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 Connor James - Mora

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PostSubject: Connor James - Mora   Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:46 pm

Name: Connor Lee 'Stiles' James

Nickname: Vixin enjoys calling me ConMan in OOC xD But I don't care really.

Age: 82 Years | 21 Years

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Currently employed at a guitar store.

Appearance: As a cat, his body is entirely black but the few rings on his tail, his front paws, some of his face and the diamond-like shape on his chest which is white. Both in human and cat form he has olive green eyes with a hazel starburst towards the right. Around his neck is a locket he received from his long lost mother before the experimentation. When in human-form, he stands to be "6,1ft" and weighs almost 178 pounds. Connor has a thick, short cut hairstyle with thick strands of either black or dark brown that reach just the edge of his jawbone. Down his back is a rigid scar thanks to the scientists that worked on him and upon his right hipbone is a tattoo in letters IGNITE, purposely done for the meaning of his Queen. Across his arms lay several tattoos too, but known as meaningful as the one on his hip. He also has a lip piercing at the left side of his bottom lip.

Human Photo:

Race Requested: Mora

Rank Requested: Whatever the Queen prefers.

Specialization: Ability to shift from a human to a tuxedo tom cat.

Primal Form Photo:

Height: "6ft,1in." | "15in."

Weight: 178lbs | 12lbs

Eye Color: Olive green with a hazel star-burst.

Hair Color: Dark Brown | Black and White

Identifying Marks: Jagged scar starting at the nap of his neck towards the center of his back, tattoos over his arms, and lip-piercing. | White diamond patch of fur over his chest, hazel sun-burst in his eyes.

Face Claim: Logan Lerman

Personality: Connor is more of the stand-offish type, he considers himself as an independent man, easy and negotiable to work with at times depending on how straight-forward the other may be. When gotten to know better - since he is hard at trusting others due to the past - he opens up a lot easier, and is a trusting, loyal Neko to his own extent. To his Queen, he would do almost anything, though it does not mean he is necessarily 'whipped', it just means he cared almost too much for her, and loves her with all of his heart's content. With the help of her being in the passed, his loyalty out-weighs almost anyone to believe, so when it comes to him saying. 'my words are true', he means it. Connor is honest, hard-headed and doesn't care about the names of which he was called in his past. Everything that matters to him was finding, Willow, and asides from the humorous stud he is, Connor always finds something to smile about at the end of the day, whether it was nice weather, or he got to spend some quality time with his Queen.

- Playing guitar    
- Watching movies in the dark
- Adventuring/Exercising
- Spending time with Willow, his queen.
- Doodling
- Riding his horse.

- Peanut butter
- Being touched by other people
- Disrespect
- Scientists
- Being called small or weak because he's part cat.
- Doubting himself
- Needles
- Ice cream with fruit in it.
- "Here kitty kitty kitty" and other cat calls.

History: Rain showered down on the dark town below. A frequent flash of lightning and flicker of a streetlight only to lighten the brick roads. Water flashed off the cement as a woman carrying an infant sprinted passed, only a hood to hide her beaten face. The tired baby whined, struggling to get free from her arms. Her husband, a drunk and arrogant man with little control of his actions abused her to the point of death after knowing she was to give birth to a new born boy. Blinded by stupidity, the woman stayed with him and nine months later, she went into labor. That night when her husband went out to the bar, she escaped with the baby boy for his own life. The light above shown bright, glowing the side of her features as she came to a halt at set of large double doors. Knocking twice, she quickly kissed her child's forehead as she lied him down onto the 'Welcome' mat. A tear ran down the side of her cheek as she whispered into his ear. "Goodbye, Connor. I love you..." The mother scribbled a small note, taking off her locket and wrapping it around his neck before she disappeared into the night. One of the double doors creaked open, a wrinkly face behind a set of bifocals followed by a thin silhouette came out from behind them to see the baby lying on her doorstep. She gasped as she quickly took the boy into her arms as she looked into the streets for who had come by. But no one was there...

