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 Aiden(Done) - Mora

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Maston Aiden
Maston Aiden

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PostSubject: Aiden(Done) - Mora    Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:01 am

Name: Aiden Thayer

Nickname: None though he does not like his last name

Age: 80 yrs | Appears mid 20's

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Pianist

Appearance: Aiden is tall and lean with a slim build. He has what most would call a swimmer’s body. It is not heavily muscled but he has long, muscled legs and broad shoulders and a tall frame, enabling him to easily be agile and lithe and move fast. His hair does not stay the same. It’s thick but quite rough. Sometimes it’s spiked up. Other times, it’s messy at the front and overall, carelessly ruffled. His natural hair colour is jet black but it ranges to dark brown to dirty blonde as he changes it up at times on pure whim. He has a handsome face with intense gold eyes and a brooding stare that could kill. Though, his features are not what one would call traditional. They are angular but still masculine and well-defined.  

As a Manx cat, he has a coat of silver-grey. There are sprinkles of white that are dispersed within the grey. There is a pattern of black stripes that go across his legs on the outside and down his sides, interspersing with the grey shades in his coat. There is one black stripe that goes down his spine and goes up his neck, fading into the fur at the top of his head. There are a couple of unusual qualities about him. Most noticeably, his tail and his legs. He has a black stump that hangs slightly over his rump but no tail. It looks like a square. It’s a natural mutation. He also has hind legs that are longer than his forelegs.  His head is round, with large round eyes that are vivid gold and a few black stripes that go down his face between his eyes. He has a thick coat that is coarse and as rough as his hair. The length of his legs causes his rump to rise and give his body an arch and he has a broad chest with sloping shoulders.    

Human Photo:

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Maston

Specialization: Shifts into a Manx cat

Primal Form Photo:  

Height: 1.82 | 13 inches

Weight: 160 lb| 12 lb

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Black

Identifying Marks: None

Face Claim: Wade Poezyn

Personality: Very quiet person but altogether polite and curt. He can smile when he needs to. Smile when it’s common courtesy but a real smile? Very uncommon. Aiden holds his cards close to his chest but at the same time, seems to have a devil-may-care attitude to a lot of things. As in, he does what he wants for his own reasons. And few, if any, know those reasons. But when he does care, it shows. He does not care what other people think of him or what he does and is somewhat of a very private soul. He can sometimes be very, very serious and has a very sadistic sense of humour. But he has a softer side that he expresses through his music and can be very protective and caring towards those that do get close to him.  

-Playing the guitar
-Playing the piano
-Listening to music
-Sitting in trees

-Sound of lawnmowers
-Hot weather
-Taking photos
-Cat Food

-Leaning back on a chair (if he’s on one) when he’s bored
-Putting his hands in his jacket pockets
-Playing with yarns of ball or any ball that he can toss around in his hands
-Scratching his ears
-Skipping two steps on stair-cases when he's walking up      
-Knocking twice on the doors of strangers
-Tapping his fingers on his knee when he's thinking of songs to play
-Knocking on holes to check for squirrels in trees when he's near trees
-Peeling orange skins slowly and in even peels  
-Pacing wordlessly when he's deep in thought
-Testing out pianos when they're around  
-Eating the crust off bread

