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 Wouldn't It Be Nice (Charli/Open)

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Queen Haedyn

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PostSubject: Wouldn't It Be Nice (Charli/Open)   Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:39 pm

A familiar buzz set itself around her station, the tools she had mastered over time set out in a neat little row organized by use. Like always they humans would flinch during the process. Heading often found herself wishing she could drug them and make the process so much easier. An anchor on his bicep like he’d asked; it was something so simple she could have done it with her eyes closed. “Goddamn it Georgie, you’re gonna make me mess up! You always do this.” She hissed and slapped his arm and watched the human flinch while she colored in what she’d done so far. Georgie, in her mind, was a pussy. Though he had come a long way; she’d done his first tattoo and at that time he’d cried and begged her to stop. In all honesty she found the human funny and listened to his flirtations when she wasn’t needling her art into his body. He was hot, but she denied him for two reasons: 1. He was a wimp ass. 2. He was a human. Both were things she really didn’t need nor want in her life. As she finished his tattoo she took a bandage, placing it over the tender skin to make sure it wouldn’t go and get infected. “Alright you’re done. Pay up and get your ass out of here.” He always payed her more than he should and she never told him otherwise, taking the wad of twenties from his hand and counting sash closed up. The inu’s blond hair fell from it’s ponytail and down her back, the bottom layers the brightest of hot pinks. Her jeans were black and clung to her thin legs like a second skin. Her shirt was white and cut in a deep V at her chest, two safety pins forming an x and holding the pieces of fabric together before the people got a view of her lacy bra. A black leather jacket kept her from the autumn chill as she slipped it on and stretched out her arms. Ready as she’d ever be she placed her beanie on her head and walked out of the parlor, the heels of her stilettos clicking against the tile.

Whatever possessed her to go to the zoo was never found because she was too distracted by the animals. If anyone asked she wouldn’t be able to tell which animal she liked most just yet. A childish part inside her loved them all. She walked around amongst the humans, blending perfectly until she was forced to move away from a certain spot. Of course people brought their dogs to zoos and, of course, those dogs could smell her from a mile away. Heading moved from one enclosure to another followed by a symphony of barks at much of her distress. The only dog-free spot she could find was in the aquatic center, causing her to view the dolphins and seals at their careless play. While watching them she somehow found she wished to join them. More importantly she found a pressure low in her spine where her tail was begging to be free. The mora ignored the discomfort and moved on to the giraffes, watching their necks arch up at a chance to eat a few useless leaves. It wasn’t but a few minutes before she had to move on again due to you guessed it: more dogs. Heading finally found her own little sanctuary within the koi pond, sitting on the wooden dock as fish as long as her arm swam around in clusters. Many came out of the water and gulped air with open mouths, asking in their own way if any food would be present. After denying food to three of them she decided to spend a quarter for a little cup of food. She sprinkled some above the fish and watched as they scrambled to get the goods. They lost her attention after awhile due to the fact that she found herself enchanted by the ducks, letting them eat out of her hand. Heading settled to idea of spending the day there and, without any company to entertain her, she just might.
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Wouldn't It Be Nice (Charli/Open)
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