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 Dominus Demetri - Vampire

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Dominus Demetri
Dominus Demetri

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PostSubject: Dominus Demetri - Vampire   Dominus Demetri - Vampire Icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 4:50 pm

Name: Demetri Anton Sebastion Julian Marincea

Nickname: Demi, Demetri, Dominus

Age: Very First Vampire - 9,327 years | Appears to be 28

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Realtor

Appearance: Demetri is tall, dark and very handsome. His hair is a chocolate brown, not too short, but not too long either. It has a natural curl to it and blows softly in the wind. His eyes are a bright blue color, that sparkle like the water of a calm lake on a hot summer day. He has no scars for time has healed them all, and drinking the blood of the werewolves does help quite a bit. It is very uncommon to find Demetri dressed in anything other than his best. He can be seen wearing a button down shirt, nice slacks, and dress shoes. He strives to show perfection in everything he does, so his appearance is key. He tends to keep his face clean shaven, since more women are drawn to him that way. Although, some do like it rough when he doesn't shave for a couple of days. You will never see a beard or mustache on his face. His smile is white and bright, alluring and yet seductive without even trying.

Human Photo:

Dominus Demetri - Vampire Homy

Dominus Demetri - Vampire Ll6k

Dominus Demetri - Vampire G29t

Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Dominus

Specialization: Dominus - Approved by Lunari Admin.

Height: 6ft, 2in

Weight: 195 lbs

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Identifying Marks: No scars... Drinking Werewolf blood helps!

Face Claim: Matt Bomer

Personality: For a Dominus, he is very calm, yet assertive. He does not wish to jump to conclusions, nor waste his breath on issues. He does not like to argue, and if fighting is necessary, he will defend himself or others. He does not make fun of others, nor antagonize them to fight him. He tends to keep to himself on his off time. He enjoys a good book, or being lazy in his bed. He keeps a journal of everything that happens of importance in his life, and is often seen writing in it, or reading it. He will never forget a face, but names are something else. When he speaks, it will sound as if it is the most important thing in the world. He is a natural flirt towards the ladies, using his natural seduction to lure them and please them. He enjoys feeding off humans, but will only do it in the most secretive locations or in the privacy of his own home. When he gets close to another, they will see a more comical side to the Dominus. He tends to keep work and play separate, although he has found himself treading that line when it comes to a woman. Demetri is protective, but not overbearing. He believes any vampire should be able to handle their own matters, but if it involves a Werewolf, he will be more than pleased to aid them.


  • Dancing. Any form of dance, he knows them all.
  • Reading. He has read many books in his years, but literature of the past is his favorite.
  • Theatre. He loves watching plays or just being in the audience. He enjoys seeing actor's/actress's emotions.
  • Females. He has a soft spot for females in his heart.
  • Beach. It is probably his favorite place in the whole world. He loves to watch the waves crash into the rocks, or the whales shoot water from their blowholes. It is very peaceful.


  • Werewolves. He hates them more than anything.
  • Inexperience. When he watches an inexperienced Vampire make a wrong move, or choose to kill a human near others, it drives him insane with anger.
  • Garlic. It has no negative effects to Vampires anymore, he just hates the taste and smell.
  • Small Dogs. They are too loud and hyper for his wishes.
  • Weapons. He is a firm believer of hand to hand. No need to bring in a weapon, unless you are a weakling, or human.

Habits: From time to time, Demetri can be seen reading a book by the fire, even when it is hot outside. He loves the feeling of being at peace with his surroundings. He often rearranges the furniture in his house and bedroom, moving it helps with his creative mind. He does carry a diary, which he keeps hidden among his many books. His key life events are written in it, so he shall never forget a memory. When he looks to a woman, he normally stares into their eyes and listens to their thoughts more than their mouths, unless he is intrigued by their words. When the weather is dictated by the humans, he will dress as they do, trying to blend in. He is very helpful, even when hunting. If he sees someone is hurt and there are others around, he has no choice but to help them back up to their feet. He is a gentleman, even when he is acting his rank. You will often see his hands stuffed into his pockets. Instead of wearing a wristwatch like many humans, or others, he wears a pocket watch clipped to every jacket or coat he wears. If he is not wearing a jacket or coat, it is strapped to his trousers. He does not dress like a scrub and feels he needs to be proper at all times.

