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 Bellator Diallo - Shifter

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Rex Diallo

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PostSubject: Bellator Diallo - Shifter    Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:38 pm

Name: Diallo Akuma Xenora

Nickname: Diallo

Age: 254 years | Appears 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Appearance: In his natural form, he is tall and dark, reaching heights from his paws to his shoulders at 46 inches and weighs around 416 lbs. His fur is mostly orange with deep black stripes along his back, tail and patterned around his face. White wraps around his muzzle, and accenting certain parts of his face. White lines his stomach and beneath his paws. His eyes are bright green like the leaves of the jungle trees. His teeth are large and yellow-stained from his many years. In his human form, he has bright green eyes and a perfect white smile to match. His hair is dark brown and thick, slightly wavy, but breezes in the wind with ease. He is a taller human, averaging between 6'1" and 6'2", depending on the day.

Human Photo:

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator, or whatever the Regina asks of me..

Specialization: Siberian Tiger

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 6' 1" | 46 inches from paw to shoulder

Weight: 175 lbs | 416 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown | Orange with Black stripes

Identifying Marks: Nothing out of the ordinary | Couple scars and scratches from fights

Face Claim: Collin Farrell

Personality: Diallo is really down to earth and just a friendly guy. He does not get mad too easily, but when he does, he erupts his anger into something much more. He can be dramatic at times. He is a true lover though and loyal through and through. Once he finds someone he cares about, he will never let them down. He will protect them with his life. Any member of the pack is safe as long as he is there. He does not aspire to have rank or be of any great importance, only wishing to be happy with himself. Diallo loves his music and easily finds himself tucked away in silence, planning words and music lines. If he gets really depressed, he hides in his room, listening to things that should make him feel better. He has an addictive personality. For new things he finds, he often become addicted for a shirt while, unless the addiction is much more severe, then it holds for much longer.

  1. Water! I freaking love swimming soooooooooo much, I could do it ALL day!
  2. Music. Not only do I write my own lyrics, but I play a guitar as well!
  3. Guitar. I love my guitar as if it were my baby... Shit, it is MY baby.
  4. Sleeping. Dude, what more is there to say... It is AWESOME!
  5. Food. I adore food, and I could eat all day long if I really wanted to!

  1. Dogs. They are strange and untrustworthy... And slobbery... Too much damn saliva..
  2. Liars. Lying is a dirty thing, stupid and really lame.
  3. Sand. It gets EVERYWHERE and is yucky, but I will still go to the beach...
  4. Snakes. They are strange and I don't really understand how they "move" around...
  5. Control Freaks. Like on the edge a little, allow the days to move you...

Habits: Music is a love and a habit. When he plays, he often finds himself slipping into the music and forgetting the reality of the world around him. Often when he says something, and immediately thinks it could be a song, he writes it down or texts it to himself. He is always looking for new songs to write. When he does get angry, he acts very strange. At first he will keep it bottled up, not allowing anyone near or by him. Once he is ready to show his anger, he does, careful not to cuss too much or show an inappropriate behavior. He constantly tries to be a gentleman, but he is also a goof. He is klutzy from time to time, tripping over his human feet, or stumbling for no reason at all. He enjoys the feeling of glasses on his face and carries a pair of glasses with a blank lens. They hold no prescription or anything, but he feels he understands the words better if he looks smarter. He tends to dress casually, unless he has big plans with someone he is trying to woo. He likes to keep his hands in his pocket, even for no reason at all. But he also likes to hold his thumbs in his rear pockets.

History: Diallo did not grow up in a tough life. He was born to mother and father, Ashra and Zalen. They lived among a shifter pack of tigers only. He had one sister, that was all his mother could give birth to. During these times, it was hard for the Shifters to have more than four young. Diallo was lucky he and his sister even survived. She was much smaller than he and her name was Kyana. The two cubs learned about there differences from real tigers at a very young age. Although they aged as a tiger did, they were in no means of the word, ready for it mentally. Their human sides had been discovered and were going through the motions of it all, learning their bodies and the way things worked. One day, while the two tigers, now six years into their life, they wandered from their den, which was normal for them, being as they were considered "adults". "I shall race you to the river Kyana!" shouted the young male as he raced off into the forest. Tucking from low branches and jumping over rocks, he forced his paws to power through the terrain. Kyana smiled and chased after him, mimicking his every move. In a sense, she looked up to him. When the two finally made it to the water's edge, Diallo looked to Kyana with a wide smile. He lowered his head to the water and started to lap at it with his large pink tongue. He had no idea they were being watched. As the cool waters continued to flow down his throat, three males stepped out from their hiding places, watching her closely, and Diallo as well. The first male was the largest, white and obviously the leader. Diallo was still in his growing phase, not yet reached maturity, nor his target weight and height. The middle tiger was a dark orange color, while the last seemed to be a mix of orange and white, a lighter orange, almost yellow color. The three of them moved closer and closer until they were right behind Kyana, looking over her frame and her body.

