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 Roman Ranes - Mora

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Maston Roman
Maston Roman

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PostSubject: Roman Ranes - Mora   Roman Ranes - Mora Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2014 7:52 pm

Name: Roman Ryder Ranes

Nickname: Ramon or Ray

Age: 69 years old | Roughly 24 years old

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Bouncer

Appearance: Many would doubt his abilities as a bouncer for his smaller, or more so, average stature. He is not a very large male, doesn't seem very strong either. But beneath his dashing brown eyes, thick brown hair, and minimalistic facial hair, he is stronger than he seems. He has a total of thirteen tattoos, but going over each would take far too long to explain. Each time he goes through something in his life, he adds a new tattoo that shows the effect the event had on him. Many times he goes out into public, he wears a hat, bandana, or something which hides his ears. He is not ashamed, just tired of getting the looks. Luckily for him, his tail is a little nub, which makes it easy to hide in his pants.

In his primal form, he stands at 27.5 inches from paw to shoulder. Most of his body is black. His coat is very short, giving it an almost glistening look to it in the sunlight. He has tan accents around his muzzle, it starts below his nose and travels along the sides or it until it fades to black. He has tan circles above his eyes and on his cheeks. His paws to the under portions of his legs are also tan. He has two large patches on his chest which are also tan. His tail has been docked since he was a young pup, leaving him with a happy little nub, as standard to his breed. His eyes are about the same color as when he is in his Inu form.

Human Photo:

Roman Ranes - Mora 50ncq

Roman Ranes - Mora Bezuh

Roman Ranes - Mora Z5v9

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Maston

Specialization: Shifts into Doberman Pinscher

Primal Form Photo:

Roman Ranes - Mora B0to

Roman Ranes - Mora 0iix

Roman Ranes - Mora 6qsx

Height: 6' 0" | 27.5"

Weight: 175 lbs | 85 lbs

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Hair Color: Brown | Black with Tan accents

Identifying Marks: 13 Tattoos | None

Face Claim: Johnny Depp

Personality: Charismatic. Spontaneous. Rebellious. Those are just a few words which describe him to a T. Roman loves to meet new people, he guesses it is the Doberman in him. He loves to meet new faces and see new things. If you ever find yourself bored, I suggest you go seek out this rogue male as he always finds the best things to do in his every day life. One day he might want to go to the casino, win big and blow all his money on a grand time. The next day he might decide to go base jumping. With Roman, you can never expect what he is going to do next. You could try to guess, but you will be wrong more times than not. Rebellion runs through his blood like nothing ever before. If the "man" tells him no, he does it. Though, do not get this confused with loyalty. If you have earned his respect, then he will respect your wishes. He follows the right leaders, passing his judgement on those who deserve to lead and others who just try and force their ways on others. He takes a while to trust others. He is very common to one night stands, just having fun for the moment and not worrying about the empty bed you wake in the next morning. Commitment is a big word and it comes with a whole lot of feelings, these are things he may have issues with, as he is not completely sure himself if he could do it. But for the special girl, he will definitely try.


  • Females - Mora/Human/Shifter - Any and all
  • Cigarettes - They are my life force
  • Alcohol - It is delicious and makes everything much funner
  • Summertime - That means babes, bikinis, and beer!
  • Work - My job is fun as hell!
  • Cards - They can be a fun game and I never lose, which makes getting Denari pretty easy..
  • Denari - They say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a shit ton of boose and cigarettes... That may the closest thing to happiness..


  • Liars - Don't talk to me..
  • No Smoking Signs - I normally don't listen to them anyway..
  • Mail Men - I know someone has to deliver the post, but seriously, they are just ridiculous!
  • Dog Catcher - Annoying piece of crap!
  • "Cat People" - Those who claim cats are the superior species... Sorry but can your cat do what I can do? No lady, they cannot!
  • Foolish people - If you are not very intelligent, don't waste your time trying to get me to like you.

