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 Rex Edaelion - Shifter

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Rex Edaelion
Rex Edaelion

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PostSubject: Rex Edaelion - Shifter   Rex Edaelion - Shifter Icon_minitimeSat Jan 18, 2014 5:39 pm

Name: Edaelion (Ed-ale-ee-on) Dean Silivu-White
Formerly known as Eden Delilah Silivu-White

Nickname: Dael, Eli, anything, but Ed.

Age: 422 Years. Looks in early twenties.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Occupation: Writer/Author

In her human form, Edaelion has naturally slick blonde hair with bright icy blue eyes. In daylight, his hair appears almost white, giving people the impression that it is not his natural color. Hormones have granted him the ability to grow to at most "6ft,1in" and weigh 190 lbs. Edaelion has long muscular legs and strong build. Upon his right wrist is a small tattoo of a small black anchor he received in his early years of being a shifter and woman. In his primal form, he is a white tiger weighing at 420lbs and stands to be 34 inches tall. Like his human body, he holds a hollow build, slim and long legged for great endurance or speed, but just as greatly strong. The only thing that distinguishes his human form to real self as a white tiger is nothing more than the color of his eyes and strange personality. He is handsome, nonetheless, and he proves best against the stereotypical blonde-like characteristic traits. His charm is undefined, and he hopes to keep it that way beneath the gentlest touch of another fair for his taste. But are the baby blue eyes you seek the destiny you want to find yourself lurking into? Or will the tiger side of him snatch you first?
Human Photo:

Rex Edaelion - Shifter Tumblr_n0x30d779x1rv86u0o5_1280
Rex Edaelion - Shifter 818261e78f52ced9f4079b2ad899c3a8

Race: Shifter

Rank: Rex of the Shifters

Specialization: Ability to shift into a Siberian White Tiger

Primal Form Photo:

Rex Edaelion - Shifter Wrfcqe
Rex Edaelion - Shifter 2lckwh3
Rex Edaelion - Shifter Ns940

Height: "6ft,1in" | 37inches.

Weight: 190lbs. | 420lbs.

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Slick Blonde | White, with black stripes.

Identifying Marks: Multiple tattoos on his arms, small scars on his back and sides from past experiences.

Face Claim: Andre Hamann

Much like his name, Edaelion is a powerful individual with a kind heart. He's naturally a friendly person to meet, but he tends to keep his guard around suspicious beings as well as humans when they are a bit too close for his comfort. When around crowds, he grows quiet, looking around awkwardly as he truly just wants to be left alone to himself. Say it as it may be, he hates crowds and crowded tight places. Like a tiger, he's fierce and bold about his actions in fighting and dominance, holding a pure strength as the Original Shifters before him. When his moods change, so do his eyes, which is the dead give away to tell if he's really listening to a person's conversation as they speak to him or around him. It takes a lot of potential and consistency with devotion to get his attention. Overall, he's a wonderful leader, and has a golden heart to care for like a father. His words are only the truth, and trust is always something someone can count on with him.
- Music
- Tattoos
- Reading
- The Supernatural/Old Legends
- Long walks alone
- Animal activists
- His cave

- City Traffic
- Awkward silence
- Bacon
- Writer’s block
- Underestimation of one’s abilities
- Poachers
- The smell of burning garbage

Eden has a lot of habits, one being she likes to play with the ends of her hair when she's nervous or scared, and another would be pacing back and forth as she thinks. The funniest habit she has is she likes to daydream, even though it'll appear as if she's listening, she'll only listen if she finds you fascinating. She has her days when she can work together, but she's a lot more independent in working for her pack, a single-leader she likes to prefer.
In the Brittany forest of France, a shapeshifting white tiger family of three lived in harmony, peacefully waiting for a newborn cub to be brought into their world called life. She has yet to know what she is capable of and all the things to face as well as learn. The cub opened her eyes wide and somewhat startled to see three individuals staring at her. "Her eyes are so blue! Just like grandma's, mum." The small male at her side whispered loudly. The newborn stayed curled up at the tigress's side, feeding off her warmth from her body that made her feel instantly at home. Her mother licked the dirty from her forehead. "Yes, Darren. I know. But let's worry about a name?" She peered down at the small cub, nuzzling her nose into her side gently. "How about...Grace?" Darren scrunched up his nose as he looked down at his new sister. "She doesn't look like a Grace. I think we should name her.. Eden. "

