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 Michel Cartier - Human

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Intel Michel
Intel Michel

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PostSubject: Michel Cartier - Human   Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:57 pm

Name: Michel Cartier

Nickname: Mike or cal

Age: 30 | Appears 24 with help of technology

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Night Club/Bar owner. He owns three  different ones.

Appearance: Michel is 6'1" tall and weighs 188 lb. He has quite a dark shade of skin. He is usually clean shaven with closecropped black hair. His nose is straight and wide, his cheekbones defined and lips full. Michel has a charming smile, just enough charisma with a hint of shyness. He is leanly muscled; flat well defined stomach, strong arms and thighs, with a nicely curving behind. His shoulders are broad, but not overly so, and has slim hips. A thin white scar lies diagonally above his right hip. Michel usually wheres a suit as he is esentially a businessman. He likes to look professional, as he took control of his first club at a young age and many didn't take him seriously. Out of work, he generally wears slacks or jeans, with either shoes or trainers. He also has a great range of jackets that he likes to wear.

Human Photo:


Race: Human

Rank Request: Intel

Specialization: Guns; mainly Handguns.

Height: 6 foot 1 inches

Weight: 188lb

Eye Color: A mahogany so dark, it appears black.

Hair Color: Black

Identifying Marks: A scar from a stabwound in his lower stomach, just above his hipline.

Face Claim:  David Agbodji, Model.

Personality: Michel is above all, a gentleman. He is swarve, sofisticated and you can see that just by looking at him. He is a sweet talker, capable of being both charming and decisive. But he can be quite ruthless, sometimes losing all sympathy he has for others to achieve his goals. He is quick to show his displeasure if someone has dissapointed him. Michel doesn't 'do' rages. His anger is like ice, cool and collected. Like a knife, beautiful and deadly. Though he is yet to find a wife, or anything close, many would call him passionate and loving. When given the chance. Michel is intelligent, and sly with the way he gains or uses his knowledge. Michel likes to believe he wants a quiet life, to stay out of the fray and live within his own little bubble, but really he is just lying to himself and poorly so. Michel loves to spend time in Clubs and Bar's, sometimes his own, sometimes others. Sometimes, when he gets bored, he likes to dose himself with the serum and 'relive' the old times. He rarely shows when he is in pain, be it mentally or physically. His past is his own cross to bare, only a chosen few truely know.


  • Going out. Be it a Club, Bar or to the Theatre.
  • Drinking. Michel can hold his drink, and he wouldn't be much of an Club/Bar owner if he didn't keep up with the crowd.
  • Reading. It is a pass-time he only does alone, usually in bed.
  • Baths. There's nothing he loves more than a long soak with a glass of Brandy and a good book.
  • Company. Whilst Michel does require some alone time, he is generally a social butterfly.


  • Men who use women.
  • Being dissappointed by those he trusts.
  • Whilst he is tollerant of all the supernatural species, he is wary of Werewolves mainly due to the death of Marie, whome he believes may have been killed by one.
  • Thugs. Whilst he may have been part of a gang in his youth, he never lost his sofistication.
  • Being underestimated.

Habits: Michel's french accent can sometimes come through rather strongly, and when he is 'ranting' he can often slip into speaking French before realising his error. He is an avid art collector, having expensive pieces adoring every wall in his apartment. He likes to spend money, be it on cloths, cars or music. Michel also loves to eat out, despite his ability to cook, for he rarely feels inclined too. He is flirtatious, but rarely ever takes anyone home with him. Some believe it to be because he is a private man, but really it's because Michel thinks woman should have more respect for themselves than to put out with someone they have just met. But he has no problem 'making-out' with them instead. Whilst he lives in the hope of finding someone he could spend the rest of his life with, he has no real belief that such a thing will occur. Michel does like his privacy sometime, but he prefers to be 'out on the town', mingling with his customers and those he percieves as friends. He spends a lot of time on his phone, be it texting or talking. He even uses an earpiece whilst driving. He has two vices; smoking and drinking. Michel drinks regularly, but with a high tolerance to alcohol, it rarely effects him badly. Whilst Michel is not a regular smoker, he does have a packet on stand-by to calm him down.