Habits: Many people call smoking an addiction, but to Roman, it's only a habit. He could stop if he so wished it, but he doesn't want to stop. More times than not, you can see a cigarette hanging between his lips. He has a knack for breaking laws. He does it so often, you could call it a habit. He rarely gets nervous, but when he does, he will try and get away from the situation as soon as possible. It is very hard to make him nervous, but if you see it, you will understand how much he hates it. Drinking is another "habit" which he is not "addicted" to, but depends on it almost daily. Without the use of alcohol, he is not very calm or relaxed. He seems on edge without the refreshing taste of hops and wheat resting in his mouth. Another habit he has is carrying around an old deck of cards. Due to his spontaneous nature, he never really knows when he will have the chance to make a quick buck here and there. He loves to gamble, which is another habit/addiction. He rarely puts his hands in his pockets, that is, unless he is looking for his lighter or cigarettes.

History: To begin the story of Roman, one must know the tale of his parents and how they came to be. The old man, known to the world as "Max" roamed the city streets in his Doberman form. He lived with the homeless and the people who were ran down on their luck. He shared their food and their shelters with little to give them back. He gave them no protection, while used them like a parasite, living off their kind and caring nature. He was a convict, having escaped from the local pound numerous times, though the humans could never figure out how he did it. Through his time locked up and on the streets, Maxwell started to make a name of himself. Females all over the dog kingdom adored him, while female Inus fawned over him. He was considered to be "the perfect mate", handsome with a side of bad boy. He had every intention of keeping his leash and responsibility free run of life. That was until he saw the most beautiful female Inu he had ever seen. Lucinda was her name and she had been a "house pet" to a very rich and notable human family. Though she never showed then her true form, she often did it in private. During the day, the man of the house went off to work, while the female stayed home and cleaned the house. Lucinda was allowed to move from the house to the yard freely, with the use of the doggie door. While inside, she was the perfect pet, never did anything wrong and outside she revealed her true form to two other males she trusted more than anyone. Rusty and William, a Great Dane Inu and Schnauzer Inu. Both males were also "pets" in their respective homes, but saw no joy in being an average Inu. They enjoyed the pet life and would frequent Lucinda's yard to visit her. On this particular day, Maxwell had strolled into the neighborhood, looking for a new place to get some free food from. Rich developments were known to showcase the best in garbage. The wealthy wasted everything they owned. Walking by the yard of the Darling family, Maxwell heard the voices of three dogs. From their scents he could tell they were not feral. He drew close to the fence and spied on them. Immediately he was drawn to Lucinda.

He quickly approached the group, alerting Rusty and William to the intruder. They snarled and bared their fangs, while all Max could do was stare at Lucinda. He spoke some slick words her way, the first she had ever heard of the kind from a male. Instantly she was drawn to his wit and his words, and she moved to be closer to him. Somehow the silver-tongued devil was able to lure the little princess from her cushion pillow and milk-bone life to take a stroll on the wild side with him. They played their hands against fate, running from the police, being chased by large and vicious reptiles and you name the rest. In the end, Lucinda was falling for him and it was all up to Maxwell to seal the deal. With the promise of young, he could secure a spot in the cozy life or a fluffy pet. And he used this as a way to get to her heart. He told her everything she wanted to hear. He told her he would give her the moon and stars, that they would be together forever. It was in that night, under the open moonlit skyline, that Maxwell took her to be his own, but only for the night. In days to come, she discovered she was pregnant, and no longer did he want to live the wealthy life, he just wanted the money for himself. Once he was accepted into her home, he went straight to work, looking for jewels and things he could pawn for riches. Lucinda discovered this, and kicked him out. She felt heart-broken by it all, but still carried his pups within her.