History: His life started thousands of years ago, born to a poor couple with very little to give their boy. Much of these years were forgotten by Demetri himself, but the truth can be found in his library. But during the early 7000 BC, a horrible cold was attacking the poor. They could not afford the medicine to cure themselves and many died. The sickness attacked Demetri's very family. It tried to take his mother, but the process was slow. As it attacked his ecosystem, he could feel himself growing weak. He was nowhere near the strength of an adult, nor did his tiny body know how to fight off such an illness, a disease. Many times the boy found himself leaving the safety of his bed, bored from the tiresome act of just lying there and waiting to die. He would escape and wander the streets. As he wandered the streets, he saw an elder homeless man. His back was hunched over and the rags he wore were torn and dirty, covered in blood and filth. He mumbled to himself, one word Demetri did not hear until he got closer. "Sanguinem, sanguinem, sanguinem" he said to himself. Demetri slowly started to pick up speed as he walked past the man. He held his arms close to him, but it was not close enough. The male lunged at the boy and cut into his arm. Demetri was shocked as the old man moved back against the wall. His blue hues looked at the blade, covered in his blood. He watched as the blade was pulled closer to his face and with amazement, he watched the older man lick the blood from it. As he could no longer bare the sight, Demetri ran off into the night, finding shelter in an old sewer entrance. Breathing hard, he pressed his back to the rusted wall and stared down at his arm. What had he done and why had he done it? The young boy was very confused. But as he stared at his arm, he played the words over in his head, "sanguinem, sanguinem." Blood. As he watched the blood trickle from his cut, rolling off his arm and splashing to the floor. His eyes became fully hypnotized, he could feel a thirst deep within him, something he had never felt before.

Feeling the dry sensation in the back of his throat, he licked his lips and brought the arm closer. He moved his hand around the wound and squeezed it gently, forcing more blood to flow from the slit. As it dripped from his arm, he held out his tongue and collected a few drops on the pink muscle. As the blood spread over his taste buds, he longed for more of a rich taste. It was different, yet he felt like he was pulled to it. His eyes darted back to the cut, watching the bright red blood flow from him. Quickly he placed his mouth over the wound and began to drink his own blood. As he drank of himself, he began to feel much better than before. Was this the cure for the horrible disease? Almost instantly he thought of his mother. As he ran home, he wrapped ripped cloth around his wound, trying to keep the blood in as he raced. Running up the stairs to their little house, he slammed through the door and made his way to her bedroom. As he looked over her frail and sick body, he moved to the bed, "mater," he whispered at her side. As he unwrapped the make-shift bandage, he squeezed for the blood once more, only dropping it over her partially open lips. He watched as it rolled over her dry lips and into her mouth. His eyes moved to her throat, watching it move up and down as she swallowed. But she did not speak. Rolling her head towards him, "te amo filium... meum...." she whispered as she took her last breath. Resting his head on her chest, he began to cry, forgetting about the cut on his arm as the blood smothered her. It covered her bleach white skin, stained her sheets and her clothes. His father heard the distress and cries of his son, so he ran to his bedroom. As he stood in the doorway, he saw the blood and the boy over his own mother. "Filius!" he called to the boy. The weeping Demetri lifted his eyes to his father, tears spilling down his plump round cheeks, mixing with the blood at the sides of his mouth. The scene before him was horrid. He believed his son killed his wife, drinking her blood and taking her life away as he did it. "Apage!" he shouted as he moved into the room. Saddened and confused, the boy slid from past his father and ran until he could no longer breathe.