Aiden grew up as an adopted son to a human mother in a musical home. His mother was a musician who taught him how to play a variety of instruments. Drums, violin, guitar, even the piano. His favourite was the guitar and the piano. He thought of her as his real mother. He never knew his real father or mother. Her mother’s last name was Thayer so he always thought that was his last name. Aiden always knew there was something strange about his “mother” at a young age. He had cat ears and a stub for a tail for one thing. And his mother had brown hair and brown eyes. As he grew up and he started asking questions about his father, his mother would tell him the same story but try to change the subject as quickly as possible. Still, Aiden loved his mother as if she was his real mother as she had cared for him as she would have if he was her real son. He never asked though he often wondered. At times, he would pick up stray cats that would wandering around and pick them up, talking to them to see if they would talk back. When they didn’t, he would let them go. Once, he found an orange tabby kitten which had lost one eye. He brought it back home and adopted it, naming it One-Eye. At the same time, he began to take an interest in break-dancing as one of his friends, Wyatt, was interested in it and they formed a break-dancing crew with a couple of their other friends who were interested in the same thing. Aiden fell in love with a fox Mora, a girl who was in the same break-dancing crew as him. Her name was Mia. Unfortunately, Mia was in love with someone else from another crew that Aiden’s crew often fought with in break-dancing battles. A guy called Ryan. The battles were usually out in open areas where there was plenty of space and after midnight so that there wouldn’t be anyone around. Empty parking lots, train plat-forms, outside shopping centres, areas in the city. Construction sites. Aiden tried everything he could to win Mia’s heart. Writing a song and playing her favourite songs on his guitar for her. Showing her his best moves. Teaching her some moves. But Mia’s eyes were only for Ryan. Eventually, Aiden’s jealousy got the best of him and manifested when the two crews met for a dance battle the next time. When they competed in a dance off to show each other who the better break-dancer was, Ryan ended up kicking him in the face as he did a head-spin. It was an accident but Aiden let his anger get the better of him. It was a full-out brawl with punching, kicking, throwing and shoving. They ended up on the ground, wrestling with each other and punching each other. Ryan whipped out a knife from his jacket, slashing Aiden’s arm down to the tendon and then stabbed him in the chest down to the hilt. Wyatt pulled him off and dragged Ryan to his feet, punching him before throwing him to his crew members. Wyatt, along with a couple of other crew members and Mia, helped him get to the hospital. By the time he got there he’d almost passed out. The doctors managed to save him but he had a long period of time where he stayed at the hospital.  
Mia broke up with Ryan during that time, seeing how he had tried to kill Aiden. After he was released from the hospital Wyatt took him to a bar to celebrate. But Aiden had too much to drink. He ended up challenging Wyatt to a drag race. Wyatt, who was also drunk, accepted it. They had both come on motorbikes so they ended up driving those and roaring through the streets. Wanting to win, Aiden cut ahead of Wyatt, almost crashing into him on purpose. Wyatt ended up having to swerve and crashed into a nearby parked car which killed him as he crashed into it headfirst, breaking his neck and getting pierced through the heart by a piece of lose metal that had been sticking out of the car. Aiden ran a red light, narrowly missing hitting a car but did not see the other car that drove in front on the street in front of him. Aiden slammed on the brakes, swerving to the left and managed to keep it upright. He stumbled off, letting the bike drop to the ground with a loud crash. There were already people surrounding Wyatt. He heard the wail of the ambulance. Someone had called the hospital. Aiden staggered past the people, dropping to his knees in front of Wyatt staring at him. The ambulance arrived but it was way too late. Wyatt was dead. Aiden was haunted by nightmares from that day on. Guilt consumed him. Even though the others kept on saying it was not his fault he knew it was. Aiden never visited Wyatt’s grave-stone. He thought he didn’t deserve to. During this time, Ryan was transferred to the same school as Aiden. Ryan was a loose cannon at this point. He did not take Mia’s rejection well. Aiden was confronted by Ryan many times throughout the school year, trying to instigate fights with him and provoke him into attacking him. Aiden ignored him, calling his bluff even when he threatened that he’d break his legs if he didn’t. Then one day, while he was in math class, Ryan threw a text-book at him. When Aiden didn’t react, Ryan went over to him and pushed him out of his chair so hard he toppled out of a nearby window which was wide open. Aiden almost fell out as he’d fallen head-first out but he managed to stop himself and pull himself back inside. Ryan grabbed him and shoved him out again so that his head was sticking out, holding him by his jacket lapels. He then laughed at him and told him that he killed his own mother when he was born and he was a giant disappointment. Aiden saw red. He elbowed him in the face, punching him in the stomach once his grip was loosened and tackled him. They ended up on the floor, over-turning tables and chairs and Aiden ended up breaking his jaw as he pummeled him relentlessly with his fists. They were both kicked out of school as Ryan’s father was the one who funded the school’s existence by pouring money into its infrastructure, facilities and programs. Ryan had kept all of it a secret. His father convinced the principal to suspend him from school. When his mother got the suspension letter in the mail-box she screamed at him and called him every name under the sun. When she hit him out of anger, he punched her out of sheer rage breaking her rib. Horrified at himself, Aiden called the hospital and reached down to help her up but she pushed him away, calling him a monster. Hurt, Aiden backed away and ran away. He wandered the streets in his cat form, scaring passer-bys by jumping out at them and hissing at them and was soon joined by his pet cat, One-Eye, who had followed his owner to see where he was going. Aiden turned back to a human and picked him up, telling him that they were going to go see Mia.  

