feeling over his clothing and specifically his pockets for where the small metal object could be lurking. Finally he found it and pushed it into the lock, twisting it and then swinging open the door. Quickly the cold hit his exposed skin, his face and hands, and Finnlay almost slammed the door shut again in front of him. But instead he tightened his grip on the door handle and readied himself before slinging his guitar case around his broad shoulders and hopping out of the back door, closing up his dwelling behind him.

The Irishman plodded on past his backyard and down the streets and trails that lead to the wilder parts of the terrain, in the opposing direction from the town centre containing the Undersea Pass and other places. Boots pounding the snow and frost underfoot, it was otherwise silent, no humming or whistling or singing to be heard for a change while he searched for the perfect spot for his leisure. The journey was peaceful and calming with the purity of the snow upon the houses and trees, like a blank piece of paper awaiting a masterpiece to be painted upon it. Perhaps his intended activity would provide the colour that the kingdom possibly longed for. He ended up taking a path deep down into the woodland surrounding what was labelled as the 'nature reserve', but what was really the Mora village. In some patches which were bare of snow he could see the large rocks and moss beneath, and so made sure to plant his feet more securely as he knew from previous adventures that moss, particularly wet moss, could be incredibly slippy. But here it seemed to be frozen pretty hard, so it would be fairly safe. About forty minutes after having left home, he found the site where he would like to stay and spend his time. It was an area beside a stream and it was serene here, eerily and wonderfully lacking sound. That wouldn't last long, however. Beside the creek it was all uneven ground with large stones and rocks, again covered in moss. Finnlay shuffled over to sit himself on one of the larger rocks, after using his hands to push and shovel away some of the snow so he wouldn't sit on it. He produced a tartan blanket that he'd draped around his guitar case and stretched it out to add extra protection from the cold ground. It was large enough for about three people to sit there. His fingers by now quite numb, it was a tricky job to unzip his bag after  removing it from his shoulders. He could barely feel the pale digits on his hands, but finally he pulled out his guitar. The wood was clearly quite old and it was not perfect, but it still had a good sound. This guitar had been with his through the hardest and most fun times, but he had not played it for some time now. Carefully he laid the instrument in the normal position close to his body, for a moment he breathed onto his hands to attempt to warm them. He flexed his fingers briefly before placing each hand in the correct place, his right hand around the neck ready to press the frets while his left would play the strings. For a few moments he looked around, green-grey eyes peering at the scene around him from beneath his winter hat, admiring the untouched white crystals and the creek that flowed down the slope only barely, as the water was pretty much frozen still. The irishman then cleared his throat gruffly and began to strum the strings quietly, not really playing any particular tune until a song subconsciously came to mind and he began to play the intro, the notes from the instrument becoming louder now that he got into the swing of the song. His music could be heard fairly easily amongst the forest around him. Finnlay couldn't help but smile slightly as his nimble fingers glided along the guitar like they had in old times.

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Maston Sapphire

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PostSubject: Re: For The Dancing and The Dreaming [Sapphire]   Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:29 am

Sapphire's hands wrung around each others as she walked quickly from work to her cottage in the Mora's lands. She struggled to keep walking as she felt deathly chilled by the winter winds. She breathed out and a cloud came from her mouth, almost making her giggle as it was like a child's play. She dug her hand into her pocket and pulled out a small silver key that would unlock the door to her home. She took large steps up to her front door and jammed the key into the lock, bursting inside where it was warm and comfy for her. She slid the key back into her pocket and shut the door quickly. She slid to the floor, her back was against the door and she shivered slightly. "1Froide!" She grumbled out the word and hugged herself tightly. "2Est aujourd'hui une catastrophe ..." She slowly stood up and walked to her room, pulling off her uniform and pulling sweats and a large sweater on. She walked to her closest and pulled out her violin case, dropping it on her bed and then opening it. It was black with gold swirls lining the edges. She pulled it out and grasped the bow in her small hands. She rested it against her shoulder but she just couldn't feel the music in the house. She returned them to the case and picked it up by the handle. Digging in her uniform for her house key and dropping it in her pocket. She sighed and headed for the door, looking over her shoulder at her home. She pulled the door open and the icy blast nearly made her jump back. She took a few steps out, shutting the door and locking it. She looked at the wristwatch on her right hand, taking in the time and she was shocked as she had been home longer then she had thought. She stepped away from her home and started walking. She didn't know where she was going, and she surely didn't look very fancy as she was dressed in something that could be considered 'gym clothes', with a winter twist. Her heart pounded and she tucked her chin as she finally regretted not grabbing a hat nor a jacket.

She let her feet fall across the pavement as she continued her unknown walk. She trailed after nothing, snow crunching under her feet and soon she felt herself heading towards the more wooded parts of the Mora's lands. She took ragged breaths as the cold crept upon her even more. She truly did not like the cold and she wished it would be over with fairly soon. Winter was not her taste, the cold and the bittersweet air that clung around everyone. She twisted and moved around trees in a subconscious state of mind. Her footsteps were silent and her breathing was finally calm as she entered a place that was filled with silence. As she approached a creek with moss covered rocks, she heard music fill the air and she smiled weakly. Her heart raced as she recognized the song, a thought entering her mind. She slowed her pace as she walked, darting in and out of trees as silent as she could muster. She stood slightly behind her target, seeing that he was playing the guitar. She lowered her case to the snow covered ground and carefully opened it, pulling out her beautifully designed violin. She placed it against her shoulder, standing in the snow with a determined expression upon her face. Her ears flicked and her tail wagged as she caught onto the song he was playing. She couldn't see his face, but she hoped he wouldn't mind her joining in. She held the bow in her left hand and the violin rested against her right shoulder. She waited, and as he reached a certain point, she let the bow slide across the violin. She matches his pace, fingers sliding across the strings and bow dancing across in a way she hadn't done in a while. She rested her cheek against the violin, swaying back and forth as she played to match him. Her cheeks flushed red as a light wind caressed her with cold and snowflakes. The snowflakes melted when they touched her face, making it seem as if she were crying.

A smile crept upon her lips as she played, it had been such a long time since she had even thought about taking her violin out. The violin had been a long distance gift from her father, engraved on the side was the name "Sweet Beauty". Something her aunt had told her was a shared secret between her uncle and her father. She never was able to figure it out, but she didn't need to in order to know that the gift was for her and her only. Her governess had taught her to play, showing her the true meaning of music and after all the years Sapphire felt trapped, she was able to escape. Endless hours of being taught and teaching herself, she found her way to the place she stood now. Making music with what she thought was a stranger. Her hands crept across the violin and she closed her eyes tightly, almost wanting to sing along to the song. She held her tongue however, as words would never compare to the music that one heart could make, let alone two. Her breaths came out in frost, her body shivered with delight from the music that rang through the woods. She couldn't tell if he had stopped as she was paying more attention to just playing the music right and letting it sing the emotions she couldn't quite let go. Her tail swayed, and the music they played danced together in the air. It was perfect, as if... it were meant to be. Her mind danced with enjoyment as she played her heart out, not able to open her eyes as she felt the music they played consume her. She had a passion for music, while she knew she could never play professionally, she enjoyed playing it and letting her soul soar to the sky and beyond.

{OOC- Sorry, I was rushed and so there may be a few mistakes and it may be crap... but... I tried ^^ <3 I love how you wrote it, so graceful and charming!!!}

Translations: 1Cold!
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For The Dancing and The Dreaming [Sapphire]
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