Diallo lifted his head just as they began to speak, well, the white one spoke while the other two watched, chuckling to themselves. His words were like sweet nectar, luring Kyana from her brother, but he saw right through the male's plan. He released a growl and positioned himself between her and the male. "She is not interested in you, so leave before I get angry!" The male stepped back to rest his body between the other two. Together they all laughed in Diallo's face. Again he released a roar from his lips, and hardened his muscles, locking himself in that stance. His hazel eyes stared at the males, displeased with their reply. But soon the thunderous laughing came to a silent and awkward halt. The white male snarled and pushed his head into Diallo's side. But Diallo did not budge. He was not his strongest, but he was no weakling either. With a swat of his white paw, Diallo felt a strong force against his face. Blood splattered against the trunk of a tree and caused the young male to attack. He had not properly trained in fighting, his father was too afraid to teach him the basics, Diallo missed the large cat and found himself between the other two. Evil grins covered their maws, while the white tiger focused on his sister. The beast moved closer to her, while she cried for help. But Diallo could not make it to her. The males forced him down, pressing their claws into his body, causing the blood to seep from within. Diallo released a cryptic roar, but neither of them budged. They pinned him to the ground, forcing his eyes to stare as the white male mounted his sister. Diallo closed his eyes as he heard her soft cries, begging him to stop and to let them go, but they did not listen. Anger built within his body, pushing him to great lengths. His breathing grew heavy and he forced the claws to rip fro their positions, widening the wounds, but freeing himself in tie to attack the large white male. Diallo would not give up, he would not allow his sister to be defiled like that. The male retaliated with a strong bite to the neck. During this time, he yelled for Kyana to leave. Doing as she was told, she raced to find the clan.

During the time of her absence, they tortured and ripped into his body, causing him to lose lots of blood. As the clan moved to his rescue, his father led the way. Releasing a roar from his powerful jaws, the three tigers left Diallo be. They stood their ground, noticing how much larger Diallo's family was compared to them. The three tigers fled immediately, and Diallo was carried to the clan camp. It took months for the male to recover from the wounds he took, but it was then that his father pushed him harder and increased his training.

Years had passed from the incident, the male was now fully grown and knew the ins and outs of fighting, though he never really fought unless he needed to. Diallo caught the attention of the females as he was growing up, but never paid much attention to them, which only forced them to do even more to get his attention. Shenzi probably adored the cat the most, both in and out of his primal form. She understood he had issues with the whole thing of the past, but that did not stop her from trying to get him aroused. In her human form, she worn low hanging clothes, things that displayed much more of her human body than was necessary. Her fur was a lighter color orange than his own, much like Kyana's. Her eyes were the only thing that drew the male to her. She had the darkest blue eyes he had ever seen and for a tiger of color, that was saying something. "Hey Diallo, want to go to the river with me?" she finally asked him. Diallo ignored her first attempt, lying on his stomach and flicking his tail at her. Turning to look at her friends, Shenzi snarled at him and stepped her paw to his wiggly tail. Without looking to her, he commanded her, "Release the tail Shenzi. I'm tired of your games." Giggling ensued behind them both as her friends enjoyed the display. Quickly he hopped onto his feet, walking away from them. But the feline female was right on his tracks. Still he ignored her. As he moved farther into the forest, she told her friends to stay where they were. With an evil glare she followed after him.

Diallo had minded his own business, exploring the vast land and worrying about himself alone. Shenzi came up to his side, then stopping before him. Raising her tail high into the air, she shared her scent with him, her desire to breed with him, but he quickly jerked his large body from his direction and walked the other way. "Diallo Akuma Xenora, don't you dare turn away from me!" And still he ignored her. An evil grin appeared on her muzzle, one Diallo would never see. She dropped her body to the floor, covering her pelt in dirt and grass. She released a roar, signalling for help. Diallo turned to her quickly, "what are you doing?" Concerned for her, he moved closer. With a sad and pouty face, she cried just in time for her friends to arrive. "Diallo... How could you? He raped me.." Immediately her friends forced him from the area, afraid that was the truth. Diallo made his way back home, but found a female was already there, telling the tale in gruesome detail. Kyana saw her brother, tears swelling in her eyes and ran from him to her den. Because of this lie, Diallo was forced from the clan, exiled for life.

Father: Zalen | Status: Alive

Mother: Ashra | Status: Alive

Siblings: Kyana | Status: Alive

Spouse/Mate: None.... yet....

Offspring: Never had any...

Pets: None

Other Important People: Regina Eden | Status: Very Much Alive and VERY sexy

Joining Keys: Member posted all keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I am a friend of Demetri's.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Diallo is good enough..
What Other Sites Do You Play On? This is it!
What Characters Do You Play? N/A
How Long Have You Been RPing? Ummm... A while now... Couple months or so or some shit...
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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PostSubject: Re: Bellator Diallo - Shifter    Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:16 pm

Welcome and Accepted. Height and Weight have been approved by Lunari Admin.
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Bellator Diallo - Shifter
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