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 Leviticus Titanas - Vampire

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PostSubject: Leviticus Titanas - Vampire   Leviticus Titanas - Vampire Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 11:58 pm

Name: Leviticus Eren Titanas

Nickname: Levi

Age: 8,478 Yrs | 25 Yrs.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Occupation: Construction Worker.

Appearance: Standing at approximately a little over six feet, blessed with a sweet golden tan and matched with a dashing white smile remains a whole lot of man. Easy on the eyes, they are the same dreamy shade as a fawn's tail, nor brighter than that of a golden feather. His muscle mass is quite slimming in appearance, though his race knows he is much stronger beneath the looks, and can be quite wise when on his own. However, his abdomen and upper-body is toned to almost perfection for a male, as he proves to have kept it in shape for a long time. His skin is tan, as he browns quite easily even for a Vampire in sunlight. As always, what is a gentlemen without proper hygiene? Of course he keeps everything nice and polished in every lighting, he'd be stupid not to, but he always tends to keep a bit of stubble for the ladies to feel. But he likes a nice shave once in a while when the hairs get a bit too gnarly for his taste. For identifying marks, the vampire does not hold many scars, perhaps minor ones when he was a youngen' and played too rough with his friends, but nothing more. Although, he does possess two tattoos - a winding tree growing along the bones in his side - the other placed neatly as three indian feathers on his bicep. As for clothing, he keeps it casual, but holds a nice class to keep up with modern society. With how much money he's earned in the past, he makes sure to have the latest trends that fit his daily needs, but knows not to go for the fancy stuff unless duty truly is calling.

Human Photo:

Leviticus Titanas - Vampire 1e1b82605eee2c86403b9b338d9685a9
Leviticus Titanas - Vampire Large

Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Doesn't matter.

Specialization: Mind Reading

Height: "6ft, 2in"

Weight: 180lbs

Eye Color: Hazel/Golden

Hair Color: Dark Brown, Caramel Highlights

Identifying Marks: Tree tattoo winding up along his ribcage's left side, and a feathered Indian tattoo on his right bicep.

Face Claim: Zac Efron

Personality: Despite his argumentative side, Leviticus is mostly a nice guy to be around. He has a strong sense of humor, and at times a childish behavior. Usually, there is always a slight smirk at the side of his face, no matter the past. He has been fortunate enough to put it where it ended, but hates bringing it up as it only floods back unwanted memories. Leviticus also never leaves a fight without the last punch, he is persistent, yes, but hates to leave as the loser, not only to himself, but as an example to his race. He feels he has a reputation to keep up in winning each fight, and win he shall. The vampire is great at making conversation, however he prefers that the person, or people he makes it with return it, rather than leave small phrases with him to deal with. He needs intelligence to keep him at bay, something to pull him in, which is why he enjoys reading so much and keeping to himself. With technology around, he tries to keep it old-fashioned, especially with romance. He's a gentlemen with a golden heart, and will fight for any woman which is in dire need.

▽ Animals
▽ Blood
▽ Silence
▽ War Stories
▽ Shifters
▽ Running/Working Out
▽ Staying Busy
▽ Hot Showers

▽ Mortal Children
▽ Strange Insects
▽ Slow Talkers
▽ The Uneducated
▽ Peanuts
▽ Chess
▽ Skinny Girls

Habits: Leviticus unfortunately has a long list of habits, but there can only be so much room and time to explain them all. Many can say that he has an argumentative personality, as he has a tough time debating his opinions on things, and can tend to be annoyed easily. His largest pet-peeve is when people eat with their mouths open. If he sees this, he'll either walk away or bluntly tell them to quit before he gets angry. Another habit he possesses is the continuous touching and fixing of his hair. It's always a mess, and he never seems to be satisfied with it even to this day and age. Cleaning is always a must in the Titanas family, more so even for him, as Leviticus enjoys a nice clean room; but does not mind when others are slightly dirty. But if others are to come to his house, just to trash a small portion, he is easily angered. He also can only with-stand certain topics when making conversation, as he gets rather bored or dry when not in an intelligent presence or unsatisfied with what someone has to say, or not say at all. He speaks fast from time to time without thinking as to if it makes sense, and has a habit of moving his hands when he talks or explains something to another. The vampire also hates when it takes fifty times to explain a process to someone, especially at work we he deals with is pathetic mortal co-workers.

