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 Valentine Kinship ~ Werewolf

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Scout Valentine
Scout Valentine

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PostSubject: Valentine Kinship ~ Werewolf   Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:36 pm

Name: Valentine Kinship

Nickname: Val, Valen, Tine

Age: 58 years old | Looks 20 years old.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Writer/Substitute Teacher.

Appearance: Valentine stands about roughly 5'11" when he is in human form. He has brown hair that is combed over in a fashion. He has long slender legs and a very slim and athletic figure. He has a firm jawline and high cheek bones and handsome, smooth features with hazel eyes. He has a slim frame which makes it easier to squeeze into those tight places. His hair combs over from the side and sometimes hangs in his eyes. He has small lips that are a soft pink color, it compliments his face features and skin tone. His eyes are hazel but sometimes look blue in some lighting's. He has some muscles that mainly run through his legs because of all the running he does. Muscles run down his arms and shoulders, proving that he does use his body a lot with training.

Werewolf Form: In his werewolf form, he stands at 9'9". He is unusually colored by being white instead of black or brown. He weighs around 250 pounds and instead of being lean and athletic, he is rather large and beastly. He has broad shoulders and large feet. (Claws/paws?) His whole body ripples with muscles from training. Though he is muscled, he is far better at hiding and listening then fighting. He has patches of tan racing over his body and black claws that come from his hands.

Human Photo:

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Scout

Specialization: Turns into a beast.

Primal Form Photo:

*Disclaimer: I don't own the photo... found it off google.*

Height: 5'11" | 9'9"

Weight: 150 | 250 pounds

Eye Color: Hazel | Hazel-Even though the picture has blue eyes x3

Hair Color: Brown | White

Identifying Marks: None

Face Claim: Matt Smith

Personality: Valentine is a quick thinker and has a rather smart mouth. He can be quite charming and rather hilarious. Although he had a rough past, he quite enjoys making others smile. He can be annoying at times. He loves danger, the thought of an adventure gets him excited and pushes him forward into dangerous zones. He's quite mystery about certain things and sometimes his humor can be quite dark. He is respectful and commanding when called for it under high pressure. He prefers taking orders then dishing them out, but he is somewhat leader worthy. He is stubborn and pushes himself past his limits just for the fun of it. He finds it hard to trust others but once he trusts you the bond is rather strong, however, if you break that trust then all hell will be standing at your front door the next to you awake. He is very bold and not shy whatsoever, he speaks his mind and states his opinion when he feels the need to. He has quite a temper when it comes to protecting what he loves the most, make him angry and he won't stop at killing you. Usually he stands very calm and understanding, but when it's something he truly cares've been warned.

*Having Fun*

*Losing a loved one*
*Not knowing important things*

Habits: Valentine tends to pace back and forth when he is lost in thought, as well as speaking a loud to himself in order to gain some kind of new information about a topic. As he gets deep into working he'll start humming his favorite song. He doesn't have a regular sleeping nor eating pattern, from the habit of eating only when he feels like it and same as sleeping. He at times while he is studying or writing, will drum his fingers against the paper or desk. Valentine does like his privacy sometime, but he prefers to be 'out on the town' with his friends and strangers. Though he doesn't drink often, if he feels the urge to, he will drink some wine or perhaps a beer. He refuses to do drugs or anything like that. He likes to run his hand through his hair when he is highly frustrated with others, or to simply get it out of his eyes. When Valentine is at home he tends to go into a writing frenzy, sometimes locking himself away for many days at a time and refusing to eat much. Even when sleep deprived, he tends to stay up for extra hours if he finds something that interests him. When lost in thought, he hardly responds to others until he is finished thinking out-loud. He will sometimes sing out loud when he is very nervous, as well as seeming to look more at the ground.

History: Valentine was born in 2812 in the middle of nowhere. His father helped deliver him and his twin sister Carrie into this world. His older brother was young, about 5 years of age when his two new siblings entered the world. They lived in a house far away from the city and more into the country side. Valentine's father was a business man, they believed that his 'business' was of criminal activities. Valentine was home-schooled by his mother and his Aunt.

