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 Mizuki Rose - Mora

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PostSubject: Mizuki Rose - Mora   Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:03 pm

How Did You Find Us?: Dominus Demetri

Name: Mizuki Rose

Race: Mora

Gender: Female

Specialization: Kitsune - Red Fox

Age: 23

Rank Requested: Herald or Learner


Primal Photo:

Appearance: With eyes of bright orange and brown, the lightest brunette hair covers her head. The Mora's bangs just about shroud her fair skinned forehead. Her hair is long enough to touch just the edge of her thighs, passing the beginning of her tail. As a Kitsune, her tail is full and very lavish, having the same length and color as her hair, excluding the tip, for it is white as snow. She never had the nerve to try and retract her tail, so Mizuki almost always wears some kind of a dress when venturing into territory other than her own. Atop her head lay matching ears. The same as her tail, her ears are brown with white tips. The features of her face and body are more feminine, grabbing any man's attention. Mizuki has long, thin legs that lets her stand at the normal 5'4 in height. This also enables her to jump and run quickly. The curve in her hips lets her move freely if she had ever needed to change the direction in her jump. Her arms are strong, being able to hold her own weight and a bit more.

In her primal form, a Red Fox, her fur is much brighter than her human hair. Oddly enough, her tail and ears are the opposite in color from human to primal form. Instead of being white tipped, they are splashed with black. The female's belly, chest, and bottom half of her muzzle are all white. Her eyes are kept the same color as before, not dulling in the least. Her body, though a red fox, is just over two feet in length and one in height. When curled up in a ball, she is about the size of two fully grown, male fists.

History: Two foxes, one male and one female, lay side-by-side on the cold, rough floor. Cries were heard throughout the cells, blood stained the ground, and two lives were made. Before the parents were mated, the female was tested and experimented on. Now, the pair have come to find that their pups were not like them, not entirely anyway. Instead of the normal 5-6 litter, there were only two. Only one was born a fox, the other, a human child. These two were both small and both held golden brown hair, thin and soft. Quick footsteps echoed through the halls as the 'cage keepers' ran to find out if the pups were alright, also if the tests were successful. Two of them grinned and jumped in glee, yet the last frowned and turned away, stomping to report their findings. It is true that one was human-like instead of a fox, holding only the traits. The female had brown fox ears with white tips and towards her legs, was a full, thick golden-brown tail that matched her ears perfectly. Seeing this, the first keeper took both born and the other took the father, leaving the female to rest.

Both were afraid, feeling jostled and bumped, not knowing that they were being taken somewhere. The kids could not yet open their eyes or clear their hearing, for they still had the fox's traits. A few minutes later, they were lain on a table. It was cold to the touch and the two began to shiver violently. Seeing this, a woman put a blanket around them both. Slowly, the female's hearing began to clear and her eyes began to open, showing bright orbs of orange with hints of brown. She involuntarily started to scream, calling for her mother or who had come out with her. The scientists started yelling at each other, making her brother whimper quietly. Suddenly, the woman who wrapped them up in the blanket came with milk from their mother. The little girl looked up to the woman and smiled as she took the empty bottle. Once they stopped their whines, the woman took them and raised them, taught the girl how to read and write while teaching the male to obey. This went on until they were the age of 9, then the tests began.

The brother was given the tag Subject 104 and the sister was Subject 105. Both were thrown into a cage like the one the two were born in. The girl tried to speak, but eventually gave up. They would both stay huddled together in the corner, the girl's tail wound around her brother. When the scientists came, she stood and didn't let them touch the young fox. The first few times, she stayed in her human form and screamed, running at the adults, eventually getting a needle to the arm. The fourth time, she got smart. As they walked to the door, she stayed still, keeping her tail around her brother. Seeing the scientists walk through the gate and begin to walk towards the two, she shifted into her fox form. 105 began to claw and hiss until they backed down, once she saw this, she shifted back and walked with them. Knowing that they would get no where with the fox boy, they tagged him and set him free, never to be seen by 105 again. The girl was devastated, for she felt as if she needed to protect him. She never tried to speak again after that, instead, she just went along with anything they told her. While the human's performed experiments, she never screamed. Tears was the closest she even got to showing pain.