Connor grew in a boy's home surrounded by ten other boys he believed were his true brothers. He was too young at the time to understand, but once he turned the age of five, Mrs. James, the woman in charge of the boy's home told him that his mother took him here. He asked why, but she never gave him an answer in return. His 'brothers' picked on him for being the youngest and calling him strange all because he shared different interests. The boy was strange though, instead of playing with action figures or video games he would spend his time drawing animals and listening to music in his room. Word spreads like wildfire the small remote town, rumors and common talk would consist of the same things over and over again speaking of strange experimentations done with house pets and human DNA swapping. Mrs. James had told the boys who understood that it was nothing but profound lies. As for the younger ones like Connor, she didn't bother.

A few months later, the boy's home receives an unexpected visit with men wearing uniforms barged through and into the rooms in search for the children. Connor and his roommate, Michael were the first to be found given the fact they were younger and put on the lower floor closer to Mrs. James's bedroom. He screamed in agony as one of the strange men yanked him by the arms outside. Connor kicked and struggled with all his might but it was no use. He could hear Mrs. James inside screaming to let them go and tell them to stop as well as the others trying to make an escape. His hands were tied, his mouth was taped shut and he was thrown into the back of a white van, hitting his head off the side causing him to knock out.

He woke up in a cage surrounded by one hundred more cages. Putrid fumes swirled in his breathing pace making him gag in the process of inhaling. Tear streams stained the sides of his cheeks. Across his cage he saw a thin cat with fur covered in many colors laying on its side and in the other next to it he saw a Siberian Husky laying up against the cage bars. Connor's eyes moved down the rows of barred boxes, seeing more and more house animals from Chihuahuas to Siamese cats to foxes. He looked back to the calico cat across from him, craning his neck so take a better look for it appeared unmoving. Just when he started to try and escape, a man came around the corner with a ballet and pen. Connor scooted to the back of his cage, tucking his legs close to his chest as he watched him. The scientist studied him for a few moments and wrote something Connor could not see. "Who are you and why am I here? Where are my brothers!?" The boy balled his fist, yelling as loud as he could at the man. Looking up from the notes, the scientist gave him a cunning, cruel smile. "That's none of your business. As for your brothers, you don't have any. It says here you are an orphan and only child, so don't give me that shit. Now, get up, we're going for a walk. If you try to run away, I will introduce you to Mr. Needle." By then, his anger grew inside the tiny chest of his, getting to his feet and rattling the cage furiously, spitting in his face till he was red, "I don't know to go anywhere with you. You're lying. I have brothers and they love me very much you bastard!" It had been the only cursing he had ever used, Mrs. James had made it perfectly clear that there was no need of such language and if any of the boys were to be caught using it, they'd be severely punished. The five-year-old reached his hand out to the scientist, grabbing him by the collar to slam him into the cages. Just as he thought he might win, the man took out a needle with a blueish clear substance inside, he gasped, feeling the needle press into his arm and almost instantly feeling numb. He slipped his arm back into the cage, dropping into the metal chamber with a thud as the room went black.

Connor woke up to a startle, blinded by the white light over his head, squinting to see and rubbing his eyes as he gets to his feet. He had been put into a large room, only this was different. Instead of it being a cage, this was just a regular metal room, only a dark window on the one side and the slightest outline of a door next to it. Around his neck locked a collar hooked to a long chain attached to the wall. He looked around frantically, left and right with his heartbeat beating loud enough to hear from ten feet away. "H-Help me!" Tears stained the sides of his cheeks, sitting in the corner with defeat, the icy cold chain chilling him to the bone. He cried miserably into his knees, chocking out a breath which was soon caught at the door swung open. Connor hiccuped, looking up to see a man in the white coat pulling a kid two years older than him. His eyes widened in fear, standing to his feet. "Michael!" The other kid looked up, eyes barely opened and a large, purple bruise on the side of his face. "C-Connor?" Without a word, he was dropped flat on his forearms and knees by the scientist, then to be hooked up to a chain on the other side of the room much like him. "Michael, what happened to you? Are you alright?! Where are the others, I haven't seen them. I'm really scared, Michael." Michael stayed put on the ground, curling his legs with his back against the wall, breathing heavily. Connor looked at him with worried eyes, tears welling inside of him. "Answer me, damn it!" And like that, his attention snapped, whipping his head up to meet his olive green gaze. "You need to stay quiet... They're watching us twenty-four seven in here, you moron. Mrs. James would be disappointed in you, ya know. As for the rest, I..I don't know.." All Connor could do for himself was sit and stare at the wall for moments on end. So many questions rushed in his head, for a five-year-old this was what it was like a nightmare he could not escape. He tried his best to stay silent, eventually he got used to it and sat in the corner for something to happen. Three men barged into the door, two of them holding sticks with tazor-like ends and the other held a large, silver thin gun in his arms. "Stand." He nodded once, cueing the men to their positions by both of the children's sides, unlocking the chains and using them as leashes before hooking their wrists together in straps. Connor yanked back but the man was too strong compared to the child. Michael and Connor remained silent. "Lead them to the operation rooms. We're wasting time. Shock them if they get out of hand."

