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 Nikolai McCall - Mora

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Brigadier Nikolai
Brigadier Nikolai

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PostSubject: Nikolai McCall - Mora   Nikolai McCall - Mora Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2014 2:06 pm

Name: Nikolai Dane McCall

Nickname: Nik

Age: 75 Yrs | 23 Yrs

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Lavender Lounge Bartender/Sports Photographer

Appearance: In human form, Nikolai is built strong and stocky. His height exceeds to a max of "6ft, 4in", and his weight is a reasonable, average amount of 186lbs even. He has a lean muscle tone, which includes that most of his weight is in fact muscle, rather fat. The pigment of his skin is a golden olive, much like any other Italian male seen today. His eyes are a dark grey, faded to where flicks of some lighter shades of grey can be found around his dark pupils. The color of his soft lochs is a light bronze, mixed with some colors of caramel as well as honey, but he prefers to call it just a light brown to keep it simple. It's styled in a way he has had since he was younger, and does not see any reason to change now. The way it is styled is cut sort, leaving more of his hair more towards the front so it gives a natural flip. He has an angled face, as it matches with the rest of his form and build. Around his neck, he always wears a braided white and black collar, that which holds a small charm on it with his lacrosse number "11". So far, he has only requested of two tattoos on his body, while the rest are untold stories, minor accidents or simply the rest of his olive toned skin. These tattoos include a neat, dream-catcher dropping down over his left bicep and shoulder. The other one can be found in between his shoulder-blades, a symbol which means fearless, and is in fact, his most favorite amongst the only two. Small scars from when he was younger can be found dotting his upper arms and back; this was caused by minor sport injuries and cuts made over time of him roughing it up a bit too much. They can also be seen in his other form.

In his Inu form, he matches the perfect image of a handsome Great Dane. His build is similar in comparison to his human side, as it is also lean and lightly built for great distances. From paws to shoulder, his height reaches to be "84cm.", which is normal in almost all male Danes, and his weight is only slightly different than his human form, as it is 174 lbs. The primary color of his coat is ivory, and as a secondary color, it is spotted all over his body with ebony. Most of the black can be found on his tail, ears and around his one eye. The only color different than the rest is the third color, which consists of a light grey patch surrounding his left flank. His eyes of course remain the same with his original self, but are more captivated in his large optics than they would in the other form. His ears are cropped to a fine point, as it was done at an early age thanks to his parents, so that he would look a lot neater for their breed. His legs are very long to keep him at a tall height, and he uses them for only drastic measures. In some way, he is considered a gentle giant, but is also not afraid to use his canines and tall height for a good reason.

Human Photo:

Nikolai McCall - Mora Un-look-decontracte-pour-dylan-on-craque

Nikolai McCall - Mora 2-21-440x450

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Herald

Specialization: Great Dane Inu

Primal Form Photo:

Nikolai McCall - Mora Regal_cow_by_gadabout_photography-d3i3r8a
Nikolai McCall - Mora Serious_cow_by_gadabout_photography-d3k6ptk

Height: "6ft,4in" | "84cm" (Shoulder)

Weight: 186 lbs | 174.8 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Grey

Hair Color: Light Brown | White w/ black spots

Identifying Marks: Mild scars on his shoulders & back. | Light grey patch on his flank.

Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien

Personality: Traits that could describe Nikolai are brave, independent, lap-doggish, athletic and humorous. This is said because after all throughout he has been through, he still remains a fun loving person. He is most usually laid back, spending the days on the couch or basking in the sun in his lawn, but he has his tendencies to naturally act out by instinct. This is triggered specifically by his lack of keeping still as well as his canine-antics. From a young age, he was tested to have ADHD, meaning he can't keep attention for very long and is always tending to something by no intention. He has troubles with sitting still, which is one of the many reasons why he has learned to be a healer and has joined so many sports. It exercises his mind and body to keep moving, thus why he has become so athletically fit over the years. Like most very large dogs are, Nikolai finds no harm in jumping onto someone's lap, even if he knows he is the largest breed of all of the domestic canines. He likes being up high, especially when taking pictures for his sports photography company. At times, he is always managing to crack up jokes to get someone to laugh, and sometimes laughs at his own, even when they aren't all that funny to most crowds. He knows very well how to have a good time or to keep himself entertained. And he'd be lying if he said he was innocent. Nikolai from a young age has always been able to earn friends, and is a very lively soul, asides his condition, and will find anyone equal to his taste.

★ Eating at home
★ Foreign girls
★ Coffee
★ Trying new things
★ Lacrosse
★ Photography

★ Bragging
★ Drunks
★ Rodents
★ Skipping meals
★ Heights
★ Monday mornings

Habits: Despite his charming looks and goofish grin, he is unfortunately another ADHD patient. He takes a daily dose of a prescription that helps ease that tension in his mind/body, but he holds a habit of being forgetful rather often. Nikolai of course doesn't mean to do any of this on purpose, however, his mind tends to wander off and not realize half the things he's doing until a few minutes into the process. He also acts out, due to this problem he has, and has trouble with keeping still, he's always moving around. He is also disorganized, and hates to clean, so he usually likes to push everything into a corner. But he also knows to make up to a person if he's done wrong. Since he was younger, he has always been very insecure of himself and feels perfection is the only way he'll be able to succeed. The only thing he doesn't perfect so much on is, however, his room. He also doesn't do relationships very well, as they always turn out into some disaster due to his unintentional behavior. His insecurities also hide him away from the world, and he has issues with trust ever so often unfortunately from his past years of high-school. His biggest fear is heights, ironically.

