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 Serac Kanrei - Shifter

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PostSubject: Serac Kanrei - Shifter   Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:29 pm

How Did You Find Us?: Friend of Regina Eden

Name: Raion Serac Kanrei (ライオン シラク カンレイ 'Lion Serac Cold')

Race: Shifter

Gender: Male

Specialization: Shifts into a White Lion

Age: 319 Years old

Rank Requested: Auxiliary/Regina's Choice.

Photo: Chris Evans

Primal Photo: Letsatsi

Appearance: 29 year old looking male with well-formed muscles and blond short hair, standing with 6ft and 5in and a weight 77kg. His eyes are light blue in his human form and turn almost white when he shifts into a huge white lion. Have some small scars in his snout and very big ones in across his back. A total of 3 tattoos: Taurus’s zodiac symbol in his left biceps and the oriental character ‘family’ in his right arm, as well the word ‘loyalty’ on top of it. Always wear jeans and usually no t-shirt, if he does, it’s white or black. Leather black boot and two dog chains hanging from his neck with his name, his animal form, his birth date and place, blood type ‘O+’ and the quote “Never surrender, always believe.”

History: Serac is one of the few lions in his family that has the gene of leucism that caused a reduction in all types of his skin pigment. His parents where normal lions as well as his 5 brothers, being his father the alpha of the Karei clan located in South Africa. He shifted at the age of 5 and most of the members started thinking he had evil blood in his blood, but his family knew that he was special and also one to be respected and feared when he started hunting and fighting as a true leader.
His father passed the title of alpha to Serac when he was 100 years old before his death caused by human hunters during a civil war in their territory. He manager to back off the enemy but couldn’t survive the several wounds in his body. Serac passed the next years as alpha defeating and killing the hunters that kept attacking Kanrei. They finally won and spread along the continent.
More than 140 years later, several humans that allied with some vampires started a massacre against the Kanrei, killing more than 70% of the members. The rest managed to escape and spread around the world, including two Serac’s brothers. They wanted to stay with the alpha and fight but Serac didn’t aloud it and made them run. Kanrei ended with 80% of the enemy forces when they started losing, leaving Serac and just a few of them to handle the other 20%. The leader, a vampire, fought with Serac and lost, but leaving the lion in a critical state that almost made him loose his life. After month of recovery, he knew the Kanrei clan had ended their reign after 7 centuries owning the African territory.
Serac left the continent looking for his brothers in the last 80 years. Now loosing hope that he will ever found them, decided to be part of a pack again and stop his years as a loner.

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been posted and removed to ensure the fair joining of future members ^_^ ~ Svet

Example Post: It was dark and cold. The humans walking in their usual routine unaware of the beasts that passed at their sides. Serac gave a deep breath and moved toward a low profile club under a near building. Ignoring the brutes arguing and looking at him at his back and sides, he called for the bartender. “Give me a Brandy in the rocks, I don’t care the brand.” After some minutes, his drink slid over the bar counter reaching his open hand. Drinking it completely he stated at the bottles over the stands in front of him, thinking. “What do we have here?” A drunken voice interrupted his thoughts at his left side as a huge man looked at him maliciously. “Are you a military soldier?” Pointing at his tags with his dirty finger he waited for his reply with a smile. Serac ignored him, asking for another Brandy and leaving the money under the empty glass. The man took his white t-shirt with force and talked angry close to his ear. “I asked you a question; answer it if you care for your life.” Serac eyes him evilly without moving a muscle, his voice threatening. “You better lose my shirt now.” The man ignored his words and gave a loud laugh that filled the entire bar. Without another warning, his empty glass smashed against the brute’s head shattering into tiny pieces that cut his face like butter. His fist moved quickly to his diaphragm removing all the air from his lungs in a single punch. The man’s eyes opened wide in surprise and pain, closing the next second as he loosed conscious. Serac gave a quick glance at the other members of the tavern and sited again, taking his new drink in one gulp.
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PostSubject: Re: Serac Kanrei - Shifter   Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:51 am

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Serac Kanrei - Shifter
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