As they were haled away, the two stayed quiet as long as possible, but he couldn't help the shaking of his small body in complete and utter fear. Before he knew it he was being thrown into another room and taken by two men with lab coats to pin him onto a cold metal bed that scent chills up his spine. Connor panted, holding back a cry for help and Michael was no different. Their hair was cut off into a buzz, their clothes stripped from their bodies to be replaces with smocks and strapped to the metal bed. He lashed out and cried for them to go away, but a shot stung his left side causing everything to go blurry and his body to go still. The images around him moved in what appeared slow-motion and their faces could no longer be deciphered. He heard the sound of razors behind him, a large light over his head that blinded his vision entirely. "Let's get this over with, men, training starts tomorrow with both of them," The voice called from the doorway. A man appeared at his side with a device that held a sharp spinning end, lowering it to drill into his flesh. Connor screamed in agony at the pain it caused him, jerking out of the straps for it was not use of escaping at this point. Blood stained his forearm and more tears ran down his face. Michael had somehow managed to pull an arm free and scratch the man's face, only to then be put into a state of rest with a shock from one of the prod-like machines. The number '98' printed into his skin, burning it away into a black ink. He stared at it for a while, afraid if he touched it it would kill him. A few more men flooded the room wearing doctor outfits, some holding machines he had never seen before and pushing carts full of tools. He repeated the words from the man who wanted was in charge of the two guards. Before Connor could think any further, a mask covered his mouth and nose, a man behind him counting down from really large numbers. He narrowed his gaze to him as he struggled to get free of the mask, but something about it made him sleepy. Connor's olive eyes fluttered slowly, falling peacefully shut...

Not only was it a pain getting up, but when he did, he wasn't in either of the rooms be had been in before. His memory was hazy and his body felt strange to the five year old. He groaned, wincing at the sudden pain in his back and limbs as he tried to stand in his cage. Looking to his neighboring cages he saw the calico was no longer there and the husky was still sleeping. His chest was bare, only a pair of jeans from before to cover himself up. Connor scratched at his back, moaning and widening his eyes at he felt his own blood and a row of stitches along his spine. Using the bars as a reflection, he turned his back towards them, looking behind his shoulder to see a bloodied jagged line that starts from the tip of his shoulder blades all the way to the bottom of his ribcage of his left side. Something tickled at his nose causing him to sneeze which tickled his body, instantly feeling covered with fur and warmth. "What the..." He looked up, seeing the roof of the cage was much higher than before and he wasn't on his two feet. He looked down, finding he didn't have feet anymore, but paws, covered in a cat-like body of black and white. The hair on his back stood on end and he ran around the cage wildly to wake himself up from this nightmare. "What are you doing?" A voice said behind him. Connor turned his body to face the voice, seeing the husky shift into a human boy with dog ears and a fluffy tail. His eyes widened, backing up and phasing back to his form as his back met the cold wall. The boy was only a few years older then him, maybe Michael's age, he didn't know, but as he stood he smiled and wagged his tail. "Everything is going to be fine. Do you have a name? I'm Grey." Slowly he edged himself to his feet, feeling a black tail with two white rings wrap between his legs. He looked down, nervously looking back up to the husky boy. "C-Connor. My name is Connor. W-what are you?" The other boy didn't laugh at his question, just simply kept smiling and wagging his tail. "I'm an Inu, and my friend who left is one of us too. We were one of the first Moras to come out of the experimenting labs to survive. An Inu is a human who's part dog, you're a Neko it looks like." He pointed a finger to Connor's tail and ears. Connor looked at them for a moment, not bothering to lift his head. "Mora?" Grey nodded, but as he began to answer he shifted, telling him to do the same as shadows walked across the walls. He did as he was told, still confused with how to do it, but once he relaxed it eventually fell into place.

