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 Mister Nice Guy [Open]

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PostSubject: Mister Nice Guy [Open]   Fri May 30, 2014 6:21 pm

Sunlight leaked in through a gap in the curtains. The alarm clock started ringing half an hour ago but Evan decided it was too early to get up and so batted it to silence and fell back asleep. It was a beautifully sunny day outside. The birds were chirping happily in the trees, soft melodies flowing from their mouths. The bedroom was now flooded with light, causing Evan's bluish eyes to flicker open. It was painful at first but gradually they relaxed from their narrowed state. Glancing to the clock, the time read 11:00am. His arms and legs spread out to his sides and his muscles rippled as they woke up with the maston, accompanied with a prolonged yawn after which a peaceful silence filled the air. Evan listened closely to the birds whistles and imitated them himself. After a few minutes of whistling alongside the cheery birds, he pulled back the sheets and got out of bed. He walked up to the window and separated the curtains to peer out at the cosy village which he was proud to be a part of. The sun greeted his toned, tanned body and lit up his greatly defined abs. After going into the bathroom and brushing his teeth, the maston removed his boxers and had a quick morning shower to freshen up for the day. Then he pat himself dry with a towel and got dressed into fitted grey jeans, ripped at the knee, and a palm tree printed tank top before styling his hair carefully until he was satisfied. A quick brushing over the bed covers was enough until he was all ready to head out the door.

The air was cool and fresh outside. Earthly scents of spring flowers travelled amongst the slight breeze. Evan casually walked down the narrow path next to his house, heading towards the town centre. The brute's arms swayed as he walked; bulging biceps visible in all of their glory. The scenery gradually transitioned from  crisp greenery to a more built-up area around the heart of the safe haven belonging to the Mora. The kitsune's belly rumbled as he crossed the town square. Food was now his biggest priority. Looking around, unsure of which route to take, Evan randomly chose the street branching off to the west. This route seemed gloomier than the rest but it appeared more intriguing. Gusts of rain hit against his tanned skin as he plodded down the darkened street; lined with cosy cafes away from the stormy weather outside. Evan's drenched body made its way into a cafe a fair way down the street. He took a seat and ran his fingers through his dripping wet hair. His top was stuck against his skin, highlighting his solid pecs and abs. It was small and toasty inside, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A sweet woman came over and the two exchanged smalltalk before he ended up ordering french toast with bacon and hot chocolate. His gentle gaze wandered around the cafe whilst he tapped his foot rhythmically, patiently waiting for his first meal of the day.
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Maston Finnlay

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PostSubject: Re: Mister Nice Guy [Open]   Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:10 am

Spring was perhaps Finn's favourite season, where life was restored and flourished after Winter had taken its toll. Not to mention the weather was warm and comfortable here, which he found rather nice after the cooler and often rainy climate of both Ireland and England. It had been a while since the maston had found this safe territory for his race yet he had not met anyone but the queen. Which was rather funny come to think of it, one would expect royalty to be the most difficult to find with a spare moment or chance meeting for which to engage in a conversation or even receive a brief wave of greeting. However, today things were going to be different. He planned to go out into the village centre and just show his face, be his usual amicable self, hoping to at least get to know his neighbours or potentially he could make some friends. Finnlay had been previously busy exploring the downtown of the Lunari city and discovering its nightlife, while also trying to find employment for himself. Only a couple of weeks ago he had managed to secure a job in a construction firm and it had been difficult adjusting once again to waking up early and doing hard labour, but he had a routine set up so he had could do his work but also rest and play, enjoying himself in bars or simply relaxing at home playing video games, drinking or watching movies. There was plenty enough to do in both the neutral and Mora areas, but he seemed to be lacking people he could go and hang out with and spend time with during the free moments which he savoured.

The Inu male was already awake and dressed by the hour before noon, having just been in the shower and was now stood in front of his bathroom mirror sculpting the stubble on his cheeks and chin to a shorter, smarter-looking length. He hummed cheerfully to himself as he smoothed the razor over the rough hairs of his chiselled cheekbones until he was satisfied with the resulting appearance of his facial hair. Carefully he washed off the shaving foam and dried his face, then went on to spray a bottle of his best aftershave over his chest, the strong musk scent filling the air of his bathroom. The reason for his sprightly mood was not only being able to get out and meet people, which Finnlay thoroughly enjoyed perhaps due to the pack instincts of his canine persona, as he also was fairly positive that today he would be able to taste a sweet victory; finding a place that served hot cocoa on the menu. For several days he had craved the warm drink, a drink he truly enjoyed as much as alcohol. After exiting the bathroom he picked up the black blazer that had been thrown to the end of his bed the night before, quickly slipping his arms through the three-quarter length sleeves and then he strode out of his room and rushed down the stairs. By the floor mat that sat in front of the front door he found his dark laced shoes and pulled them over his feet which were already cozy within his cotton socks, as well as his dark fedora-style hat that he retrieved from a hook on the wall and placed upon his head. Still humming merrily to himself, he fiddled his keys within the door lock and strolled out into the world which was the small community where his dwelling was located. Feeling carefree and relaxed as he moved along the sidewalk away from his house, one of his long arms swung loosely by his side while his other hand slapped against the outer thigh of his navy jeans to add percussion to the tune he hummed in his throat. Both his ears and tail flickered freely with the maston's excitement, even if his ears were concealed beneath his hat.

In this fashion he barely noticed the length of time it took to reach the heart of the village, and paused for a moment to scent the temperate breeze before taking a direction to travel which smelled promising of having a place that would sell his desired beverage. Another smell, of water, was perceived by his senses but he failed to understand the reason for it until the soles of his footwear were traversing a certain dark, cobbled path. Rain showered everywhere on this single alley alone, confusing the Inu slightly as to how that was possible as he hurriedly wandered along the street and inspected the shop windows. Finally he found a little café that seemed not too busy with people which, along with him wanting to get out of the wet and busy street as soon as possible, was inviting. He strode quickly to the window and peered inside to read the contents of the menu which were printed on a board upon the wall. His face lit up as he saw the words 'hot chocolate' and he almost skipped through the door on his tall limbs without a second thought, quickly glancing around for a seat. He didn't want to be the awkward loner sat on an empty table, so he looked for someone he could sit with, scratching his freshly sheared jaw thoughtfully as he looked at the several Mora faces. One man was sat alone looking expectant for whatever he had ordered to arrive and also seemed like he could do with some company so the Inu shuffled over and stood behind the chair opposite the male. "Hiya mate, mind if I sit here?" Finnlay raised a brow with his question and flashed a smile when the other looked at him. His eyes gleamed bright with his eagerness to get his hot cocoa, and to anyone else he would just look like a nice guy with a friendly face as he rested his large hands on the back frame of the furniture, waiting for permission to pull it out and lower himself onto the seat.

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Mister Nice Guy [Open]
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