Growing up, Eden never had a father. Soon after her mother had been impregnated, her father had been shot and skinned for money by poachers. Of course her brother and mother were devastated, but the family then moved into hiding further out into the forest, finding a den large and hidden enough to have her cub. Eden had always wondered what it would like to have a father. To wonder what he liked to do and the things he could have taught her to survive on her own. But that didn't matter now. He was gone and never again will the family see him.

She grew to be a great fighter and hunter at an early age thanks to her older brother. Darren taught her things he remembered from their father and different techniques he had managed to discover along the way. He even taught her how to remain hostile in her human-form when it was time to come out of hiding for supplies. Even though Darren was only a few years older, he was a great teacher and Eden looked up to him like he was her hero. In animal form, their resemblance didn't matter but in human form, it was completely different. Some would mistaken the two for not being related at all in their human-form. Darren possessed black hair that reached all the way to his chin, whereas Eden had inherited long blonde hair since the day she was born from her great grandmother. They both had matching icy blue eyes and a birthmark on their right hip the shape of a small heart.

Sadly when Eden turned the age of thirteen, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The mother refused to go to a real hospital, to be around humans with needles, but the siblings were persistant on having her be given treatment. The two stayed at her bedside for months, returning late at night to their home further into the forest. Darren promised their mother that he would protect her while she was gone, and Eden promised her that she would try her best to get along with his orders. The cancer died down and the doctors thought it would be fine if she returned home, but Eden knew something was wrong by the look on her mother's face. It was not that she was getting better, for she knew it was getting worse that they had both expected. That night at her mother's return, she died peacefully in her sleep. Darren took their mother's body and buried her. They held a funeral, planting a bouquet of white peonies at her resting spot with the help of Eden herself. Darren since that day was never the same and neither did Eden.The two became distant of each other, the brother became outraged and started resorting to the taste of alcohol. But the tigress grew stronger in holding her pride and feelings. From what she knew of her parents before they passed if that they were the Original shifters, the first to become a shifter thanks to the humans. Her parents had been everyday white tigers held in captivity, until they were captured and used for unspecified experimentation with genetic enhancing. After finding nothing changing in their patterns, the humans let the two male and female white tigers free into the forests of Brittany, two years later as tigers turning into a human being by the age of twenty. Her mother never told further of what they were put through, but judging by the time of both her parents death, she knew it must have been rough living such a life. Eden moved to Paris, France in hopes to be a writer at the age of nineteen. She told short stories to her towns people, filling in enough money over twenty years to move to the States, living in the forests of Atlanta as well as write in the time being.

In 2744, the female shifter was just leaving her work station to head back home to her cave when a man came knocking at her doorstep. It had been raining that day, storming and showering hard onto the abandoned roads of Georgia. She looked up, shuffling over to open the door. The man looked at her with hopeful eyes, a thankful smile widened his cheeks, "Please let me in, I mean no harm to come to you, I just need a place to stay until the rain has cleared up." Eden let him in cautiously, eying the man as he practically stood five inches taller than her and she knew he was of a human. "Name." The human male left a trail of soaked boot prints, turning around with a squeak that pained her sense of hearing. He was broad, tall and fairly charming, but nothing of a human she found admiring. She feared them if anything, which surprised her to know she left him in. "Justin McCarthy, you?" He replied. Eden pressed her back against the wall, parting as much space as him as possible in the small room scattered with paper and books. "Eden... White. How come you can't just go home?" Justin turned his gaze from her pale blue eyes to the books and shook out his wet, shaggy dark hair before facing her again. "Popped a tire three miles out. Started walking and found this place, thought I could use it as shelter until the storm dies down. Please, it would mean a lot, Mrs. White if I can stay." At his words, Eden narrowed her gaze and stepped forwards with a curious expression. "I'm not married. What made you think that?" The man looked taken back by her question, like as almost he didn't believe her. They stayed silent, Eden growing impatient before he could even start to think. At last, he looked up, "I just thought someone so pretty wouldn't be single. Must be because you don't get out much judging from how much shit is in this place. What is all this anyway?" Justin picked up a piece of crumpled paper, Eden stepping forwards to snatch it without letting him read the few sentences typed on it. He was an incompetent human she knew, why he kept asking questions angered her even more. "Work, something people do these days. Maybe if you would have been smart enough, you would have known to of bought a better vehicle with far more durable tires. Now you can sit and not touch things, or make fun of my work and leave. What's it going to be?"The tigress shifter snarled, causing Justin to raise his eyebrows and arms in defeat and shock. It went on like that for two weeks, rain days after stormy evenings and no light to show. Not that she cared about the weather, she loved it, but didn't like the human's company any longer. They became acquaintances, but that was all it ever was.