His Childhood
Leviticus was named reasonably after his great grandfather before him, which was mortal at first, but changed soon after into that of a vampire's strength. Since then, his family has originated from the vampire heir and were lucky enough to produce offspring; and so Leviticus was born. He grew up under the eyes of a wealthy family, consisting of two inseparable, loving parents and an older sister, Sasha. Her powers were premonitions, as was their father, but both Leviticus and his mother possessed the powers of which only a few could have - mind reading. He developed great advantages to this power of his throughout his times of childhood, having been granted a nice education through his mother, their teacher, as well. Around this age there were no such things as schools, so it was apparent that the parent of the children teach their young, especially vampires alone. The Titanas family moved frequently to avoid commotion amongst other beings, tracing out the lands of animals both human and cattle for them to feast. Times were rather hard for finding food asides the mortal race, but they shared what they could until it was time for their departure at full development. When that time came, both his sister and him traveled Europe together hand in hand in search for their own home. They eventually parted when Leviticus headed to Rome, and for her - Paris.

The Golden Age; 264BC
When the Romans thought to of found a way to entertain their selfish needs, they created the Golden Age, nominating slaves to feed their own entertainment by being slaughtered under the choice of a single door. Some were fortunate to find an innocent virgin behind one door, while the others faced the consequence of being eaten by the sharp jaws of a large feline. Others were placed at the center and forced to fight as gladiators, while others tended to volunteer through their own arrogance to lead them into thinking they can battle against any opponent till the death. Leviticus was one of them, but it was not victory is what he sought to find, death or not, but it was the bodies left to dry that would fill his stomach later on. He knew that being a vampire had it's advantages, and his trigger-happy emotions only led him to find that fix of adrenaline inside him to volunteer. When his time arrived, the crowd had already been on it's feet from the death before him, the smell of blood happily made the situation less miserable for the male vampire, he thought in those moments. He was to stand at the other side of the Colosseum and await his challenge. As the emperor called his name, he looked up. They announced the event to be three rounds of survival against a vicious beast behind the two door entrance across his way. When the lion was released from his cage and darted into the ring, Leviticus reacted quickly, naturally following through with the idea of keeping alive. People screamed at the lion to attack the defenseless man, while the ladies shrieked his name to fight as best he could. When the rounds were over and he was panting vigorously in search for air while roses and other light objects were thrown to him from the stands. When he walked over in front of the emperor, he wiped he sweat from his forehead and covered s eyes from the hot, beating sun. As the king looked down on the victor, he made a small smile and looked to his daughter sitting next to him, and then his wife with a small nod. As he rose, he announced to the crowd his name once more before asking a simple question, the lady, or the lion. Leviticus looked to the shiny eyed maiden with silence, as she was fawning over him from her seat, but he held no emotion whilst looking at her. He requested, with a cruel grin, the lion to be his prize. After he left the ring, he was given the lion, which was named Merlin soon after.