Valentine grew quiet as he sat next to his twin sister, Carrie. They were starting 1st grade together. Of course Carrie was far more of fighter then he, but he was the brains. Everything between them was a competition. He looked at his mother and stretched out his small hand to her. "What are we doing mother?" His voice was almost a whisper, as if he didn't wish to disturb the tall slender figure before him. "Today we are starting your school!" His mother's voice was quite cheerful as she took his hand and lead him outside. He took a seat next to his older brother, Damion. Damion was 5 years older then he and Carrie, meaning he was about 13 years of age. Valentine looked at Damion and then towards his Aunt. "Hello Aunt Donna!" He called out cheerfully to his favorite aunt. "Hello deary" His aunt spoke softly before taking Damion by the hand and leading him to the barn quite a bit away. "Today... Your training begins." His eyes widened and he grew quiet once more as his mother started teaching them about werewolves.

About ten years later~
Valentine was now about 18 years old, he and his sister Carrie were training together when their father came out and brought them inside the house. Their older brother Damion, had taken jobs as an assassin. This time, for the lust of money and proving he could kill anyone, Damion was sitting in their house with several others. Today, was the day they were going to die. Damion's 'friends' were humans, humans that didn't know Damion was a werewolf. The minute it was explained to them what Damion was doing, Valentine became enraged. Valentine couldn't control his rage, he transformed to his true beast. He lunged at his brother, and the rest of his family started to transform. Damion transformed just in time to take a hit from his younger brother. The humans were firing at the beasts, screaming and yelling at orders. Damion and Valentine had busted a wall open with their hits, they were outside and safe from the bullets that were fired at his family. Someone must of called a special ops for werewolves because soon he heard the wails of a sad mother, one who had lost her daughter and husband. She was led into a large truck, covered in chains. Valentine heard his mother whisper something as she was taken. "Run, Valentine, Run." He shoved his brother off of him, running on all fours as fast as he could. His large claws tore the earth up as he disappeared across the fields of his home. Once he was over the last field he stood on his hind legs and looked behind him. His house was a blaze and the body of his brother, who looked to be dead, was being dragged to the other two bodies which he assumed were his sister and father. Men were running towards him on foot, no helicopters yet so Valentine turned and started running again. Thoughts racing through his mind, mainly though, why keep his mother alive?

Ten years later from then~
Valentine is now about 28 years of age, but he looks 20 years. He has attended two different colleges and has two different degrees in both teaching and law. He has written three books and have published them under a different name. He started working as a substitute teacher for a high school that was meant for 'special ed' students. He worked as a history teacher and sometimes filled in as a science teacher as well. Of course he wasn't permanent but his students hated seeing him go. He often spent his spare time teaching a study group about different things. This group only held about 10 students, most were the one's who had fallen in love with him when he taught their class when a teacher got sick. His charms and wit made the students enjoy him, his patience and understanding helped each student that had problems take it a bit more easy. It was at this age that he discovered his Aunt and Uncle had died to vampires. He had become so upset that he left the town he was staying in without telling someone he was leaving. His claws tore at the ground and he came to what he thought was an abandoned house. When he entered the house it seemed empty, except for a quiet voice that spoke from behind him. "Who are you, and why are you in my home?" He turned slowly around, not to see a human but to see a raven black werewolf growling at him. He was sadly in human form, therefore the beautiful beast was probably going to kill him. "I'm Valentine, I'm sorry miss... I thought this place was abandoned." He stepped backwards into the house, knowing she'd have to take human form in order to get into the house without wrecking it. His plan worked and she morphed into her human form. He was stunned by her beauty, truly stunned. His eyes scanned her body from head to toe. She had long wavy brown hair that reached her waist. She had a slender build and was quite shorter then him, standing at about 5'5". "I'm a werewolf as well miss, before you kill me."He watched as she tilted her head not saying anything but the message was clear. Prove it. He sighed and stepped forward, putting an arm around her waist and dragging her outside. Here, he transformed into his werewolf form. "Your...white?" Her voice was softer now, and made a sweet ring within his ears. He turned human again and stretched out his hand towards her. "Yes, I am." She took his hand and he pulled her closer, but only enough to hold her hand. "Would you like to... travel with me?" He turned and smiled weakly, nodding his head in response. "What's your name, my dear?" He took a deep breath as he waited for a response. "Rickie, my name is Rickie Melone"