One morning when she got to the office she found it trashed, smelling of alcohol and vomit. Pieces of machinery were dismantled as well as unfinished stories put to scraps. "What have you done?!" Eden growled, searching the room for mortal male to be found chuckling, walking down the steps like nothing had happened, drunker than the typical Irishman. He stopped, looking at her with blurry, green eyes with a smirk across his face. "Morning, hot stuff. That was sure fun last night, if you know what I mean." Justin kept laughing hysterically under his breathe as she paced around the room in order to condemn her anger towards him. Her claws raked through her platinum blonde lochs in frustration, finally glaring to Justin and walking forwards to look up at him with evil eyes. "Get out, you ass. Now! And don't ever come back here again!" She yelled, baring her fangs in surprise though it seemed to of not put affect on the drunk human, if anything, it made him laugh harder. Before she could push him out of the small office, he pinned her against the wall by her neck, not knowing what he was dealing with at all. "Look here, bitch. I'm not afraid to hurt you, so take back those words and be a good girl, will ya?" He whispered cruelly into her ear, tracing the outline of her bottom lip and gripping her windpipe with his other hand. The tigress had had enough of this and couldn't take anymore of the man's disrespect. Her skin covered itself into white and black laced stripes and large paws to replace her nimble human hands, the rest of her body to follow to the frame of a white tigress. She stood on her hind legs against the man, bringing down her heavy paws to his shoulders to push him down off of her. Justin yelled at the tiger to go away with wide eyes, scrambling to his feet and backing against the wall, more sobered than before she thought. Eden stalked closer, isolating him into the corner as she snarled, baring a four-inched fang at the side of her mouth. He tried throwing a chair at her, but that only made her ten times more angry, charging to jump onto his back and bit into his shoulder-blade. He screamed in agony as she roared a deathly song into his head, biting down into the human flesh that reeked of vomit and smoke. Blood poured fast from the wound like she expected, slowing down the man that crawled away for his life. The tiger backed away in horror of what she had done, watching him bleed alive to a small halt and turn unconscious. After a while, the breathing stopped sucking in and out of his lungs, shifting back to find a pulse that was no longer beating in his chest. Taking action, she took the body back to her lands and buried it in the meadow's wet soil, calming herself enough to clean up the mess without a stain in sight. She found 'missing signs' with the man's face on it and caution cones around his abandoned truck with the unpatched tire along the roadside...

A few years later she received an package specifically for her, cursive name and all with a letter inside along with some items. As she read further into the message, tears welled in her eyes to soon fall across her cheeks and crumple to her knees on the floor. It was a letter of loss with her brother, Darren. Eden cried for days on end over her brother's death and wondered how it happened for the note did not say precisely. After a month of rereading the letter and effort to gain control of her emotions for a moment, she decided to look inside the box and take out the items left. She pulled out a notebook filled with drawings of animals and other wildlife, next she found her brother's favorite scarf mother made for him when they were younger and lastly, a golden locket with an opal stone top. As she flipped it open, more tears ran down her face as she tried to smile the left picture of her brother and the right picture her parents looking at each other in love. After that, the tigress grew older and wiser with time and technology. Learning the basics and working her way up along with the rest of the world, growing stronger, wiser of her surroundings and finding more shifters to come around the area. Eden then decided the idea to bring shifters together, to start a pack or grouping of their race and work together. She hopes to lead them and help them with their pasts by putting them behind her, creating a better life for those who've dealt with tragedy like herself. This will not be the end, because its just the beginning...