History: Like all the sappy love-stories, his parents were one of the many to be told today, or so they choose to believe. Only, instead of them passionately killing each other or ending their long journey with a kiss, they flicked their thin tails and large pointed ears before dashing off into the sunset in canine line forms. Wait, what? Hold on, it gets better. Their love was endless, and to think they met so long ago in steel crates keeping them captive, that made them feel so close today after the escape. When the freeing of the experiments broke across the broadcast stations and newspaper articles, it was then did the couple run off to start a new together. No matter the hardships, the pain or torture they had gone through, they still made the effort to hold hands through it all and go into hiding till the nightly searches were over. They went to school, settled down and got married, like any growing couple would once they were ready; and of course, started a family of their own experimented genetics. They didn't so much as care anymore as to what they were or what immortality made them into, just as long as they had a child to call theirs and a piece of them to share in front of others. They had a boy and happily named him as Nikolai, after the father, Heath's great grandfather. He grew strong and healthy, along with two hard-working parents that went to school to get their medical degrees, so he was gifted with a lot of things other kids didn't have as a child with the money they received. He was very thankful for the family he had, but as always, there's never a positive feeling towards those which don't last forever for a mere young, growing teenager.

When puberty soon arrived, he had begun to become more active with sports and getting exercise, something that wasn't very common amongst technology-obsessed children today. The parents had then already brought into the family another sibling, a little sister by the name of Layla, who Nikolai favored for a lot other than their bickering fits. The reason behind the young Inu's obsession for sports was targeted towards something that had occurred when he was just at the slightest edge of becoming ten years of age. Unfortunately, he had been diagnosed with ADHD, and this affected his learning abilities and behaviors around the house a lot more than average for a human, as well as a Mora. They parents were upset to know that their son would have to most likely live with this forever, but Nikolai lived as he wanted and in exchange for their disappointed feelings, he traded over hope by wishing to play on the freshman lacrosse team. They did, having the enough money to buy all the equipment and all, and were happy once more to see that their son had found something to be passionate over. He of course had enough training to join the varsity team with his upperclassmen, thanks to his past amount of community sports, and competed widely amongst neighboring high schools as a popular event. After practice, he'd always come home to an empty house and dismiss the baby-sitter for his little sister for him to take care of until their parents would come home. He admitted it was a lonely life as a teenager, what with being in a quiet home in the middle of an expensive neighborhood with no one else to protect him, just himself, being the big brother he was to take care of his sister for several hours alone. It was also upsetting to try and persuade his parents into coming to one of his games, but they wouldn't budge. They always had an excuse of working, or that they had to do something at home such as paper work or get into their uniform before rushing back to the emergency room at a sudden call.

Sophomore year was probably the roughest time in all his life to experience. With being so alone and empty inside, he eventually went into a deep depression, as some teenagers did in emotionally neglected environments. He was prescribed pills for both his issues to pull through, as well as dieting pills for sports and packing on the pounds for muscle. After enough therapy sessions and private meetings, he was told to become more socially active with his parents, and even his therapist had a talk with them so that they could see the struggle they've put their child in. Nikolai tried to refuse them that it wasn't their fault and he should've just kept his mouth shut, for they had bills to pay and mouths to feed, but the lack of affection and care was too much for him to try. Once that stage was over, he focused more of his attention on his lacrosse games and practices, as well as some of his studies on the sideline. His mother did her best to be around more often while his father stayed after hours to earn a little cash for the absence of his wife. He was thankful for this, and after constant begging of what he wanted most, Nikolai simply answered with the request of them going to his game at nationals. That's all he ever wanted, just for them to go to at least one of his games and watch how happy he was with what they gave him the opportunity for. They planned to have it worked out and promised they'd be there to cheer him on.

On that day, Nikolai walked onto the lacrosse buss with the other upperclassmen and varsity members with the widest smile. His eyes were so bright and stormy, that it was almost impossible to compare to anything else. When they got there, he got ready and looked out into the crowd to see if they were there, but they weren't from what he could find with his keen sense of smell. He shook his head and ran out onto the field as the couch cued him on. He played roughly, convincing himself that they were there and watching from a place he couldn't find. After the game, he went out and dried off his face from amount of sweat that collected on his forehead. He looked to the time on his phone and saw there were no messages from his mother, or actually, anyone to warn him where they were. Something in his stomach felt strange, like as if something was wrong and he couldn't understand what exactly it was. Looking up, he saw his couch on the phone with his back turned, he voice was filled with concern and worry, until he turned around and the blues of his eyes turned grey as they stared at Nikolai on the bench behind two other upperclassmen. The teammates shifted away so couch could give him the phone, only to hear an elegant, feminine and slow voice on the other end. His family was dead, they explained and applied their most sincere apologies, but all he could hear was a ringing noise in his sensitive ears. His mother. His father. And even his little sister. He didn't speak and only handed the couch back his phone before picking up his things and walking to the center of the field. Tears came down his face and he dropped to his knees, helmet in hand and only a fist of grass in the other. And his mind went blank as he slowly fainted away from reality.

