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 Meeting The Neighbors (Open to Any Species)

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Knight Jekaterina

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PostSubject: Meeting The Neighbors (Open to Any Species)   Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:53 pm

A pair of brown and gold greek style of sandals stepped out from the yellow cab, followed by a pair of ragged blue capris and a black north face full length jacket. Jekaterina stepped out of the car, a hand on her hat and shades covering her eyes from the already dark sky as she made her way towards the alley door. Once inside a mixture of scents full off sweat, liquor, and a little bit of urine encased her senses causing her to stop in her tracks. A bit overwhelmed and her mind more than a little boggled, Jekaterina shook her head and took a hazy step forward.

The place wasn't entirely packed, a little more than usual for a sunday. To be honest, she was surprised to see they'd be open at all. But the moment they drove by Jekaterina had convinced the driver to pull back around and let her out. She was a little outside her element though, she'd only been to one of these once. That had been an accident. She'd ran out before she'd registered what she'd seen. Being back in here today, it looked like fun. She set her empty bag down and hung her coat, slipping off her sandals and leaving them next to the rest of the sets. She walked around aimlessly for a while before a guy with greasy long hair called at her from behind a counter. "Me?" She spoke mostly to herself, yet the man nodded and waved her over. He asked her shoe size and gave her a pair, as well as a pair of thin socks. She turned around with each still in hand, gazing at the rows of pins and wondering where to go next.

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Meeting The Neighbors (Open to Any Species)
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