Ten years later~
Valentine is about 38 years old now, he travel's with Rickie and soon he wishes her to be his forever. He knew they both held a love for each others but never shared it with the other. He and her had traveled for ten years and settled in a house about an hour from a city where he worked as a teacher for a high school and Rickie worked as a waitress. He approached her one night, not really sure how to ask for her to be his. He stood in the doorway to the library, watching her as she read her favorite novel out loud to her small Chihuahua. "Darling, what is it?" He stiffened as he realized that she was speaking to him and not reading the book. He walked forward and knelt down on one knee by her chair. "Rickie, I don't know if we share the same love for one another, but that is why I've come to you today. I want to express my love for you and be with you for the rest of our lives." He whispered the words out, nervous as to how she would react. To his surprise, she put the Chihuahua down and wrapped her arms around him. Right before she kissed him, she whispered words so sweet to his ears. "I love you too." He kissed her deeply and then they pulled away. They decided to have a human wedding, just because it seemed so ridiculous.

The wedding happened that week, they got married and she took his last name. They seemed to be happy and helped each others with almost everything.

65 days after the wedding~
Rickie had been pregnant for the past 65 days, she had a hard time delivering their child and died during child birth. Their daughter Terri, died hours after Rickie because of a disease that was killing the baby for 9 months. These deaths sent Valentine into a great mourning, he locked himself away and wrote his heart out until he could write no more. He barely ate and all his stories were about Rickie and Terri. Some were if they had lived, some were about them until they died. Either way, the stories were written beautifully and he had them published under different names then his own. He made plenty of money off the books, millions in fact. He set his money aside in a bank and let it rot in there until he wanted to use it. After weeks of his wife's and daughters death, he moved from the town and started roaming. He never stayed in one town or city for longer then a few weeks.

20 years later~
During his travel's, Valentine soon discovered that his mother was still captive under humans. With the help of about 40 rogues, he set out to the prison they held her in. They all made it in safely, disguised as humans until they made it to his mother. It was then they transformed and overtook the prison in a prison break. They made it out, with causalities and a few deaths. Instead of 40 of them, there were now about 5 and two were injured. He set his mother free, making her run as he helped the last of the rogues escape death. Some were mad at him because of all the deaths, but some understood that you would do anything to save your last living relation. With that, he left the rogues and followed his mother's scent until he came to an old abandoned barn. When he opened the doors, still in primal form, lay his mother who slept. He was in human form but quickly changed and slept by her side like he did when he was a child. He only freed her so she could live, he didn't plan on staying with her for too long. The next morning he got up and realized his mother was probably two steps ahead of him, because he was all alone. He decided to leave before his mother returned, or might return. He ran through the woods, unsure of his future. All he knew was, he was ready to find a home and place to call his own.

Father: Reven Kinship |  Status: Dead.

Mother: Herresaena (Her-res-ana) Kinship  | Status: Alive

Siblings: Robin Kinship | Status: Unknown
Carrie Kinship| Status: Dead
Damion Kinship | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: Rickie Kinship| Status: Dead

Offspring: Terri Kinship| Status: Dead

Other Important People:
Uncle Rory Reese | Status: Dead
Aunt Donna Reese | Status: Dead

Joining Keys: joining keys have been removed -Regina Eden

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I am Maston Sapphire.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Val.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the wolves, Haven's Grove, Here, A Shattered Alley, A Shattered World, Shadowed Intells, Beautiful Creatures.
What Characters Do You Play? Age of the wolves: Warrior Rose, Lead Warrior Raymond, Healer Heaven.
Haven's Grove: Warrior Rose, Warrior Thunder.
A Shattered Alley: Hero, Tera, Toby, Ray, Resco, Berry, Necro, Eclipse, AJ, Velma, Sasha.
A Shattered World: Warrior Rose, Alpha Antiseptic, Scout Kess.
Shadowed Intells: Terry Xavier Resco.
Beautiful Creatures: Titan, Prince, Princess, Faze.
How Long Have You Been RPing? Since May of this year. (2014)
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Maston Sapphire
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes! ^^ (Except most of my friends are already on this site x3)

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Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
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Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Valentine Kinship ~ Werewolf
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