As time went on, so did getting used to his new form. Granted, it wasn't the most comfortable as he ran through growth spurts and the horrid adolescence stage, but he knew all too well how to control it on his own. It was hard to say of the least, however, there was always something holding him from becoming freaked out whenever the men in the white jackets would come near. Say it as one would think, but the pumpkin colored eyes of Grey's neko neighbor he had would calm him down whenever he'd see them. Connor refused to introduce himself to the girl, for he was too afraid, and from the looks of it, she wasn't one to be messed with at such a vulnerable time. In years, he became used to the cage, finding it very uncomfortable if he wasn't in his tuxedo cat form and cold almost all the time. He grey to be a large tom, a bit sneaky to say the least since he held the power to sneak passed the scientists when they weren't looking as they went to take him in for more tests. When push came to shove, Grey eventually mentioned the girls name as Willow, but he had never seen or heard her speak unless it was to him only. As much as he wished to speak to her himself, it was near to impossible, letting himself doubt his own abilities and feelings towards her. There was one time, one, valuable moment when most of the other Mora were out of their cages to be tested for fleas, keeping Willow away due to how thin and strange she had become around the humans. In order to stay in his cage, he bit the finger of one of the men and was tazored to sleep long enough to wake up and still see she was the only one in her cage. Connor looked at the calico, whom was asleep so he didn't wake her, just watched. He saw passed what she looked like and smiled at the sudden movements she would make when she would dream. Every night since he had seen her eyes for the first time, he knew there was something about her he liked, and it was more importantly because he found her more beautiful than anything he had ever seen in his life. As anyone would do if they cared for someone, they'd protect them, but all the tom could do was watch her rest next to the Inu happily, caring not of what it would do, but wonder what she dreamed about when her eyes were shut.

On one evening, he woke to the sound of sirens, along with the sprinting of paws and human feet along the halls, cages after cages opening to be freed. Connor opened his eyes to see what was going on; an escape. Slamming his side into the door, it swung open easily since it was unlocked, falling to his paws and darting after the others that lead out the door. Gun fire filled the air, yips of agony being made, but all he did was focus on the calico that was leading the rest out of the building. He watched her stop and turn slowly to round another group, watching her eyes widened as another gun shoot. His ears pinned against his head, running by her side, "Come on! We need to go!" He yelled, causing the others to sprint for their lives as the sudden feel of the cattle prods being brought to the event behind them. Quickening his pace, the blinding light filled his vision. They were free... Hiding in the shadows for a few more ten years, he followed from a far towards the calico Neko, watching her movements and sudden sparks of being exposed to head to town. He had received a small job to get by on by being a grocery bagger, only to pass the time and see her whenever she would come to get food. After a while, he had notice little activity done by her, only to find out she was making a secret kingdom for his kind to come together as. Quitting his job, he took the advantage of the opportunity and stepped up to the plate, learning a few abilities to strengthen his own and staying hidden long enough from the humans to not tell what he truly was. Following after the newborn Queen, he found hope in himself to finally meet her, the wonderful eyes that kept him sane throughout his time in the cages. He was... home.

Father: N/A | Status: Dead

Mother: Alexandria Stiles | Status: Dead

Siblings: Foster Brothers | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Queen Willow | Status: It's complicated...

Offspring: N/A

Pets: Temptress | Dapple Dark Grey and White Mare | Status: Alive

Other Important People: Queen Willow | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed ~ZE TIGRESS ^_^

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Regina Eden is my little cousin.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Connor is fine.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Just this one for the moment.
What Characters Do You Play?None
How Long Have You Been RPing? Couple years.
How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Regina Eden.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Of course.

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Connor James - Mora
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