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 Heartbreak Hotel (Plot Awareness)

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PostSubject: Heartbreak Hotel (Plot Awareness)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:45 pm


This post will allow you all to understand what occurred between the seemingly happy couple to bring them to where they are today.


For some months the Mender and the Lieutenant were blissfully happy together - much to the jealousy of one of her clansmen. Blake was so deeply infatuated with the human, she believed herself to be in love. She was kind, loving and forever faithful, but the same could not be said for her partner. He surprised her one day, presenting her with a key before leading her to the door it unlocked. This very house was to be their home away from home, their sanctuary together - or so he said.

When Blake was not working at the hospital, or working on her little renovation project in the Shifter lands, she was here with her - dare she say it? - boyfriend. In all those times when she was away, doing good, honest work to help the people of Lunari, he spent his time in an unfaithful tryst. The naive lioness never thought he could do such a horrid thing. But her heart would be brutally torn in two.

Returning to the house from an early shift at the hospital, she heard voices from within. Innocent and trusting, she thought them to be those of Wesley and his General as the second was clearly female. It made sense to her that the General would want to check on her Lieutenant and where he spent his free time. Instead Blake found her boyfriend in bed with some strange woman she'd never met - to others she was called Haedyn. Blake wept hot, angry tears, so betrayed by the man she believed herself to have loved. He cursed her, called her weak and claimed he never loved her but kept her around for the fulfilment of his most primal needs. He recalled how he'd enjoyed the control he held over her, the dominance he felt of being her only sexual partner.The other woman only lay there in shock, speechless.

Spurned and betrayed, Blake fled from the domicile, tearing its key from her set and tossing it aside. She ran and ran for a long time, tears flooding her beautiful blue eyes, spilling over onto her cheeks.

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Heartbreak Hotel (Plot Awareness)
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