Less than two months time, she gave birth to five young. It was rare for an Inu to do such a feat, but with the human and animal genetics, she was able to push through it. When her humans discovered she was an Inu, they were shocked, but soon accepted her and her young. The babies were gorgeous. Most of them looked like their mother, all but one. She would come to name them Roman, Chase, Blake, Jay, and last but not least, Breanna. They grew up quickly, learning the ropes to living as both Inus and humans. They never met their father... Not until they were sixteen years old. Roman had been tossing a football to his younger brother, Chase. They played in the yard as a drunken male wearing a fedora stumbled closer to their home. Ramon stopped the laughter which came from his face, holding tight to the ball as the stranger approached them. "Chase, go inside.." he said as he stared to the unwelcome guest. Chase walked to the front door, listening to his brother as he looked to the stranger one last time. "I don't know who you are, but you probably should not be around here." The drunk tipped the front of his hat back, exposing his face to the young lad. "Lad, that's no way to talk to yer father... Not after all these years.." Before Ramon could say anything, his mother and the other siblings came running out of the house. "Get out of here Max! You are not welcome here!" Lucinda yelled at him, shaking her fist in the air. The other pups looked between the fight of them both, while Ramon kept his eyes on his "father". He was the only one to see the smooth actions of the inebriated fool. Quickly, he pulled a handgun from the depths of his coat and pointed it straight at Lucinda. Before anyone could do anything, his finger pulled the trigger and fired a round right at her, hitting her in the chest, directly above the heart. "Mom! No!" he shouted as he lunged and knocked the gun from his hand. He and the drunk stumbled to the ground, rolling for control of the gun. Roman finally got the gun from his dad and got onto his feet. He stared at the loser father on the ground, pointing the weapon at his face. But Maxwell had been so drunk, he began hysterically laughing. In his moment of laughter, he paused to look at his largest son, "why so serious boy?" Shaking his hand, he tried to stay still as the tears started to build in his eyes. "Ramon, don't do it! You'll be just as bad as him.." said the soft voice of his sister, Breanna. Ramon lowered the gun, looking to his dad. "Get out of here and never return." Slowly the male stood to his feet and moved from their property. Lucinda had died instantly, due to losing too much blood.

On a windy October day, they young children buried their own mother. As the eulogies were read, and the tears were shed, her coffin was lowered into the ground. One by one each child threw a handful of dirt into the ground. Ramon swore he would avenge his mother, the sweetest dog in the whole world. As he tossed his handful to the ground, he looked to his humans and gave them a single nod. On top of his head, rested the fedora of his father. It was a reminder, for him to follow the scent and eventually enact his revenge as he planned for many years. That was the last night he lived with the humans. Little did he know Chase had blamed him for the death of his mother, and wanted him to shoot Maxwell. But Chase never got the chance to voice this to his brother. In only a few short months, Roman disappeared from their quaint little town. As he grew older, he found himself getting into a lot of trouble. Perhaps the want for danger was genetically passed on from his father? Or was Ramon just acting as a young and wild male? He was unsure, but did what he wanted whenever he wanted. He even tricked college kids he was their age, drinking their booze, smoking their illicit drugs, and doing anything he could to be like them. He broke many hearts, moving from town to town. He learned some tricks to keep himself occupied. He played with cards, running people for their money. He played billiards, defeating everyone as the undefeated pool shark. Anything he could do to gain some free cash, he would do it.

Father: Maxwell Stephan Ranes | Status: Alive - Unfortunately

Mother: Lucinda Annabelle Stark-Ranes | Status: Dead - Killed by my bastard father

Chase Ranes | Status: Alive - Possibly... maybe... I don't really know...
Blake Ranes | Status: Alive
Jay Ranes | Status: Alive
Breanna Ranes | Status: Alive

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: None

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Co-Owner
What Would You Like To Be Called?  Roman
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Lots
What Characters Do You Play? Lots
How Long Have You Been RPing? About a year
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Alpha Lucian & Rex Diallo
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes
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Maston Roman
Maston Roman

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PostSubject: Re: Roman Ranes - Mora   Roman Ranes - Mora Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 9:37 pm

Finally, Ramon is completed...

Roman Ranes - Mora Ssu0y

Other Characters: Alpha Lucian & Rex Diallo
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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Roman Ranes - Mora   Roman Ranes - Mora Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 9:43 pm


Roman Ranes - Mora Ueud

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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PostSubject: Re: Roman Ranes - Mora   Roman Ranes - Mora Icon_minitime

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Roman Ranes - Mora
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