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 Ariun - Shifter

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PostSubject: Ariun - Shifter   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:48 am

How Did You Find Us?: Age of the Wolves

Name: Ariun. The Greek origin of the name Catalina means “Pure” and the Mongolian translation of "Pure". See History.

Race: Shifter

Gender: Male

Specialization: Melanistic Leopard. Melanistic leopards are commonly called black panthers, a term that also applies to melanistic jaguars. The leopard is able to mate with anything in the Panthera genus. Including snow leopards, clouded leopards, panthers, jaguar, tiger, and lion.

Age: 190, doesn't look a day over 30.

Rank Requested: Rex, if earned. Would love to start at Dux and be placed according to the Regina.


Primal Photo:

Appearance:Ariun is a handsome male for someone nearing 200 years. In human form he is an average height of 6'0 even with a strong build weighing in at 210 pounds. Pure muscle this is because of what he is inside. Black hair with brown undertones cover his head and lightly upon his stomach, forearms, and legs. Lean and trim, Ariun is a natural born athlete specifically with agility traits. While in human form, Ariun is usually found doing parkour throughout the city's if he is not working for the pack. As a black leopard, he is large and built. Stocky and quick. With the same length and weight as an animal. Dark blue-black fur covers his body with light undertones of grey and brown form spots beneath his top coat. Making a natural blend and camouflage in the night, an advantage to wherever he resides. In the day light, the way the light reflects of his pelt, he is an amazing sight to see. Rare in his form. Upon his face are unnatural eyes, for the color is unaware from different points of view. With a base of yellow and green semi iris coating on top, the mixture forms a glacial blue. Depending on which way you view his eyes, there will always be a different mixture of the three. His tail is as long as his body to help maintain balance and posture. Large incisors are stained yellow from years of wear and tear, but in great shape for his age.

History:Central Asia, the year roughly around 2550, in the dense jungle two leopards roamed. One black as the nights masking and one as orange as the blazing sun. Mates, for eternal life and survivors of generations of strong breeding. For them to have survived as long as they have, populating the earth with their species. Certainly they were not alone, but in this area of the jungle, they had each other and nothing more nor nothing less. The male name Kenray was the lighter of the two and his mate was the dark female named Catalina. Together they were readying for their litter. Days passed and they found themselves ready to whelp. That night, three cubs were born. Two of the light and Ariun of the dark, similar to his mother. From that day on they knew he would be different.

Years passed before his parents gave him a name, giving each child a chance to discover who they were before receive a name that would be with them for life. Ariun was named to be pure like his mother, who was born and bred in Greece and shipped to the jungle to die. Where she met his father and they created a life together. Ariun was as he was named, for he was kind and noble and true. As each child was named, they learned their faith, and Ariun vowed never to shift so long as he could control it. Vowed to only use for good. Ariun grew into a beautiful young man and feline and sought off on his own life and adventure, leaving his siblings and parents behind to prosper in their desires. For half a century her roamed as a free man but eventually stumbled upon love of his own.

The hot and muggy summers night was dangerous for cubs on their own, a male like him could easily snag a cub from a mother and kill it for an easy meal, but he was not like this. As he drew close the cub was alone, a single black male like himself and his family slain upon the ground. Ariun weaped for the lost sole and decided to raise him as his own. Together Ariun and the cub in which he name Certraz, lived many year together. Sadly, the cub was not like him, where he would be blessed with years to come and Ariun suffered what most should, the loss of a child whether it his or someone else's. Bearing the child isn't what gives them basis, raising them as your own is what gives them character. Ariun has been searching for something since, not knowing where the roads will take him. Alone, suffering, but wise beyond his years.

Joining Keys:Joining Keys have been removed by an administrator.

Example Post: Heavy paws flopped upon the ground, leaving dusty prints among the soft clay of the jungle floor. The sleek black pelt was gliding over his muscles and bones as he lowered to the floor, getting down to the level of the cub. "You must be very quiet or your prey will spook. The trick is to sneak cautiously upon them and leap to the target." He whispered in the cubs ear before nudging him on the rear. The tiny cub crawled forward, barely making a sound, before he lept into the air and smashed the butterfly between his front paws. The sound of the clap echoed through the realm as his wide paws forcible smashed into one another. A giggle escaped the small cat's mouth thus spooking a wild boar. Instantly, Ariun was off to the hunt, everything on edge and lept into action slaughtering the animal in minutes. The cub watching in horror that one day he too would be just like his father. Ariun called the cub over and began to speak again, "Never let your guard down, you never know when an opportunity will come knocking at your door. When it calls, don't walk away. Do you understand me? Promise me that you follow your heart and live your life to the best you can." It was almost as if he was already saying goodbye to the whelp, they had years together, years before he would pass leaving Ariun to his misery.

Certraz grew into a stunning male just like the one who had raised him, many years had passed and the one yearling was not an elder male, barely able to maintain speeds with Ariun. It was time and Ariun feared this day like no other, the once small cub laid down upon the soft knoll of grass, his breathing shallow and his voice barely heard he spoke his final words. "Ariun, I know that you will live on. I will be watching over you, I owe you my life. Thank you." Stretching his greyed paw toward the father figure, he sighed his final breath and the spark of electricity was felt causing the larger male to jump. Nothing could explain why it happened, but Ariun knew that child would always be with him. The nearly  30 years he had spent with him, surviving as long as they could. Ariun mourned for 4 solid days before leaving his body, leaving behind all the memories and pain. Forcing the cub from his mind so he could try and regain his life.

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Ariun - Shifter
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