Roman Empire; 27BC
Once Merlin had passed away after their share of events in Rome's Colosseum, Leviticus found it was time to move back to France and to serve under royalty. He was placed as a knight, but eventually worked his way up in rank as being one of the leading knights during the time of the Roma Empire. He was also among the rare few that King Henry trusted, which was is own mistake, and Leviticus was never put out of the pool on the kingdom's drama. It was typical for the king to be committing large acts of adultery asides his queen, and the leading knight could only shake his head in dismay of who he worked for. When it had come to a close as King Henry experienced major effects to insanity and religious cruelty, the vampire took the chance of feeding off the king during his private hours. Every discussion they had was cut off when he entered the room, and the knight took no mercy in hiding his rage for the man. Until the time of his death, Leviticus took small samples of the King's blood in order to feed his needs, persuading him to believe that he could help the Lord's insanity by curing him with a few daily blood tests. The man was too foolish to find evidence behind his background, which was his own mistake. King Henry, to his eyes, deserved what came to him, especially when his queen fell heartbroken. As the black plague arrived, all the knight could do was recruit clean villagers and keep them safe in large rooms found in the castle. The lives lost were large, and he was forced to watch them cripple from the deathly disease which covered France. Princess, soon to be Queen, Mary was forced to provide alone for her kingdom whilst soon to be King Francis was on horse in search for survivors with the leading knight. They were able to find villagers, and help them back to the castle with ease, but still the disease pressed on. At last, when the kingdom was finally at peace, Leviticus took his leave as their knight and began to head for shelter in England. He left the night of the king and queen's coronation after congratulating them and wishing himself on his way.

The Renaissance Era; 1350s
Several centuries then passed once after he had found a convenient cottage in a small village short of London. The high life was no more for him during this age, that is, until the Renaissance appeared. Though, he still remained in the small village, but tended to go into the large city of England for his own interests. Within the centuries after his leave in the kingdom of France, Leviticus began to develop a knowledge for werewolves now that they've become more known. He had encountered a few whilst staying in the England village, as they were the cause of his sheep being slaughtered almost a century ago as of then. The sheep of course weren't a problem for him, he could buy more, the issue was how close the werewolves were willing to take for chances against him. When all was said and done, Leviticus studied as much knowledge as he could about the race, creating some of his own theories and putting them to diaries as well as with what he knew atop his head. His first encounter began at a ball held near Parliament, where he had been privately invited by another vampire that was higher up, as according to religious beliefs. His friend pretended to be some priest for the sake of being a superior, which was brilliant and in all else insane, but the benefits varied well in his favor. Cloaked in the latest fashions, him and his friend met up at the ball for it was where the party was behind held, something of a celebration, he presumed. He danced with the finest women among the room, creating envy within the eyes of others and breaking hearts at the end of the night. On his way home, he decided to go on foot, having the need to run and most likely pick a meal up on the way for a new fill up on his supply.

At the corner of his eyes flashed a pair of yellow golden eyes and black brown fur, which made him stop and instinctively growl for some reason. This force disturbed him in unimaginable ways. He growled, baring his  fangs ferociously at the beast whilst holding his ground. When the mysterious animal looked at him, it was at most ten feet tall, staring down at him from a far deep within the shadows. His hands were then made into fists and he yelled in protest that it attack, which it did. It was a female werewolf, and he hadn't had enough knowledge on the creature at this time to know what it's weak spots were. Thinking to his experience on wolves upon tales, he grabbed it from behind in avoiding the strike, crushing his arms around the waist as he bit into the werewolf's back. The she-wolf yelped and batted at him as best she could, but Leviticus had already had a taste of the sweet nectar, and it built a sudden frenzy in him to finish what he started. He broke the bottom of her spine and through her, only to run over to the corpse and tackle it for a bite once more. Blood splattered the ground and severely stained his elegant attire, oozing from the sides of his cheeks and down his neck blissfully. He looked at his hands, noticing that they too dripped with the wolven blood and his eyes were at it's brightest. Licking his lips, he eyed the body and attacked it until it was dry of life. Once he was finished, he took what was left of the shewolf home, stripping it of it's pelt and displayed it over the room's floor next to the fire. He had never tasted something so great before in his lifetime.