After all which had said and done, twenty seven years of a clan goes down the road and so much had changed. Eden was faced with the difficult task of withholding the Regina position and keeping a strong pack to what she promised herself long before as the foundation to her territories were made. She was thankful and hopeful enough to then be granted amazing Bellators and higher others to join her in the reuniting of other shifters like her. More felines, from what she found throughout the progression, but among them, she fell in love. Unfortunately, he was murdered by humans, much like her father, and the past began to haunt her as time flew passed, following the death of her first born - Shailene, beneath the wild paws of a feral tiger. Within those years, she met alliances with Lucian, the Alpha of werewolves and the oldest standing werewolf known as the original beast today. She fell madly in love with him, all the while still adjusting the deaths of her family. When all fell through the roof, it seemed hopeless that she would be able to feel such a feeling as she did for her first mate again, but was happy in finding that glow again when found in the eyes of another amazing man, whom she became the fortunate love to. Their love was beautiful, and despite the difference in species, it was the greatest thing to ever to happen to mankind and Lunari. They were blessed with the first hybrid, granted, it was difficult for Eden to pursue with, but they made it work. As time flew and a couple years were added to her, she realized more and more how unhappy she was with herself for some reason. Calvin was off to bigger and better experiences with his father, leaving her little time to actually bond with her family together, as well as trying to run a pack of her own. But family was always a must, so she tried, helplessly tried over and over, but something was not clicking as it should. It took her twenty years after the first hybrid’s birth for her to discover the issue, being said, it was because she didn’t feel like herself. Eden always had a feeling she was different, not just on the outside, for her being a white tigress, but as well on the inside. She was quiet and gentle with how she lived, never having realized how unhappy she was even with the greatest people to surround her with. The absence of a child and husband becomes more relevant, but it grants the Regina time to progress her decision and finally pull through to what she must do, must finally do to achieve that hope and faith once more. She was not a woman, not the person she wanted to be, she was strong, independent, but not the feminine figure everyone saw on the outside. How was she? The answer lies within the mind of what only a man could decipher, rather than that of a woman’s. So she tried new outlets, trying to change her mind and going through several stages of denial before it was too difficult to ignore. Within the past five years, Eden was no longer a her, and progressed her chances of becoming man for once and for all. She was now he. And Eden was not Eden… He was Edaelion. The Rex. The tiger. The man all along who was trapped inside and used to create the inspiration to all his books deep down. But it came down to revealing this change, this truer self, to his beloved, in high hopes that he too would love Edaelion all the same. For it had been long since they’d seen each other now, and he was ready to make the change to finally see his mate with the great news of their son becoming the leader of his own. They could rejoice, and be a family together at last!
Father: Ambrose White | Status: Poached.

Mother: Celestria White | Status: Died of Cancer

Siblings: Darren White | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Alpha Lucian | Status: It’s Complicated

Offspring: Bellator Shailene | Status: Deceased

Pets: Gadreel | Dragon | Status: Growing with Potential

Other Important People:
Rex Diallo | Status: Deceased
Auxiliary Jagara | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: Membership Accepted!


How Did You Find Lunari Addunt?
I'm an administrator.

What Would You Like To Be Called?
Prefers to be called Dael, Eli, anything, but Ed.

What Other Sites Do You Play On?
Age of the Wolves & The Lost Ones

What Characters Do You Play?
Age of the Wolves: Beta Juno & Lead Healer Cliche
The Lost Ones: Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Sebastion, Warrior Silas & Omega Bailey

How Long Have You Been RPing?
Since November of 2012.

Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?
Rex Edaelion, Brigadier Nikolai, &

Will You Refer Us To Friends?
Why wouldn't I? Hell yeah I would!

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Rex Edaelion - Brigadier Nikolai - Knight Leviticus

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Rex Edaelion - Shifter
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