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 Violet Fairbanks- Shifter [WIP]

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Vio Fairbanks
Vio Fairbanks

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PostSubject: Violet Fairbanks- Shifter [WIP]   Tue May 26, 2015 1:02 pm

Name: Violet Fairbanks

Nickname: Vio [Vee-oh]

Age: 210 | 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, anything he finds with a beautiful body and mind.

Occupation: Aspiring drummer. Works part-time at a cafe and other's as a privately contracted analyst holding a Ph.D in mathematics.

Height: 5"11
Weight: 160

Human Photo:


Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Do not request high ranks unless they have been approved through Alpha/Leader of your race.

Specialization: Humans specialize in special weapons, Vampires have certain powers to choose from, Werewolves shift into beasts, Shifters change to an animal of their choosing, Mora shift to Cat/Dog/Fox.

Primal Form Photo: *DELETE if Human/Vampire*

*DELETE if Human/Vampire*

Height: Human Form | Primal Form (if applicable)

Weight: Human Form | Primal Form (if applicable)

Eye Color: Red is not allowed.

Hair Color: Human Form | Primal Form (if applicable)

Identifying Marks: Human Form | Primal Form (if applicable)

Face Claim: Actor/Actress, Model, Musician

Personality: 12 Sentences

Likes: Must give AT LEAST 5

Dislikes: Must give AT LEAST 5

Habits: 12 Sentences

History: Must be in-depth and thorough. The longer the better. MUST be 3 paragraphs at least. We consider a good paragraph to be at least 10 sentences.

Father: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Mother: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Siblings: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Offspring: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Pets: *MUST be purchased from The Dark Passenger* Name | Breed | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Other Important People: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Joining Keys: Joining Keys can be found in Rules - 2, Species Info - 2, Information - 1.

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Friend referral from LA, please state their character name, website, voting chart, etc.
What Would You Like To Be Called? OOC name, can be real or fake... Could even be Character's name
What Other Sites Do You Play On? List them here if none, post "N/A"
What Characters Do You Play?List them here if none, post "N/A"
How Long Have You Been RPing? Days? Months? Years?
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?List them here if none, post "N/A"
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes or No? If no, please state why!

Name: Name of your characte
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Violet Fairbanks- Shifter [WIP]
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