The feeling still tickled his tongue, and suddenly, his stomach felt as if it were empty; he needed more. As he headed out, Leviticus made sure to wear loose clothing, darting off into the village without mercy in who he'd kill to get the fix he had a thirst for. He dove into homes, grabbing innocent humans and dragging them throughout their houses until he had a nice place to eat them. Perhaps the more the merrier and greater taste, yes, of course that was it. At the end of the night, Leviticus had shared a few hours to himself whilst in this insane state of mind, having already wiped out half the entire village just to fill what he thought could be fixed. Not one soul had the same taste as a werewolf, not one. The rest of the village would not know of his appearance, only that their neighbors would be dead and accused that a murder lived among them. And if that didn't convince them, he'd start the rumor himself, with the help of his superior friend. He used the rest of the corpses to fill his supply, having been defeated with the lack of knowing that only a werewolf could grant such a taste and that alone. Leviticus sought to find more of this blood, but until then, he'd learn to control the inner turmoil that drove him to the edge. Too many lives were taken, both young and old, and he could never being himself to that thought of how much of a terrible monster he could be.

The New World; Late 1400s - Early 1500s
Before his expedition, Christopher Columbus and Leviticus made each other as allies, enough for him to be apart of the Mayflower's men and women upon aboard to the New World. He had always known the world to be round, as Columbus did not until discovering the new land across the oceans, but he never thought once that there was far more land to cover than the eastern hemisphere. He bribed who ever it took for him to get on that ship, having to endure pain and anguish the ride there, but eventually land was found and their journey had ended. In their time of water, had had discovered his sister to be on board as well, which were fortunate enough to be reunited and surprised with her significant other - a human. He had no ill feelings towards his sister being in love with a mortal, but he knew that she would face the consequences later on. Even then, they exchanged various stories once they hit land. Apparently, the mortal knew of her being a vampire, and told him openly his feelings on it, which were positive. Then his sister proceeded to talk to him privately about turning him when they would be married. He trusted the human enough because he shared a strong bond with his sister, and he can only ask that he keep her safe, even if she can protect herself. Leviticus had made quite the impression on the remaining humans, some in disguise to be either a werewolf or vampire, but all of which kept their own distances, no matter how much it took for them not to be exposed in broad daylight. He also tended to avoid any costs of being greeted with the yellow Natives, having already the time to escape as quickly as possible once everyone was on shore. His sister was soon to follow with her husband, but not as quickly due to his mortal abilities. Leviticus had to force himself to stop and wait, but eventually they got to where things were safe and were able to make a home from what they learned. It was unfortunate for the mortals not knowing how to build such things, whereas Sasha and Leviticus knew all they needed to know to survive, just as long as they were together.

Boston; 1700s
As colonists, Leviticus and Sasha's husband, once after he was changed during their honeymoon, were forced to work as men, whilst Sasha stayed home and cooked for them. They were happy to hear that his sister had been blessed with the next chapter in their life, and he can only hope that the little guy be easy with training. This was expected of him to help, which he would be more than happy too once the child would be brought to that time of age. His brother in law and him worked along side as lawyers, next to John and Samuel Adams later on, but worked at the heart of Boston, MA for smaller cases. At the night of the great ordeal of colonists arguing over taxes and the confederates walking into Boston to threaten them, his brother and him went on to over-see the commotion. They stood on the citizen's side, only to hear shots fire and men yell, before another is shot and a body falls. Behind him, his brother yelped, and his skin began to burn. Leviticus swung around to look as his sister's husband fell to the ground, only to be caught quickly into the arms of the vampire male's. He turned him over and covered his hands in order to rip the musket ball out of his back, throwing it elsewhere so he could see the damage. The British believed that the Lord could help them with every shot if they soaked their bullets in holy water. It had almost burned an entire way through the man, and Leviticus could only imagine the despair on his sister's face once he would return home alone. The Confederates were chased by the civilians and soon only a few were left to care for the five that had died and the wounded near them. It was too late for him to be healed, he couldn't do anything for him now. Leviticus picked the body up and headed home to share the terrible news. Sasha's face when she saw the body over her brother's shoulders was the worst sight he had ever come to face, and she cried helplessly into Leviticus's arms before they buried him in the backyard.  In order to avenge his brother, the vampire joined the Sons of Liberty, and served to be dressed as what they referred to themselves as Mohawks, and betrayed the British by throwing their precious tea into the harbor. They were fortunate enough to win the great war, and Sasha gave birth to a young boy, which she named after her husband and Leviticus then trained, as promised.