When he got to Mia’s house, Mia told him that she wasn’t allowed to see him anymore. Angry, Aiden tried to shove his way inside the house but was confronted with Mia’s father who pointed a sword at his throat, telling him to stay away from his daughter. Aiden backed off but told Mia that he’d been suspended for fighting. Mia’s father slammed the door in his face. After throwing a rock through the window of their house, he made way for the home of another friend. But on the way, he was confronted by Ryan. Ryan shoved him. Aiden warned him that if he did it again, he would break his neck. Ryan made to shove him again. The second he did, Aiden grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, kicking his leg out from under him and put one knee on his back. He wrapped his arm around Ryan’s neck and hissed that he was lucky Aiden wasn’t a killer. Unfortunately, Ryan’s father had been in a car up ahead and shot him with a tranquilizer gun in the neck. The effects were instant. Aiden staggered off, his vision blurring and dropped to the ground. One-Eye tried to attack Ryan, Ryan kicked the cat so hard that he broke the cat’s ribs and sent him on the street. The last thing Aiden saw before he passed out was a car heading straight for One-Eye. When he woke up he was lying tied to a chair at dinner table with a man sitting across the table from him. Beside him was Ryan. The man was Ryan’s dad. It turned out, Ryan’s dad was his biological dad and he’d sold him to Aiden’s adopted mother. Aiden stared at his father, stunned. He demanded to know why he had kidnapped him.

His dad told him he did not want him because he reminded him of his mother who had left him as soon as Aiden was born and his dad hated his mother. With that, any love Aiden would have had for his father died then and there. Aiden asked him what he wanted to do with him. His father told him that he only had room for one son. Ryan had been a product of a woman he had an affair with while Aiden was a baby. His father untied Aiden and reached under the table, bringing two swords from under the table and throwing them both a sword each and told them to fight it out. The winner would be the one he considered as a son. Aiden stepped aside, letting the sword fall and laughed and said he was crazy if he thought Aiden would do this but Ryan was eager to prove he was worthy. As Aiden picked up the sword to throw it back to his father Ryan attacked him and Aiden had no choice but to defend himself. Aiden had never sword-fought in his life but he was quick on his feet. Quicker than Ryan and more agile. It seemed Ryan had never fought with a sword in his life too. Aiden managed to defend himself. He tried to reason with Ryan, telling him that he didn’t need to do this. Ryan kept on attacking though. Aiden threw caution to the winds and tackled Ryan. They ended up on the floor but Ryan’s sword had gone straight through his chest, out the other end. Aiden managed to cut Ryan’s sword hand off through in the tackle by slashing through his wrist. It looked like Ryan had won but Aiden picked up Ryan’s sword and threw it at his father’s throat, killing him. Ryan screamed in rage, stumbling to his father. Aiden staggered out the door onto the pathway where he collapsed. At that moment, Mia showed up. She’d snuck out, disobeying her father after seeing Ryan and his father loading him into the car and transformed into her dog form, following Aiden’s scent. She had called the police and the hospital, directing them to the house. Aiden recovered and made amends with his mother as well. And he finally went to see Wyatt’s grave with Mia. Mia had also convinced her father to give Aiden a chance. Her father agreed on the condition that if he was kicked out of school she’d have to stop seeing him. Aiden was let back into the school when the suspension period was over. He also began to learn how to fight hand-to-hand fighting from one of his friends in the break-dancing crew, who was trained in various forms of combat hand-to-hand fighting and finished school without anymore problems. He took on a number of odd jobs, including grave-yard worker and pearl diver until he finally managed to find some work as a pianist composing music for musicians and playing music in concert halls. But his relationship with Mia fell apart as they both went their separate ways. Mia had to move out of the city and he never saw her again.    

Father: Joseph Thayer| Status: Dead

Unknown | Status: Missing
Adoptive mother (Mina)| Status: Alive

Siblings: Ryan Thayer (Half-brother) | Status: Alive

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Through Age of Wolves  
What Would You Like To Be Called? Aiden is fine
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of wolves
What Characters Do You Play? Apprentice Icarus, Apprentice Renier, Elite Tye  
How Long Have You Been RPing? A long time
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Warrior Darius, Epror Niko
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yep

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Rex Edaelion
Rex Edaelion

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden(Done) - Mora    Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:46 am

I know this is just a WIP, but please fill these below:

- Provide his full name. -

- Mora have only been around for 100 yrs max, not 120. Though it is preferred that he be younger than the Queen. -

- Eyes cannot change colours through human/primal, they can only be one colour. -

- Please answer who you are on Age and how you found Lunari Addunt. -

M Y - C H A R A C T E R S
Rex Edaelion - Brigadier Nikolai - Knight Leviticus

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden(Done) - Mora    Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:36 am

You are missing ONE Joining Key. Please look through the rules again to find it.
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Maston Aiden
Maston Aiden

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden(Done) - Mora    Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:41 pm

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden(Done) - Mora    Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:59 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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PostSubject: Re: Aiden(Done) - Mora    

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Aiden(Done) - Mora
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