At the age of 13, 105 was put in a larger area with an animal-- a dark brown German Shepherd. 105 looked at the dog, and the dog looked at her. All at once, as if in a dream, a gorgeous boy about two years older than she appeared in front of her. The dog was gone, which now made her realize that he was like her. The boy began to speak. "Hi, I'm Ren. Though my number is 107. What's your name?" She looked to the boy, stunned. 'Name?' she thought to herself. Ren, the Shepherd, stood in front of her, his long black tail wagging. His midnight locks waved gently down to his shoulder with chocolate brown ears atop his head. The boy's light blue eyes peered into hers, leaving the girl speechless. "Can you talk?" He asked her. She smiled and shook her head, glad that he was giving her a reason. She relaxed, breathing a little easier now. "Well," he continued, "since I don't know your name, how 'bout I give you one?" The girl smiled brightly, her tail wagging slightly. Glad that it made her happy, Ren smiled back. "What about... Sasha?" He asked. Pondering this name, she shook her head. 'No, no.' She thought. "No, huh?" 105 shrugged. Though she had only seen it in books, she wished to be named after the thing called the moon. The girl jumped, startling the boy. In the air, she shifted into her golden brown fox and did a circle above him. Her black fur on the edge of her tail and ears shone as a thin line. Coming down, she landed in his arms. Ren smiled down at her, not putting her down. he thought a moment on what she was trying to say. "The moon, right?" He thought again, still holding her. "What about Mizuki? It's a Japanese name meaning 'beautiful moon.'" He asked, hopeful. She shifted back into her small human form, still in his arms and hugged him, excited that she has a name. He laughed. "Mizuki it is then."

~5 months time lapse~

Waking in the night to the stinging cold of the floor, she felt around for something warm. Finding Ren, she cuddled against him. She felt his breath rush down her neck, causing goose bumps to rise across her arm. Slowly, his arm was wrapped around her and she fell back to sleep once more. Shadows danced across the walls, footsteps clattered on the ground, echoing throughout the cells. Both Ren and Mizuki slept soundly, not knowing what was to come. Everything seemed to stop as the two keepers came to their cell. Hesitant to open the cage door, the keeper looked to the other. Confirming that it was necessary to separate the two, the first continued. Dropping the keys, the keeper cursed, awakening the Inu that lay in the cell. His ears flicked to the door as the keeper got a hold of the keys and slid it into the hole. Ren's tail shifted as he nudged the female. Her eyes just barely opened before she heard the cage opening as well. "They are here for us." Ren whispered. "I'll distract the one coming in, you get the one behind him." He rushed out other words. "We'll lock them in and escape together." She nodded at these words, trying to fight back a yawn. As the keepers inched their way in, Ren shifted, causing them both to jump. Mizuki curled into a ball and jumped high in the air, barely touching the top of the cage. Shifting into her fox form, she landed on her target, the second keeper. She heard two barks behind her, 'Ren.' She thought as she bit into the nose of the human. The human turned, smacking Mizuki into the cage door. She yelped in pain though she never let up, her white fur was stained slightly red at the blood from the human nose. Her tail whipped violently, slamming into his face, sometimes whacking into his eye. Together, Mizuki and Ren worked to turn the keepers around. Eventually, the two Mora were on the side with the door and the keepers were fully in the cage. Ren barked once, signalling that it was time to go. The girl jumped from the human's face, onto the ground. Before she could shift back, Ren had already closed the gate, locked the door and grabbed Mizuki, hauling her to the front entrance. "I can get us out of here." He whispered, sniffing the air. "I can smell their stench, as well as the plants outside." She looked up at him, his blue eyes strained to see the floor that was painted jet black in the coolness of the night. 

Reaching the exit, Ren ran as fast as he could, knowing Mizuki wasn't as fast as he. Running to a forest and dashing deep into its mouth, Ren stopped, gasping for air. Mizuki jumped from his hold and shifted into her human shell. "Don't force yourself." She whispered to him, her sweet voice finally making its way into his ears. "So, you can talk." Mizuki was just about to answer when the boy dropped to the ground in pain. "Let's find some shelter." She quickly searched for something to sleep under when she somehow remembered that foxes dig dens to sleep in. She grinned at him as she shifted. "I have an idea." She murmured. Racking the dirt with her claws, she slowly started making a hole, soon it became big enough for only one human to sleep in. Tired, she motioned for him to crawl in. As he began to slug into the freshly made den, Mizuki's ears perked, hearing something in the distance. She quickly scooted her way in, curling into a ball on Ren's chest to wait for whatever was to come.

