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 Taytum (WIP!)

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PostSubject: Taytum (WIP!)   Sat May 09, 2015 6:02 pm

Name: Taytum

Nickname: Tay or anything that you can come up with!

Age: 21 | 17

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Soon to be bartender/dancer at Crazy Horse

You can only see how strangely you will turn out in life. It just happened to be that Taytum was given the wonderful gift of beauty. Eyes of chocolate and a cascade of dirty-blonde colored hair that flowed down her back, ending halfway down her back and her rib cage. She's pretty, with tattoos that cover parts of her skin in black ink; she has one on her left wrist of angel wings, another on her right wrist saying "Without music life would be a mistake". Her name is written behind her ear, and a panther on the small of her back. Rose vines wrap around her rib cage, and along her hips. She doesn't use makeup because she's forever frozen at 17, even though in reality she's 21.

Her primal form is a completely different story. A black panther capable of feats that no human would ever be able to complete without getting either seriously hurt or killed. Lithe and quiet, she can crawl along the ground at night and not be noticed. Now if she were to ever be found in her primal form, it would seem that she's just as beautiful as she is when she's human. Stunning bright blue orbs will gaze upon those who meet her, transfixing and unnatural. Her pelt of black is sleek and shiny in the moonlight, and she enjoys how she can hide in the shadows. And if you look hard enough, you will notice that the midnight black of her pelt is actually just a shade lighter than the spots that are darker and similar to a leopards markings.

Human Photo:

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator (Hopes of moving up in ranks)

Specialization: Shifts into a Panther

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5'8" | 30 inches (76 cm)

Weight: 123 lbs | 130 lbs

Eye Color: Silver | Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown | Black

Identifying Marks: Tattoos (Explained in Appearance) | Scars (Appearance)

Face Claim: Shailene Woodley

Taytum is a very complicated person. She is often manipulative and she can worm her way out of situations with little effort. She's deceiving and a good ally to have when you get in trouble. One look into those deep brown eyes will have you nearly transfixed into believing anything she's got to say, although it's just a fluke, not an ability. A sly smile can give away nearly too much, the fact that she's really a monster hiding behind a mask, and she would be almost honored to take the life of anyone who figures it out. Answer her questions, accept her alibis and you will be safe from her dangerous threat.

Many would say she's a trap hiding under a pile of leaves. The chance to meet her would be once in a lifetime, maybe twice if you're lucky. She tends to stick to the shadows and doesn't like to make friends with those around her. Get on her good side, although it's unlikely, it's possible. She had one friend, and after she was taken away from her, she lost the ability to trust. Without any friends, some might think that she's alone in life, when in reality she's just a keep-to-herself kind of girl. She doesn't believe that anyone understands her. Who would? Who could?

Behind those chocolate eyes lies a girl who wants to fit in. If anything, she hides it to protect her identity. A chance to see that secret side is a chance to see life at it's best, because she's strong and powerful underneath her bad-girl image. She's delicate and fragile, like a flower. Pull off her petals and she might die....

-Aqua (the color)

-Being forced to do things
-Being labeled as something that she's not

Habits: One of Taytum's worst habits is how she picks her nails. She tends to not even realize that she's doing it, but she pushes her cuticles back and tries to get rid of the hardened skin around her nails. Of course, this is only when she's a human. In primal form, she tends to sharpen her claws on rocks when they become dull. This she is aware of while she's doing it, because it actually requires her concentration to not hurt herself, (such as break the claw). Another terrible habit is how she lets her mind wander beyond compare, imagining things that would never be real, stories that would never come true. One time, she imagined a word where she was a human, and she ended up with tears down her face by the thought of losing her panther. She also calls her panther by name, because to her, the panther talks like it's a second conscience. Although the animal isn't physical, and it may be Taytum's imagination, but it speaks and gives her advice in her mind. So, instead of the panther being herself, it's similar to having a ghost whisper in your ear. They aren't exactly there, but yet they are at the same time.


Father: Jacob | Status: Dead

Mother: Felicia | Status: Dead

David | Status: Lost
Alice | Status: Lost
Jay | Status: Unknown
Emily | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: None yet

Offspring: None yet

Other Important People: Ash | Status: Dead

Joining Keys: 'defeat is not an option' 'from them' 'we run' 'for us they come' 'in the shadows we hide'

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Sister site of Age of the Wolves
What Would You Like To Be Called? Tay or anything else.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Incandescence, Age of the Wolves
What Characters Do You Play? Age: Warrior Faith, Omega Emily | Inc: Gamma Emma, Omega William, Apprentice Midnight
How Long Have You Been RPing? Since November (I think) so about 7 months now. But I began to take writing seriously in the fifth grade.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes!
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Taytum (WIP!)
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