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 Maybe, Maybe Not (open)

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Maston Dartainan
Maston Dartainan

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PostSubject: Maybe, Maybe Not (open)    Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:28 pm

The streets were dark, shadows crawled across walls and allyways. Rats and bugs scampered from one dark place to another, hiding within the shadows that the light made. Few humans walked within the darkness the night made, shielding their faces from the currents of the wind. Not many animals nor people were out on this kind of night.

Except for a lone cat that sat up top on a fire escape while watching a mouse he had decided to make a meal out of. Dartainans’ bright blue eyes followed the small rodent as it scampered about in search of its own meal. The males muscles coiled and tightened as he slowly rose to his paws, pupils in slits as he locked onto the prey, then leaping over the side of the bar he pounced onto the rodents tiny body with a snap of its neck. Picking up the rodent he went about finding a peaceful place to take his dinner and eat. Ending up on a rooftop overlooking the city that laid out before him, looking at what seemed to be a black velvet blanket with shining diamonds spread out upon it. Finishing his meal Dartainan went on his way, in search of a new home. For he had been given enough time to roam the world, now he wanted friends and maybe a family at some point. But the family part would have to wait until the right one came along. Right now, he just wanted to have a few friends and company.

After finishing his small meal, Dartainan went about his way in search of a new place to live. His paws quietly tapping against the pavement. Blazing blue eyes search the surrounding area as we moved like shadows in the blistering cold and darkness. His pale silver fur gave him away though, contracting against the blackness of the night. Sniffing around in the air he caught a scent of another cat and followed it.

Leading him away from the big city lights Dartainan continued to follow the scent he had picked up. His paws now kissed the grassy path way into the woods. Bright blue, eager eyes took in the surroundings as the silver tabby moved silently about. Sniffing the air frequently to keep up with the scent that now grew stronger, but it mingled now with other smells. Was that dog he picked up? Fox too? Shaking his head he passed on the smells as bypassing animals. Picking out the feline scent again he followed. Soon a small, want looked to be, village appeared before his eyes. The smells were stronger here, overpowering actually. Dartainan didn’t trust the place, something was slightly off to him. Staying his distance he let a meow escape him, seeing if anyone would reply to it. So he waited, sitting on a rock and sunbathing until something happened. Purring calmly as the sun warmed his fur and body.

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Maybe, Maybe Not (open)    Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:28 pm

Please change your name to Maston Dartainan. Sorry for the delay. You are welcome to post within the Mora lands.
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Maybe, Maybe Not (open)
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