Footsteps, the same as before though louder and more clumsy, came rambling on. The keepers checked the forest, yet they never once checked the den they passed. The two kept their mouths shut, knowing that the keepers couldn't be far from where they both lay. Hours went by and soon the keepers left, a bit disappointed that they couldn't find the test subjects. Mizuki let one more hour go by before she crawled out. "That was a close one," Ren sighed as his head popped out of the hole, "...and why didn't you ever talk to me before?" He asked her, his body following suit. Nodding, Mizuki didn't especially wish to talk, but she realized that she must. "I was afraid." She simply replied as she shifted back into her human form. "Ok?" "Afraid? There is no need to be afraid." He whispered, trying to comfort her. "For your voice... It's softer than a cloud, even sweeter than honey. I'm glad I was able to hear it." He smiled, causing Mizuki to blush a bright shade of pink. Turning her back on the Inu, she walked off. "I'm going to find some wood!" She yelled behind her. Ten minutes or so passed before she finally had enough decent wood for a fire. Coming back to the den, she saw that their footsteps had been erased. "Ren?" She wandered over towards the dirt hole. Finding no trace of him, she dropped every piece of wood she gathered. "Ren!" Mizuki yelled. She searched all night, tried to find his scent, but instead came back with her head held low and tears to show that she had failed. He was indeed, gone. The Kitsune traveled on, trying her hardest to avoid all towns, eventually, she needed food but had no clothes to wear so that she could cover her ears and tail. Plus, she was broke, having only lived in a cell. Because of this, she became a thief, stealing a dress woven with silk and a hat of a nobleman. The hat's top was a grayish white with red trim gently stitched on the bottom, while the dress itself was a combination of blues, blacks, and reds. On the skirt of the dress lay a midnight black color, barely covering the sight of her tail. The top is a long sleeved, blue blouse, a black vest to rest upon it. Finally, tying it all together, a red, silk belt. From there, she traveled on, stealing things she needed while searching for a new life.

Joining Keys: The joining keys have been hidden for the fairness of others ~Queen Willow

Example Post:The years ran by her, quickly and smoothly, while her emotions ran dry. It's been 10 years since Ren suddenly vanished. Mizuki, being at the age of 23 was now a grown woman. The Kitsune Mora ventured from town to town, searching for something to do. Walking in each town, the men eye-balled the back of her skirt when they couldn't see her face. She always kept walking though, not a care in a world. At least, not a care for them. Eventually, she became thirsty and searched the town for a bar or something. Finding nothing of the source, she was forced to ask someone. From that point on, things just seemed to worsen.

Her golden browns searched for eyes that were not connected to a lawling tongue for she had no interest in pigs. As she passed by a group of seven hooded men, she thought she saw something, a tail perhaps. Instinctively, she dismissed it and kept walking. Coming to a darker corner, she decided to shift, hoping that someone would actually give a damn about a stray fox. Trotting from door to door, she waited for anyone to come with water. Nothing. As she came to that same group, some idiot elected to pick her up and tease her with a fish. 'I am no cat, asshole.' Mizuki thought as she craned her head to look at the person holding her. 'A cat?!' She saw his dark grey tail behind him, flicking uncontrollably. Looking at the faces of the rest of the boys, she saw that each of them had something special. Two were cats, twins actually, next to them stood a Kitsune. 'A fox?! How could you stand to watch this?' Mizuki growled at him causing him to back away, his tail between his legs, obviously confused and kind of afraid. One smelled of wolf blood. 'What are you?' She thought to herself, her head tilted as her big orange-brown eyes scanned him. She eventually gave up and moved on. Mizuki looked to the others, wishing that she could return to her human form, though knew it was a bad idea. Two seemed normal, like humans, though they smelled of birds. This too confused her, even so, she looked to the last. In the middle, the one watching with a toothy grin on his face, was where the leader stood. This one was a vampire, fangs and all. He was amused by this and seemed to want more. 'You think this is funny?' The fox barked at the one holding her, startling him. He grabbed her scruff, thinking she couldn't turn around, but instead he only made it harder--not impossible. He began to stroke her rump, down to her tail. Peeved that a man she didn't know was touch her, she raised her hindquarters, extending her toes as far as she could. Using her flexibility to her advantage, she curled her back claws and started scratching the top of the Neko's hand that held her fur. Laughter ran throughout, while stings of pain lay on top, sprinkling the cake of idiocy. Sooner than later, she attached herself to the man's arm, making him yelp in pain as her claws dug their way into his skin. Needles felt better than those claws. As his grip loosened, she jumped from face to face, eventually jumping to the ground. As she turned to look back at them, who were still in shock of what happened, she held her tail up high and ran off, ditching those putrid men. From then on, she never wanted anything to do with men again.
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Mizuki Rose - Mora
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