The Scarlet Letter; Late 1800s
Sasha and Leviticus soon departed as all the states were formed, he decided to move west, where she remained in the New England colonies in hopes her son would be given proper education. They told each other their goodbyes, as it may be the last they'll see each other, and soon Leviticus parted to another adventure. He rode horseback across the country in finding a nice place to settle out more towards the west. He settled eventually in what would be known as Utah in the future, and made a life of his own in a nearby town. This was a home no different than where he lived long ago in England, supported by a religious superior, and the wealthy were treated just the same. He met a woman by the name of Genevieve one evening at a tailor shop, she worked along side many other woman in sewing, and was happily married with another. Leviticus grew quite fond of her when he they had time to talk, and eventually he became a manager of the factory to where she worked. They were alone quite often, and he developed enriched feelings for the maiden, despite her mortality and gentleness. After a while, they shared closer secrets, asides that he was a vampire just yet, and eventually began to reveal strong affections. One night, they made love, taking away all the power he could as a vampire to keep from drinking her blood and sucking her dry so that her body be pale the next morning without a pulse. He had no intention of hurting her, only to love her, endlessly and completely as one. The affairs she held with him were made on purpose, she loved him. However, when her husband had suspected that his wife be pregnant, he knew he was not the father, thus accusing her of great adultery. The town did not know of Leviticus's love for Genevieve, and she made sure to keep him a secret, as they both thought that his species would be exposed and threatened. She was held prisoner from him for a year, a short time for him to wait until she walked out with a three month old in her arms, he instantly knew it to be his own. A scarlet 'A' was embroidered into her dress, but she made it seem as if she were an angel - she was his angel. Leviticus tried his hardest to become one with their child, knowing that his beloved was to be scorned for her act against their religion and so forth. It was one night where he went on a run, as he had not eaten in so long. He attacked a neighbor of his, but was too foolish to notice that the children were watching their parents being drained by the very fangs of him. He was too careless in these moments after seeing such things be punished for his true love, and he was cursed in the end because of it. The witnesses told the fellow town members of a monster, and who it was, suspecting that it be the father of the child because of the offspring's taste for trouble as well. The vampire male was captured and his arms and head were trapped in a prisoner's trap, and forced to watch as two men dragged his Genevieve and what is now his five year old son, Armin, to a stage. The crowd below shouted with disdain. Leviticus would not be killed, but instead be forced to watch as his family burned right in front of him. His eyes were filled with horror as he watched it, all of it, the fear keeping him from lashing out and the image itself making him freeze in place.

The Present; Year 2870
After being released from them and exiled, Leviticus ran as far as he could for a way out. As times changed and the modern society was created, he too, was altered along with it. His days of mourning soon ceased, and he return to his studies upon all forming races. Eventually, there were creatures such as shifters, animals of which have the genetic mutation to phase to the disguise of human bodies. And another was called Mora, mutt in Latin, he recalled, they were three different forms to whatever they were destined with a cat, dog, or a fox. Leviticus also learned more on the werewolves, more so than the rest for they have always become a huge threat to their race, and his as well. Vampires and werewolves were apparently not made to get along, even for today, that still has not changed. Since his first encounter with a werewolf's blood so long ago, he has had a share of many events where he's had the taste again. He, however, has learned to cope with being in a room with a werewolf, meaning he has a strong grip on his humanity and thirst, as well as tongue when push comes to shove. Today, he works as a construction worker, dealing with every day needs and boring co-workers, as well in hopes of making his own business. And perhaps a new adventure along the way.

Father: Recluse Titanas | Unknown

Mother: Castalia Titanas | Unknown

Siblings: Sasha Titanas-Abraham | Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Genevieve Valentine | Dead

Offspring: Armin Titanas | Dead

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Lucian

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