As the years passed, his father never felt the same for the boy, even after all he had done to please his father and impress him. Nothing mattered. His father lived a life of constant drinking and abusing the boy as well as his siblings. But no matter what he did, or what he said, Demetri loved his father. One day his normally angered father returned to their family home with a rabbit. The boys made jokes of cooking it, while his sister became instantly attached. Demetri also grew interest in the rabbit. It had been days since blood had touched his lips, always his own of course. But perhaps it was time to try another creature. Late one night the young boy wandered into the room of his slumbering sister. The rabbit lived in a cage beside her bed, resting upon the nightstand. As Demetri moved about the room, he was quiet and agile, making sure not to awaken her or arouse any suspicions. As his eyes targeted the creature in the night, his vision was almost perfect. He blamed it on the fact that he had been awake for many hours that night, thinking and planning. But Demetri had changed, drastically. As he moved about the room, completely quite, able to move about without a sound. As he approached the cage with the sleeping rabbit, he quietly opened it, placing his hands around the fidgeting creature's body. Wrapping his hands gently around the girth, he held it tight in his grasp. As he pulled the rabbit to his face, his eyes scanned over it while his nose could smell the blood, even though none had been spilled. His ears rang with the sound of the tiny beating heart. It beat quicker and quicker as the boy held it closer and closer to his face. Slipping out of the room, he vanished into the night. He ran from the house, taking his fresh meal with him, sitting in the backyard. As he held the tiny being within his palms, he wondered if this were the appropriate plan of action. But as his hunger and lust for blood coursed through his body, he had no other choice. As he opened his jaws, placing the rabbit between them, he felt his canines extend and press against the creatures fur coat. With one swift movement, he pierced into the rabbit and began extracting the hot red fluid from its flesh. As he sucked at the life juice, he began to feel stronger, able to do anything he pleased. With the rabbit dead, he walked back inside and placed it into the cage, while his sister stayed asleep. That was the first real thirst Demetri ever had, but many more would come into the future.

Years passed and the hunter became more in tune with his abilities, able to do more than he ever thought he could ever do. He could jump from tall buildings and be completely fine. In the early years, the sunlight effected him severely, but he found ways around it. Drinking certain blood would make him immune. Keeping track of all these things, he started to compiled his research inside a small notebook. Growing up from a teenager to a young adult, he only feasted on animals, afraid of the damages he would cause towards humans. Soon after he discovered he no longer needed "family" he fled from them, never to see them again. He was a monster, and they were just humans. He made his way far from the eyes of man, living in the woods for a time being, but after so long, animal blood became boring. He recalled the flavor of his own blood, never taking it again since the last time when he was a child. On one night, he decided he would take it again. Thousands of years had already passed and the hunter was very alluring, using his mind to control the thoughts of others, as well as diving into them deeply. As he wandered through the forest on this night, he heard the thoughts of a lone woman, longing for a man in her life. Her son had left her many years ago and she was no lonely. Demetri did not feel sorry for her, instead he felt a different need from her. He could tell by her thoughts that she had been drinking, this was very similar to the ones of his father while he was drunk. The dapper old man, adjusted his suit, cleaning itself of the mess and dirt from the earth and living within the confines of the forest. He picked flowers and present them in his hands. As he walked to the front of the house, he could sense something was near him, but he was unfamiliar with what it was and what it was doing here. It did not smell like an animal from the region, nor a human. Distracted by the opening of the door, he smiled to the woman as she did so. He presented her with flowers and openly she took them in. Coming up with something witty in his mind, he meshed it with her thoughts and he could sense that she wanted him. She allowed him to enter her home, even offered him a drink. Demetri accepted her gift and sat on her couch. As she came back, they began talking, all the while, Demetri had the strangest feeling he was being watched. As they began to talk, he made her laugh and soon his lust for her life juices was far too overpowering. He tempted her with promises he would not keep, of lies she wanted to hear, she needed to hear. Demetri made his way closer to her and she submitted herself almost completely. With her in his arms, he wrapped his lips against her soft skin that lined her neck, taking in her scent and the sweet sweat that rolled down her body. He kissed and caressed her with his lips and tongue, until the need was too hard to fight. The vampire was "young" in his years and hunting had been hard to control. Quickly he pierced her with his canines, taking the blood from her body. As she screamed, Demetri sucked harder, taking as much as he could. But as the vampire was enjoying his meal, a creature unknown to him busted through the door and raced for their position. It was large, covered in fur and looked like something the vampire had never seen. With a slight smirk, he disappeared from the body and vanished from sight. He fled the area and made his way towards the city, wiping the blood from the sides of his mouth. As he made his way, he could hear the cries of the creature he left behind. It sounded like a wolf, but that creature was much larger then such animal, and it did not smell the same. Its scent was disturbing and vile. He would never forget the scent or the beast he saw on this night. He feared it would not be the last of them.

Many more years passed and the hunter had grown into himself. He knew all of his abilities and he understood them all so well. The rest on his history is very much a mystery, keeping things within his own self. He shares little with others, unless he trusts them, and only then shall he reveal the hidden things of his past.

