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 Domina Vixin - Vampire (WIP)

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PostSubject: Domina Vixin - Vampire (WIP)   Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:49 pm

Name: Vixin

Nickname: Vixy or Vix

Age: 7,879 | 23 years

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Surgeon.

Appearance: Vixin is slightly taller then a normal woman, she stands to be 5'8; lucky for her heels aren't a problem. Her hair color is the color of golden wheat. Her happy and bright eyes could almost out shine the brightest of oceans. Vixin is fair skin, soft to touch and no blemishes whatsoever. Her figure is in the shape of an hour glass, curved with profection.

Human Photo:


Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Domina.

Specialization: Emotional Tappering

Height: 5'8

Weight: 135

Eye Color: Electric blue

Hair Color: Blonde.

Identifying Marks: None.

Face Claim: Candice Swanepoel

Personality: Vixin is a fire cracker of emotions and characterisics. She is out going, loving, caring; and at times when it is needed; serious. At home Vixin is her normal smiling and giggling self. Even more so when it is just her and the one she wishes to be with. Out on the town at night she is outgoing and laughing, while with her friends. She loves to laugh and make others laughs, having a good time is a big part of her personality. You will hardly ever catch her without a smile on her face, if you do; you better make sure her distaste isn't towards yourself. For her loving is caring side is where her job best fits her, being a surgeon has made her love for life that much more compelling. To see a mothers tears over her dead child makes her happy that she can continue to live and live at her fullest. She lives for the children that have past on her table. At work though is also where her seriousness comes to play. Horsing around during surgery is a BIG no no around her. It will angry her quicker then anything else. She believes there is a time and place for everything, but playing around during surgery; isn't one of those times.

*Her Lamborghini GT, black and red.
*Romance novels
*Long walks on her beach island, Astridax.
*Being a surgeon.
*A successful surgery.

*Her job, such as paperwork or telling a family their family member has past.
*Being interrupted while reading.
*Playing around durning a surgery procedure.
*Annoying people.

Habits: Vixin doesn't have many habots. Shadow is a go-with-the-flow kind of person. Happy-go-lucky so to say. But if she had to have habot they would start with a coffee mug and four drops of blood in the morning. Then followed by a shower  and her morning routine. Should there be anything, and in all honesty there always is; she completes it or starts on it. But once on hospital grounds sh edrops her things off at her office and then goes  to visi with the children in the recovery center. Always glad to see them smile once she enters the room. And without evening having to use her powers, which she hardly ever did unless a child was suffering while they expired. Upon everyone being accounted for she ould the return to her office and begin to type out reports or put files away that were cluttering her desk. On the off dutry hand though, if stress was to set in she would take a day or two off from work and go to Astridax. Even a country side drive in her GT made her feel better when she couldn't take off. Or just being with her beloved books helped her forget her problems, since they transported her to a different world.


As a small child Vixin had a fairly good childhood. Her parents were not exactly rich but most definitely not poor. She had everything she wanted. Since she was a lone child to her family. Her father was a banker in the town and her mother stayed at home all the time. But little did her father know, that when he was gone her mother would sleep with the neighbors eldest son. Who was in his twenties. Soon, her father caught onto the love a fair between the two, and he killed them both. In front of Vixin, not knowing it would scar her for life. That night, he planned to move out of town, taking his daughter with him. Vixin was ten as the time of her mothers unruly death. The town she grow up in was all she knew, going elsewhere scared her. But now she was even more scared to be alone with her father. For that scared her far more then moving homes. So she ran, she ran fast and far. She could hear her father calling to her, trying to coax her out of her hiding spot, but she dare not move an inch. In fear that he would find and kill her as well. Soon a woman found her and took her in as her own Vixin's father was found out and then hung the next morning. 

Years passed as the older woman grew older and died. Vixin grew up and was the age of 25 when the elderly lady passed. But she grew into a very attractive woman. Her deep blue eyes pierced those to the soul for those that looked into them. Her long blonde hair, looked as if it was spun from the finest gold in the land. She stood to be 5'7, her body was built for attractiveness. Granted she didn't want anyone in her small city back then.

As the years passed she moved to a little bigger city. And on one night, something happened she would never forget. Vixin had been in a relationship with Brent for quite sometime now, almost a year. She knew he had some bad habits that he just couldn't knock off. So one night she left him. As she was walking down a dark ally to her good friends apartment, out of nowhere a hand came around and she felt a sharp pain in her neck and then.. nothing. Everything went dark.

When she woke later that night she felt sick and dizzy. Her head was spinning like a top in a flat surface. She finally sat up to see a man standing there before her. He glared at her with cold unforgiving eyes. A small drop of blood hung in the corner of his mouth, but he quickly licked it away and then took off running. Stunned she laid there for a few more minutes before she made a move to try and stand. Finally she got to her feet, her head still spinning but not as bad as before. The pain that shot through her body instantly died out. Then suddenly she felt very.. thirsty. Remembering she had brought a bottle of water with her she searched for it. Finally finding it she quickly opens it and drinks it down, but the thirst was still there. "What is wrong with me", she spoke mostly to herself. Soon she heard the foot steps of heels as they clicked on the pavement. She could smell something coppery as the heels moved closer to her location. Taking a few steps back into the shadows she waited, her mouth began to water as the smell gets stronger. It was a whole new Vixin, her body did what it was now going to be training to do. The toxic vemon of a hunter of the night flowed through her, and it was hungry.

Soon the small woman stood in front of her, Vixin lashes out and pulls her into the darkness. Sinking her teeth into the struggling woman that finally calmed down. She drank only enough to leave the woman knocked out. After a moment she lets go of the woman, her thirst finally full filled. She wipes the blood away from the corners of her mouth as she steps into the street light, her eyes slightly burning from the bright light. So she steps back into the shadows, and walks along the sidewalks. Many more years pass by as she begins to figure out who and what she has become now. She picks out her meals that she knows have done something wrong. Picking out the murders and thieves, every now and then if she must, she will feed from a man she has altered feels of. Making them want her without letting them know what she is actually doing.

Still more years pass as the city grows vacant from people moving to the larger cities looking for jobs. This forces her to move from her hunting grounds, and into the huge city. She stayed in the city, only hunting on thieves and murders. For she knew many of the sins people have committed. It was always on their mind. 

Only this time she hopes there are more like her. Because on the outside, Vixin looks hard and like no one can touch her. But in all reality, she just wants someone like her to be around. To feel comfortable with someone else being around her. So she heads for the big city, looking for exactly that. 

Father: Name | Status: Dead

Mother: Name | Status: Dead

Siblings: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Offspring: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Pets: *MUST be purchased from The Dark Passenger* Name | Breed | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Other Important People: Old Woman | Status: Dead

Joining Keys: Joining Keys can be found in Rules - 2, Species Info - 2, Information - 1.

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Friend referal from a friend.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Vixin, Vixy, or Vix.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the Wolves and Soulles Guardians.
What Characters Do You Play? Age = Lead Hunter Shadow. Soulless Guardians = Kyrian and Priest Syrinx.
How Long Have You Been RPing? Months.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? "N/A"
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes.

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PostSubject: Re: Domina Vixin - Vampire (WIP)   Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:06 pm

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Domina Vixin - Vampire (WIP)
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