He woke up in a policeman's car, and asked him where he was going, only to be answered with a simple pause and then the word 'home'. Was it all a dream? Did he black out from being wasted or lack of hydration? Instead of asking all these questions, he closed his eyes and took a nap until the car came to a stop. The door was opened, and so were his eyes, only to see a woman with long dark brown wavy hair and olive green eyes staring back at him with the most saddest expression. Nikolai slowly moved out, looking down to see that he was still in his dark red and white lacrosse uniform, and then putting the pieces slowly back together. It wasn't a dream - it was a nightmare, and he was living it. She introduced herself as Alexandria, and her husband was not far behind her, they were his godparents apparently, and had the evidence to prove it too, signed by both his parents individually. More tears flooded his eyes and he shook his head no, only to be comforted by the warms of this new woman he eventually called his mother, too. It had been said they got into a car accident on the way to the game, something of a drunk driver not looking and plowing through the stop light that crashed into their side, which was usually the side where his little sister sat in her high chair. The thought of this happening was put on him, as he blamed himself for it to ever happen and should've just asked for something smaller, and maybe they wouldn't of died in the first place. But nothing could be helped. He attended the funeral and placed flowers at all their graves before leaving. He quit the lacrosse team soon after that, only because he thought to himself for that being another reason why his family was dead as well. His godparents were immune to the idea of him being one of the Moras, and didn't care what others thought either when he let out his tail and ears around the house, as long as he put them away when guests were over so they wouldn't be distracted. After that, he pushed through high school with his godparents quietly and stayed with them half way into college as well to become a sports photographer instead.

In that time, he managed to dig up some old secrets along the way with getting to know his environment. They had no children, or nothing of the sort that made them differ from other non-kid families. He tried asking as to why they haven't decided on any, and the husband, Brody apparently, explained that something terrible happened the first time his wife had a child. They told him personal stories of when the mother was abused by her ex-husband, as well as the husband being molested as a child. Nikolai learned he wasn't the only one with disabilities and problems in life, and wondered more of where these stories led to if it had to do anything with his species. Like his biological parents, Alexandria and Brody told him a lot about the multi-specied histories and tall tales that they've heard over time and whatnot. But he was more concerned on the Great escape regarding his own, for it had to do with his parents running away too. Nikolai knew some stories of it, from bedtime when his mother would tell him about the Queen that lived far far away in the prairies with a kingdom of their kind, as well as another trusted individual that was her right hand, along with the Original Inu that started it all among their release. He at first thought them to be all made up, but it seemed to spread to humans as well in their books, so the more it seemed believable to him. He remembered their names, and when the mother was talking about the son she used to have, whom was put into an adoption center after not being able to keep him, Nikolai was not paying attention and slipped the name Connor James in front of her. He was talking about the knight his real parents talked about, but that was enough for the mother to look up and question him. This was then the funny part - it was her son. And the resemblance according to the stories, were impeccable.

When finally moving out of the house and beginning his photographing career with Sports Illustrated, Nikolai moved onto bigger and better things. He began searching addresses, emails, posters, or any source of announcement related to this so called kingdom. He tried for a year before giving up on the search and retreating to the basics of life by getting another job to pay the rest of his student loans, only to be interviewed thankfully at a nice club near his apartment down the street. He requested to be bartender and asked all the questions with honesty, as well as a bit of humor to tie the knot. When he went out the door, he stopped to see a woman with tattoos, orange eyes and a long calico tail flicking at her calves. She was talking to the manager with files in her hands and some paperwork, he assumed, only to overhear her about a little kingdom she had of her own. His eyes widened at this discovering before he introduced himself before her and asked her more on this kingdom while he revealed his tail and ears as a sign of trust. She in fact was the Queen, but he didn't take the time to get hyped about it until she was gone. He wrote all the things he needed to know on a napkin and stuffed in his pockets. After running home to pack his bags and sleep it off, they called to say he got the job and will have to begin work next week as their new bartender. Life was becoming a lot more easier, it seemed.

- Heath McCall | Status: Dead (Accident)
- Brody Sivan | Status: Dead (Age)

- Effie McCall | Status: Dead (Accident)
- Alexandria Stiles-Sivan | Status: Dead (Age)

- Layla McCall | Status: Dead (Accident)

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People:
- Queen Willow | Status: Alive (Permission Granted)
- Brigadier Connor | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: -Ze Tigress has nommed all of this member's keys. cx

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Equine Lands
What Would You Like To Be Called? Doesn't matter.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Equine Lands
What Characters Do You Play? Murdock
How Long Have You Been RPing? Three years now.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?No.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure!!!

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Brigadier Nikolai
Brigadier Nikolai

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Lunari Admin

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Nikolai McCall - Mora Ueud

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Nikolai McCall - Mora
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