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 Eva - Vampire

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Agrestis Eva
Agrestis Eva

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PostSubject: Eva - Vampire   Eva - Vampire Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2015 6:17 pm

Name: Eva Amber Marincea

Nickname: Anything nice!

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: Resembling her mother, Eva has silky blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, as well as gently tanned skin. Her soft pale pink lips are voluptuous and her eyebrows perfectly frame her face. Her figure is curvaceous, with a sculpted waist and toned stomach. The young vampiress tends to wear casual attire, usually tank tops and loose sweaters along with fitted jeans. However, Eva is more than happy to throw on a nice outfit for formal occasions. Whilst out and about, she often wears her acid wash denim jacket and one of her many beanies.

Human Photo:


Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Agrestis

Specialization: Premonitions and mind control, though both are at a weaker state

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 126 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Identifying Marks: Voluptuous build

Face Claim: Alexandria Morgan

Personality: Eva is confident and friendly, gladly starting conversations with strangers and possibly brightening their day with her bubbly presence. She is caring, particularly towards her close friends and family, and protective of those who earn her respect. The young vampiress is rather strong-willed, doing what she wants without fearing the possible consequences. She has a fairly short attention span and can be stubborn at times when she doesn't get her own way. Eva isn't judgemental, accepting people for who they are, and she's open-minded, having a desire to experience new things. Eva is most happy when in the company of those who appreciate her.

Gay guys
Having fun
Vintage clothes

Being alone for a long time
Being ignored
Losing her phone
Party poopers

Habits: Eva tends to take many selfies each day as she is quite the poser. When amongst friends, she often takes photos with them so that she can remember the good times she had in the long future ahead of her. Following instructions is something that the young vampiress isn't too good at. When alone in her room with nothing to do, Eva enjoys reading as it helps her to relax her mind. It's great that Eva is talkative and laughs a lot of the time but it occasionally gets her told off as she can be too loud for some people. Eva takes pride in her appearance though she doesn't pay attention to what socks she puts on, so can be seen walking around wearing socks that don't match. When saying goodbye to people, Eva tends to blow kisses. If she doesn't, it's a good indicator that she is upset or annoyed with the person.

History: After displaying signs of affection towards one another, Charli and Demetri fell in love once again after being separated for several millenniums. The Dominus made the vampiress his third wife and the two cherished their loving relationship together throughout the years. They became closer than ever as Charli became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Eva Amber Marincea. Charli relished motherhood, loving her daughter with all her heart and raising her with Demetri. Eva was never quiet from the day she started talking. She was a sweet and confident child, eager to learn from her mother. As she matured, she preferred doing her own thing and started becoming more distant from her parents as she surrounded herself amongst friends most of the time. Eva is still currently developing her abilities as a vampiress with the help of her experienced parents and family members.

Father: Demetri Anton Sebastion Julian Marincea | Status: Alive

Mother: Charlotte Amber Marincea | Status: Alive

Siblings: Vincent Julian Marincea | Status: Alive

Pets: None

Other Important People: Vixin Marincea | Status: Alive

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Eva - Vampire
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