History: Michel was born a French-Canadian on the 27th of May 2840. His parent's were Emma and Claud Cartier. He was the second oldest of four children; Thomas being the eldest and 6 years older than him, Jade was his twin sister and then their youngest sister by 4 years, Marie. The earliest years of his life were spent in Canada, on a cattle ranch his family had owned for 15 generations. Himself and his siblings were taught French as their first language, English as their second. Though Michel loved his family dearly, we had no wish to live his life as a cattle rancher. Whilst he had love for all his siblings, especially his twin Jade, Michel had a particular fondness from his younger sister Marie. He held a great softness for her. Michel detested when his father insist that he join  Thomas and start learning their trade when he was 8 years old. At the age of 13, he decided to go live with his Aunt and Uncle in Paris, supposedly to learn more about his French heritage.

Michel's Aunt and Uncle understood his need to be more than his father wanted him to be. They personally tutored him in a whole field of topics. But his time in France was shortlived, having to return to Canada within 3 years time. His studies went on hold, something that ended up being permanent. At the age of 13, his little sister Marie was murdered. She went missing for 6 days before her body was found dumped in a lake near their house. The law delared her killed by an animal, most likely a bear or some such creature. They believed she had died on the 30th of July 2856. Marie's death caused Michel to derail, he left his family, taking only cloths and a few stacks of cash he had saved over the years. By November the 3rd 2856, Michel found himself in the bayou of New Orleans, Louisiana. He took up bit jobs all about the city, being skilled in various area's thanks to his studies.

By January the following year, he had gotten himself noticed by a gang that ran the New Orleans underground. He was approached to join them and having nothing to lose and everything to gain, Michel happily accepted. He learned to handle weapons, his weapon of choice being a handgun. On the time of joining, Michel was unaware of the secrets the men and women he worked with held. The world of Werewolves, Vampires and all things part human, had always been an abstract thing in his mind. He quickly became deadly, finding himself growing in confidence with every passing year. The higher up's came clean to him when he turned nineteen. Some amongst their lot were part human in origin, and some of those he had tracked and killed weren't always human. Michel's assignments changed somewhat after that. With the knowledge he now contained, he was sent undercover to clubs and bars known to be owned or frequanted by supernatural creatures. He was taught how to make a serum that would mask his human smell, changing it too either that of a Werewolf, vampire or a shifter. All he would have to do is inject himself with it and then effects would last for 12 hours. Michel made alot of money doing such jobs for the next four years. His technique had become far sleaker, using his mind and his charm to get the info he needed rather than his fists or his gun. All that would change though.

On the 11th of January 2863, Michel got stabbed in the abdomen by a man he had believed was homeless. Whilst bending down to see if the man needed assistance, the man struck him in the stomach with a pocket knife. Michel shot the man before he collapsed. He woke three days later in hospitle, alive but with no idea how he got there and of why he had been stabbed. The few weeks he spent in recovery (Whilst starting treatments to extend his life), Michel realised he wanted to leave New Orleans. He had heard talk amongst the Supernatural's of a place called Lunari. Like New Orleans, it was a hotspot for Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters and Mora's. Michel decided to change his profession, and upon arriving in Lunari proceeded to buy his first Night Club. The Night Club, Pandora, was strictly human's only, Michel taking precautions to make sure of that. Over the next six years, he aquired a second Club, Bump In The Night, this one for the creatures he knew lived within the city. This was kept in line by a Vampiress he had befriended during his time in New Orleans, named Layla. Michel also purchased a Bar, The Raven's Roost, that was open to both and two adjoining apartments that he coverted into one. The aparment is partly where he lives and partly an office where he conducts business. In all of his premises, the rules were simple; keep any species rivaly at the door, do not 'feed' on the premises, no drama, and take it upstairs if things get heated. But over the last year, trouble has begun arising. Fights keep breaking out and some humans have gone missing from The Raven's Roost. Michel has decided that things need to change in order for the life he has built for himself does not crumble around him.

Father: Claude | Status: Alive

Mother: Emma | Status: Alive

Siblings: Thomas | Status: Alive
Jade | Status: Alive
Marie | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: Layla | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: Joining Keys can be found in Rules - for us they come, in the shadows we hide, Species Info - from them, we run, Information - defeat is not an option.

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt?  Vicecome Charli
What Would You Like To Be Called? Mike of Cal
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Haven's Grove, Incandescance, Age Of The Wolves
What Characters Do You Play? Forbidden, Anoki, Bo, Pavla, Jackson
How Long Have You Been RPing? 7 months
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Alice Carpenter
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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PostSubject: Re: Michel Cartier - Human   Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:26 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Michel Cartier - Human
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