As the hunter moved about the walls of the bar, pressed to it by the dancing fools about him. Alcohol lingered on their breath, while others tried to force the tainted liquids down another's throat. The humans used these ploys to have women sleep with them willingly. It was petty and foolish, saddening that the humans had to stoop so low, while Demetri thrived without trial and error. Women flocked to him most nights, wanting to know more about the man of mystery. How he walked and held himself was much higher than the limits of the people here. It was true, he did not belong. Not here, not anyone but in his own home, a place which he named after the future mate he would someday make. But tonight was to be a night of the hunt, to lure and mislead, to tempt and seduce. Demetri loved getting in some practice, and some nights he even just slept with them and released them back to the world they lived in. He was not always the cruel beast, willing to take a life for their tasty blood. He had even changed a few of them into worthy vampires, with the promise that they would not do the same without his permission. As he stalked around the room, the bumping vibrations of the beat echoed within his ear drums. Slowly tuning it out, he focused on the shape of a girl surrounded by those she called friends. Her hair was a dirty blonde color on top and the lower layer was almost black. It appeared to be a new trend amongst young girls, one Demetri had no understanding of. Slowly he moved about the crowd, gathering as much information about herself as he could. With a light tap to her shoulder, she turned around and eyed him right away. But this female was different, instead of seeing his small advanced and falling head over heels for him, she turned back around to her friends. It shocked him, even as the other females started to swarm around him, but wishing to be good to their friend, stopped and stood in their places, eyes dancing around his clothes and the skin that was exposed.

"My apologies miss, but I hope I am not interrupting anything of importance? After all, this place is not very well suited for such a thing." As the words slipped from his mouth, the female slowly turned to face him. Without letting her speak, he returned more words to her ears, "I am not like the males around you. I will not get you drunk in hopes of getting into your skirt. If we make it to my abode, I shall be very pleasing and friendly to you, only waiting for your move to go any farther. In the morning, I shall make you breakfast and send you on your way with my number saved in your phone. I am not here to use and lose you, just wishing for simple conversation which may lead to something more. I too have been alone for a long time and wish for nothing more than to spend my evening with you, making your friends jealous and other males jealous as well. Because let us face it, you are the most gorgeous creature in this room." As he finished speaking, he could tell her cheeks had changed a shade darker and her hand was held out for him to grab. Taking it calmly in his own, he moved away from the other women, watching them carefully as they all wished it was them and not her. He chuckled as he pulled her close to dance with him. The beat was fast and rapid, but Demetri was a step above the rest. He danced slow with her, making gentle touches to her hands, arms, and back. All the while, others watched from a far, wishing they were doing the same thing. The vampire had gotten his mouse and would soon be living in this night with her. What he did after this club, well, fate had a dirty way of showing itself to some.

TRANSLATION: LATIN TO ENGLISH (in order of appearance)
*"I love you son... My..."

Father: He has forgotten his name | Deceased: Due to Alcohol

Mother: He has forgotten her name | Deceased: Due to sickness

He has forgotten his name | Deceased: Old Age
He has forgotten his name | Deceased: Old Age
He has forgotten his name | Deceased: Old Age
He has forgotten her name | Deceased: Old Age

Spouse/Mate: Domina Vixin | Status: Alive and very alive

Offspring: Technically None

Pets: Krato | Black African Lion | Status: Alive and very healthy. He lives within the Domina's Abode.

Other Important People: None

Joining Keys: Member posted all Joining Keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Admin

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Site Owner
What Would You Like To Be Called? Demi is fine
What Other Sites Do You Play On?

  1. Age Of The Wolves - Semi-Realistic Wolf RP
  2. Haven's Grove - Semi-Realistic Wolf RP
  3. The Lost Ones - Fantasy Werewolf RP
  4. Incandescence - Futuristic Wolf RP

What Characters Do You Play?

  1. Age - Alpha Azul, Elite Kenai, Apprentice Lucas
  2. HG - Alphess Quinn, Warrior Chaz, Delta Rafael
  3. Lost - Elite Damian, Beta Natasha, Warrior Axel
  4. INC - Elect Jack

How Long Have You Been RPing? Many years now... Too many to count..
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? General Liara
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes of course!

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