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 Sovereign Calvin - Hybrid

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Sovereign Calvin
Sovereign Calvin

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PostSubject: Sovereign Calvin - Hybrid   Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:02 am

Name: Calvin Ambrose Silviu

Nickname: Calvin, Cal, and umm... Anything else you like

Age: 25 (through the time skip) | 25 years old

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: From a young boy, it was obvious that Calvin would be a strapping young man. He has a slender frame, though he is rather muscular. His hair is a dark brown, much like his father's. But his eyes seem to be a mix of the two parents. Not too green and not too blue, it's the perfect blend of both world. Calvin's human shell is built for speed and agility - all the while, attracting the ladies without even trying. After five years of life as a human, Calvin learned what his true form really is. Because he is both Werewolf and Shifter, he took the majority of the genetics from his father. His primal form stands on two legs. It is strong, given the strength of fifty men with ease. Instead of the wolfish looks, he appears to be a large feline - a tiger. Most of his body is a dark grey color with vivid black stripes. In the areas where he does not have any grey or black, he is white. This is predominantly on his chest, stomach, around his face, and the underside of his arms and legs. His tail is long and tripped down the backside. His claws can retract like a felines. Just as his human form, his eye color stays the same. Blue/green eyes grow larger in size - a true tiger's eye. It is natural for him to be on both all fours or only on two legs.

Human Photo:

Race: Hybrid

Rank Requested: Sovereign

Specialization: Shifts into a Tiger/Werewolf crossbreed

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 6' 3" | 13' 7"

Weight: 182 lbs | 600 lbs

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Brown | Grey/Black and White stripes

Identifying Marks: N/A | N/A

Face Claim: Dave Franco (Child/Adult)

Personality: Much like his own father, Calvin is conceded. He knows he is handsome and he uses it in every day life. He is also a charmer, using his silver tongue to take the breath of ladies and even some gentlemen. He loves to laugh and so he tries to make others laugh as well. He has a kind soul and never wishes any harm to come to anyone, but he is protective of his family. Neither a full Werewolf nor a full Shifter, he has issues with the complexity of his genetics. He is seldom nervous but when it happens, it tends to be around those of either two races. He feels he is judged for not being "pure", whether they respect him or not. That is the only thing he is self conscious of. Apart of who he is - is what he wears. He is very into keeping a fashionable look and appeal. He has money from his father and uses it luxuriously.

#1: Women
#2: Hobbes
#3: Drinking & Drinking Games
#4: Socializing
#5: Flirting & Kissing
#6: Working out

#1: Racists
#2: Liars & Cheaters (in games)
#3: Commitment - but that might possibly change
#4: Birds - They poop EVERYWHERE
#5: Disrespect
#6: People who intentionally hurt his family

Habits: If there is one thing both Calvin and Hobbes love, it would be sleep. The two boys cuddle together for hours, keeping each other warm. The boy and his tiger are attached at the hip. You can never find one without the other. Because of this, often times Calvin will rely on Hobbes to do things for him: such as retrieving objects, hunting, or whatever else he needs. Even at a young age, Calvin's hair always has to be perfect. He fixes it differently from time to time, but for the most part it is always stunning. He can be rather fidgety, which he is trying to work on. It's a terrible habit he wishes to break, but when made up of Shifter AND Werewolf genetics, it can be quite hard to control. Much like his father, he is very in-tune with his emotions - which forces him to shift (once he obtains the ability). He is more trusting towards others, which he cannot help. Unless someone has wronged him or the ones he loves, he will trust you until the end of time.

History: Bursting through the double doors of the Pathos Hospital, Alpha Lucian wheeled in Regina Eden. Searching for a nurse, they approached the front desk where she was immediately admitted to a room. Screams of pain and anguish filled the building - bouncing from wall to wall. Lucian had planned to fill out all the paperwork, but hearing his mate's cries of pain, he rushed to her side. He held her hand and stood by her side - never resting or leaving her. His calm and soothing words helped Eden during her great time of pain and soon all her work had prospered. On February 24 of 2871 at 01:23 AM., their first son was born. The very first Hybrid screamed as the gunk cleared from his lungs. Cleaned and swaddled in a blue blanket, he was given to be held by his mother. As his blue-green eyes looked to her, he smiled and reached his hands to touch her face. Lucian leaned down and kissed the forehead of his son, holding his mate close to him as they revelled in his glory. They had created the most powerful creature in all the world. And they had to admit, he was so damn cute.

Father: Alpha Lucian | Status: Alive and Well

Mother: Regina Eden | Status: Alive and Beautiful As Always

Siblings: Bellator Shailene | Status: Dead

Pets: Hobbes | Blue Tiger | Status: Alive and Kicking Ass (Gift from my father)

Other Important People: N/A

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I Co-Own this place
What Would You Like To Be Called? Lucian, Ozzy or Calvin
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age Of the Wolves and INC
What Characters Do You Play? Check out Lucian's Profile
How Long Have You Been RPing? A while now
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?Alpha Lucian and Bellator Ozzy
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes or No? If no, please state why! No
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Lunari Admin
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PostSubject: Re: Sovereign Calvin - Hybrid   Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:35 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once the time skip happens, you'll be allowed to play Calvin!
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Sovereign Calvin - Hybrid
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