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 Soul's Lament [Open]

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Knight Jekaterina
Knight Jekaterina

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PostSubject: Soul's Lament [Open]   Soul's Lament [Open] Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 2:35 pm

Jekaterina’s outfit of choice.:

A slight swipe of the brush there, a dab of Nyx pale pink lipstick here, and a quick run of nimble fingers through her hair. Jekaterina took a step back from her full sized mirror to gaze at her reflection. Unlike popular human belief Vampire could see their reflection just as they did. She took a moment to pull the lax shoulder strap higher upon her shoulder, but it fell to rest right where it had started. It was one of her favorite pieces of dress, just a simple white gown with a high neck with a small harness, and additional two straps that hung down each shoulder, and a silver chain placed around her hips to pull in the loose fabric so that it may accent some of her curves. A simple yet elegant dress. She looked good in it without having to be uncomfortable trapped within a tight bodice, plus the open back made up for what the front could not. With a small breath she grabbed her silver clutch, pausing again in front of the mirror to fix a stray strand of her hair. She’d came a long way since 2645. She wondered momentarily what her mother would say if she saw her tonight, wrapped in beauty. But the thought made her heart hurt, and she turned from the mirror with a sad smile.

As a new Knight of her clan, she’d hardly begun to call what folks say is settling in. Her room was bare, she’d hardly spoken to anyone but the Domina who had admitted her, and she’d yet to meet her immediate leader. Jekaterina felt as if she was staying at some lush hotel rather than moving into a new home. But one morning when she was returning to her room from breakfast she’d spotted a paper tabbed into an advertising board that listed an upcoming concert within the  Aplitudo Ballroom. One of her favorite pianists, Philip Wesley was going to be putting on a show with a couple other pianists she heard little of. She’d been looking forward to this evening for a week, perhaps it would provide her the chance to really relax for the first time in her new home. Maybe even meet a clanmate with similar interests. Did other vampires like contemporary piano?

Jekaterina had called a cab, arriving in a not-particularly fashionable style. Others glanced her way when the driver pulled to the curb among the rest of the sleek black and occasional white limousines. A light blush creeped over her cheeks as others stared, as if a hobo in ratty jeans would emerge. She reached into her clutch to pay the driver who upon taking her money proceeded to get out of the car and round it so that he may open hers. The sight made her laugh to herself as her driver was a short man with what could quite possibly be a beer gut. Still the movement was appreciated and the smile on her face was genuine as she grabbed his hand to help her from the vehicle. She made sure she gave him an extra tip before he left.

Holding on the a pinch of her white dress to keep it from dragging, Jekaterina made her way into the great hall. There were women dressed in dresses similar to her own, though usually more form fitted, and men dressed up in tuxes from every corner of the room. She avoided the smile talk she heard around herself and instead steered towards the balcony seating, hoping a good spot was left. She wasn’t disappointed. Jekaterina found a spot along the middle of the east balconies for her to sit without being within close contact of others. The ballroom wasn’t packed, there was plenty of open seating, including seating better than hers, but she stayed where she was.  A waiter with a plate full of champagne glasses came by to offer her a drink, asking white or red. Jekaterina wasn’t much of an alcoholic, so she didn’t really know what to pick. ”White please?” As the waiter gave her glass and turned to leave, the lights around her began to dim. A single spotlight was shone on stage, companioning the only musician to take the stage. Within the first few measures she recognized the piece as Philip Wesley’s “Soul’s Lament”. Taking a small sip of the delightful wine, her blue eyes closed as the melody echoed throughout the room, allowing her to lose herself in the lower piano patterns.

Soul's Lament [Open] Jekate10
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Soul's Lament [Open]
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